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Jedi History. I find it an interesting topic. Sure I find historical stories interesting in general, but if I knew nothing of the world but merely the Jedi Community I'd know one core fact - those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. "Learn From", not learn of, not acknowledge, not gossip about. There are cycles that happen. This can be expected with a continual influx of new people to a community, especially a community with a common theme and inspiration. Certain core elements just speak to people. All well and good - can be very fun to explore old topics with fresh eyes and see if any new angles provide new ways forward.

Of course running a Jedi group has some pretty interesting history tied to it as well. Our community at its youngest is twenty years old. We can go to 24 if want, some try to push further, but community-wise that is about where it tops out. We are still in those college party years. But plenty of examples of running a Jedi group exist. Many groups grew very active. Many great and large groups which have crumbled under their own weight. Many groups which have toppled under drama and politics. Some under stagnation. Others just from no activity. Avoiding these issues isn't as difficult as our history may make it seem - just about learning from our history.

Example. In 1999 I was given a council position and a Master title. Fortunately the Force (or my internet provider dropping service in my area) and my own low self-esteem allowed me to run away from that. Still it kicked started me on a journey through the community that would add many titles and positions - some just as ridiculous and superfluous as the first two. I watched as that original group ate itself over and over again - sure the website survived for years, but not the leadership, not the direction, all eventually withered away under the constant toxicity; a mask worn to keep pretending it is its old self. I got to witness many other sites rise and fall. Fascinating stuff. Human Nature vs Jedi Nature, the scoreboard is not encouraging.

So when an idealistic young man approached me with an idea he was working on, I was humbled. It is nice when someone acknowledges that time served. He wanted to form a new group and asked my advice, so I gave him a breakdown. I laid out the pitfalls. I laid out a couple avenues for success. I pointed to his own Jedi idol (actual, not fictional) and the wrong turns he made. "Learn From". Here are examples - remember these as you move forward. When tough decisions come - and they will come - remember these giants and how they fell. He invited me to join him as he built this group, I accepted (history in the making if nothing else). Then it was clear - decisions were being made, but they screamed of an era that had all but disappeared. The same mistakes in new packaging. The same misguided focus - Organizational Value over Jedi Value. Mistaking leadership for popularity.

I spoke up - I was shouted down. I warned - I was a labelled a doomsayer. I laid it all out - they voted to cast me out.

History will be repeated if it is not learned from. And it has not been learned from. The lesson? Culture isn't what you preach, it is what you allow.
24 years and that hasn't sunk in yet.
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We do not rise to our ideals; We fall to our training.

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Just because someone says what you're saying is a threat, doesn't make it one.

Just because someone says you're always after them, it doesn't make it so.

Yell it as loud as you want. But as tarkin put it 'if sayigg it only made it so'... Because it doesn't.

Feeble attempt, a predictable attempt, a rusty blade you have become.

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Will there ever be a Jedi meetup in my neck of the woods? I love being a part of this online community, but sometimes I wish I could meet many of you face to face.

“Remember, rewards come in action, not in discussion.” Tony Robbins
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I... Am an idiot. A f***ing idiot.

That is all.

Not all those who wander are lost

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