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Yabuturtle wrote: Although because the sources I posted for Time slips were not the best it does not necessarily mean time slips in of itself are fake. Much like when people encounter fake psychics. It does not mean the ability to become psychic is fake but many fail to realize that.

Well, until you can come up with non-fake psychics or non-laughable sources for literally anything remotely controversial you think worth doing a quick google for (well after just spouting foregone conclusions first, of course, and often times not even reading the articles themselves past the title, it would seem), then there isn't much of a "there" there to discuss at all, is there. If you make an assertion, and upon inquiry for any sort of backup come up effectively empty handed, we'll just have to wait until that changes. I agree that just because you don't look anything up that doesn't mean that you are factually incorrect, but then I don't have to argue you are if I don't assert that you are. I guess this is yet another of the times you don't understand what an argument from ignorance fallacy is and how burdens of proof work, but it has been explained so many times at this point, I could probably make a list of the individual posts where it happens longer than the post I'm typing up right now.

But again there aren';t too many people that can explain why scientists of the past such as carver, da vinci and newton are not crazy. They believed in what you call "mumbo jumbo" yet they helped revolutionize science. Why is that?

I want people think about that too.

Yea, but you don't want them to actually propose solutions, or to hear any of their conclusions, nor do you want to look any of it up. Your incredulity, dare I call it so, means nothing. The point about some frankly brilliant minds of the past being also full of poop in other areas was addressed multiple times in previous threads, but of course you would completely ignore those responses and ask the same question all over again now.

Evidently, you do not actually care, these are not actual questions that are actually important to you, but rather empty rhetorical points with little to no thought or substance put to them - which is why no thought or substance retorted at them can move you to engage past repeating the starting points only. You are clearly being neither sincere, nor reasonable, and at this point I'm running out of the sort of charity it takes to think it be so by accident or through incompetence, rather than deliberate... Just why, pray tell, is anyone not worse off for wasting their time engaging with you next time you raise a discussion topic, than they would be just ignoring it altogether as you are ignoring any substantive responses?
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In short, Gisterons reply says, yabuturtle is nothing more than a troll whose only purpose is to evoke drama on a post board. He has no intention to post things to make people think. His only goal is chaos.

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Do not antagonize another member based on history or another sensitive subject.
Do not personally attack others in public or in PM
Do not discuss other members/guests of this site in the public forums
Practice empathy and perspective taking.
Dialogue about ideas and do not attack people
Take breaks when needed
And use this space appropriately.

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This is not a sensitive subject nor is it a PM. It is a public challenge of ideas, nothing more, as is the nature of debate. You, arisaig, are out of line here.
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Kobos wrote: Topic please,

Yab, would you have any other articles on hand about time skips or any scientific journals on the warping of time via natural occurrences. For that matter I will actually ask has anyone read about any conclusions reached about the metal piping found buried in china that dates back very far?


I understand the scientific explanation is fossilized tree roots but it is interesting that other fossilized trees do not have near the iron content of these "pipes"

Just something to consider.

You are one of the very few who stayed on topic so I will try to answer you the best I can

Before that I can share an experience I had

I know, it's not proof. It's an experience though

I had gone into the woods when I was camping out on my own during meditation. It's my part of my exercise to get out into nature as I am a Druid so I try the best I can to make peace with the surroundings of nature, give offerings and sacrifice ect. In my training I notice the subtle stuff. The stuff I didn't notice before or was oblivious to when I trained my senses. Through my nightly walk trying to get more connected with nature. I had seen some rock formations. Almost like someone set up camp or a ritual fire with stones in a circle. No one was there though. The air felt different and some trees looked out of alignment

I went back to it the next day and the trees and stones were not there even after a few hours only of sleep. I know it was different before because before my nightly walk, I took a picture of that exact same area where the trees looked normal and there were no stones. It wasn't that far off from my camp either so I did not hear any other campers. I took the picture and then went out and then interestingly I didn't notice I was in a different place until I passed through the bright full moon. The moonlight showed on the ground in a very peculiar spot. I felt I was in either a different time or different world all together. Whether I was in the past or the future, who knows, but it was not on this Earth that we know. I had heard these types of experiences happen during certain phases of the moon in certain spots or certain night time activity. I mostly hear experiences happen at night but some had happened in the day.


I was checking it out whether or not it's true who can say but I hear lot of them seem to happen in liverpool. I will try to see if I can dig up some more later.

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Please don't call people trolls Kyrin. If a purely fictional topic can be discussed in a constructive way for all involved, then it should be real easy to discuss an untrue topic in a positive way for all involved.

And in that light, attacking the credibility of a topic is not disallowed, but there are better ways to do it... better being which are in the spirit of the rules here and in support of the purpose of the Temple. You've had a few suspensions I believe for treating this place like its your own site in that way, by challenging people through attack purported as a way to promote growth, so I'd consider this might be where your tripping up and falling over that line.
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