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    • How many practice telekinesis? (Last post by Adder)
    • Quote: This is an interesting thought but if it were true how could we come to a consensus on any subject? If I ran a red light but perceived that I did not then the cop that pulled me over has no authority to give me a ticket for it, right? No, the drivers subjective reality would be at odd's with an objective measurement to contrast it against. I think your questions is what is in essence the difference between the subjective and objective reality perhaps, and any consensus about someone elses subjective reality is never going to be accurate unless confirmed by the holder of that subjective reality. Just like the driver's subjective reality is only ever going to be accurate to objective reality to some extent - by its capacity to measure it. Quote: I think a lot of it comes down to whether you believe in a "supernatural realm" or not. If you do then there can be forces at work that defy logic and thus once again we are left with the idea that we can never come to a consensus on any subject. 1 second ago (insert supernatural force here) changed the rules and running a red light was not illegal so once again the cop that pulled me over has no authority to give me a ticket. If someone wants to talk about the supernatural it does not automatically mean they are trying to prove it, therefore non-believers investing themselves in the discussion to argue for proof is basically offtopic and a distraction to the people who want to talk about their experience of the supernatural - unless the topic is actually about trying to prove it. I"ll answer the last question in a bit.
    • Copyright and the IP (split from original material... (Last post by Snowy Aftermath)
    • Quote: Quote: It has been said time and time again that a new person's opinion here is just as valid as another's. I am standing on that statement this time and hoping it won't be yanked back because I believed it. Opinion yes,... but being a demanding child,... no. If you are going to be a long term member of this organization you have got to learn respect for the elders. That includes sometimes taking what they say at their word and accepting it as good enough. Its called trust. Either you have it or you dont. Okay, Kyrin. I think you're reading more into what I've written than what is there. Nobody is being childish. I respectfully suggest you go back and read what I've actually said. And I knew someone would yank back that statement as soon as I stood on it. Figures. Did you happen to notice how I tiptoed around the elders and respectfully deferred to them in every single thread except this one? Nope. It's convenient to your attack not to have noticed that. This was NEVER an issue of trust. I'm looking at facts. Law obeyed, law not obeyed. That's all this is. Quote: You started out in these threads singing the praises of the IP. "Dont change a thing or we become an echo chamber" A direct quote if I recall. so what changed? Not a direct quote. Go back and read it. Finding out that we are tiptoeing around copyright laws is what changed it. And the argument has already been resolved. So relax.
    • Use your computer to find new Prime numbers! (Last post by Squint)
    • Hi all, I'm part of Basically its a community of people who download a program to their computer(s) and run tasks associated with different projects. The project I choose to be apart of is one that is attempting to search for larger and larger Prime numbers, which are important in computing and cryptography. I made a team for us there, so if you end up joining, I'd love to see you there. If you want a direct link to the team after you join:
    • Jedi Self-Sufficiency thread (Last post by Jestor)
    • If you join the "Off the Grid Group" too, it gives you notifications when a new post or discussion is posted there as well...:)
    • Looking at the Present Moment as a loved one (Last post by Kyrin Wyldstar)
    • LOL Nice! Actually for me the present moment has always been a thing of great comfort. Especially when I'm worried about something in the future. Whether I'm thinking about a bill that needs to be paid or a public engagement or deadline I need to meet I can always come back to the present moment and take solace in the fact that at least those things I'm worried about are not happening "right now" so there is no need to worry about them until later, and I can relax...
    • Questions about Jediism (Last post by Alan)
    • Myth and fiction are not the same. Please refer to the thread: In Praise of Selectivity for a discussion of myth and symbol. Lucas employed Campbell's theory regarding the ubiquity of the adventure of the hero in myth to structure the plot and characters in parts four, five and six (which compose a unified mythic arc). The structure of the hero's journey shares common plot and character elements with many other myths. The symbols used in Star Wars are not unique which is why the films are not emphasized here at TotJO but are to suffice merely as introduction, that is, as a door through which to explore their deeper meaning. The educational milieu here suggests not to linger with the films, nor even Campbell, but to delve deeper into the meaning and significance of the myths and symbols. Digression: Even if it is the case that the fence analogy is flawed - replace with threshold - fences, borders, boundaries and frontiers can be defined as much by what they include than exclude.
    • Riddle (Last post by Corwinani)
    • Here is a nice riddle for you? What is Jabba's favourite dietary food? Clue: It is written at the beginning of every movies of that Franchise. nobody? At he beginning of every movie is the title.... Now if you read it backwards STAR WAR = RAW RATS

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