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28 Sep 2017 15:29 #302350 by Carlos.Martinez3
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My ... in action

There will come a time when it happens. As we study you will, we will, begin to ... notice things. What I notice and what you notice will be the consistencies and trends and attention and all that in ... our own personal life's. They will NOT be the same things directly .. aka you won't see where my family flaws or excels. I will not see yours. I will not see where you excel or excelled nor will you see where I am excelling. My focus is not that. The small labels. Some is decay some is greatness some is just there. Jedi have a very open way of thinking and a vast amount of ability to take things in any direction we choose, all our own choice.( syncretism n all!!) For me it was easy to blame and be angry and resentful and dwell on things of That nature. ... I was personally grouchy , moody and hateful to myself and those around me. I decided I wanted to be like some I had studied and found. I began sitting in circles I never had. Talk I'm asking , not picking or fighting just learning. (Arguing is not learning ... for me) so I stopped . This for me changed everything.
Yes I see that , yes I see this...
now what?
I speak to many people and we all have the same question... with all this I see now ( this awakening this change of heart this re born feeling this freedoms call it what u like) NOW what?
I had to realize for my self ... my own focus es . What it was doing to me. For a time I was pissed ! I studied nothing and was in no communication with any one. Simple short, the awakening made me upset and I stopped learning . (some things still do but I'm smarter now and I walk thru that now that I have frequented it) Personally I'm tired of being mad all the time and grouchy so.... I made preparations like many of us do. I changed my focus . You can too! We all can, or stay where we begin.
My encouragement to my fellow hearts here is to move on. Pick a focus or two... difrent. Sit in a few difrent circles .. if your stuck. Change it up! We are Jedi , it's our right and w e are human , so yes we can.
Susan P Schutz
You can not listen to what others want you to do.
You must listen to yourself.
Society family friends and loved ones do not know what you must do.
Only you know and only up can do what's right for you.
So start right now.
You will need to work very hard.
You will need to overcome many obaticles .
You will need to go against the better judgment of some people and you will need to bypass their prejudices.
But you can have what ever you want if you try hard enough.
So start right now and you will love a life designed by you and for you and you will love your life.

May the force be with you as you seek it!
Love ya Temple
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02 Oct 2017 03:20 #302697 by Carlos.Martinez3
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I often find gems , little gifts while I seek . In every myth in every story in most of my path and life, on the way I find things ( in my opinion gifts) along the way that make things ... more ... tangible for me. Similarly , we all can say there is parallel to this action. Those who seek find ... what you seek is what you eventually find. I'm asked often how do I see things and can give the way I do? The answer is as simple as ,that is what I seek. I seek connections. When face to face my focus is often what connects us rather than what ... defines us or labels us or even what separates us. As I seek that ( among other things) my gems my truths my gifts come flooding and I find them in the strangest of places.

I stopped asking where and started asking how. I stopped asking who and asked what. Big diffrence in answers some times.
I came across an idea or two I would love to share with my fellow Jedi.

Every day have something to do or somewhere to go.
Every day have some one to call
Some one to see
Some one to love
But most important
Every day have something to give to some one.
By Natasha Josefowitz
The title is called the true secret of happiness.

Now , I'm Jedi so I can say that there are a many difrent types of happiness and styles values and even levels and definitions of happiness. Happiness IS difrent for everyone, and that's ok! I did like this one . So I share it with my Temple as one of many difrent ways and a difrent lights that can ... be as well! I often glow this light as one of many ideas that can be... happy glowing!
Ps the joy of being Jedi is you can be like me or I CAN be like you or ... not. Either is just the same value as the other so to those who do not see the same , that's ok, we are NOT supposed to be alike in everything. To those who would like , and idea like this can help find connections and make new ones and keep a free flowing stream to ones heart.... if that's your focus or wish I offer this!
All my heart Temple !
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09 Oct 2017 03:20 #303526 by Carlos.Martinez3
Carlos.Martinez3 replied the topic: The Block
As a Jedi who believes in the force and actively has a active search for this , I find our definitions differ , or do they? Take for instance the simple word why. In one effect the presence of it can be gaining and benifishal, yielding new lights, new ideas, new friends and a general re newing of "fresh force" fresh drive . . . and yet another can keep a loop of in activity continuous. It is to each of us to find our own paths AND or own definitions. That's what makes us individuals. Our interpitation and and AND our choice of application, or not . If there is no contest truly between individuals then our results as we find the vary can be truly be free.
Something to think bout .
May the force be with you always! May the force we share find you where you seek it !
Carlos Jedi Knight and clergy
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12 Oct 2017 04:06 #303777 by Carlos.Martinez3
Carlos.Martinez3 replied the topic: The Block
Encouragement !!!
I posted this in my meditation journal , something to think on ...

The word CAN , Sometimes when used, results a diminishing of self in a conversation. (rids the opinion and opens the possibility). It can install hope some days for possibilities not ventured.

This CAN be like this
This CAN be like that
This CAN ... there is the hope that ...
May I say the word CAN as often as hope is needed. . .especially in a Jedi setting with a Jedi light ...
Things are not plainly , this or that , (black or white as some say, light or dark) they can be ... or can not. It's the use of brush and the flicks that make art , not the 3 simple colors.
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