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I think there is a lot of bias shown by presenters and newsroom writers as well, more then from the owners of media outlets.... being the combination of visual and audio in a streaming format as provided by TV and internet platforms is like a main line to peoples minds, compared to previously with newspapers a person would have to actively choose, bother to start, bother to continue to finish a piece of written text which they say in their own voice.. to have any exposure to it at all! Now a TV can just be on non-stop and people can see the same non-verbal signals from presenters over and over day after day. It's human nature to mimic, and if the narrative of news is explanatory and biased then its akin to brainwashing :silly:
If anything there should be a significant push to make 'presentation' of news overtly unbiased and overtly balanced... to compensate for this. But I guess we're all used to it and so we pick and choose from the selection of news sources for the ones which sit easiest :D
So its more realistic perhaps to ensure sufficient accessibility to diversity in news sources, and let the individual decide how to best educate or delude themselves.
In that regard I tend to support the idea of government funded news to set a bar of fairness, but here in Australia that has not worked because they tend to try and compete with the commercial channels for sensationalism and shaping an audience which they try to keep.... inevitably leading to a populist superficial version of what is usually very complex matters. Whomever does the sensationalism best gets the viewers and then other networks follow in a race to the bottom of the barrel. Where's Ron Burgundy when you need him....

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Since the discussion has moved on to the news media, the more honest and fair critique of it would be how they operate, and why, politics aside-

The mainstream news media decided it wanted to be an entertainment medium a long time ago, and the greater interest in following and focusing on more "entertaining" stories over, well, actual news, is the result.

So, now, when they grow up and try to report truthful news, well, people in general are more willing to question if they're being fair and honest, particularly when they set themselves up by not even verifying some news stories they eagerly report to boost ratings. (particularly when the subjects don't like being scrutinized or criticized, but, I digress)

If we're going to criticize the media, let's do it for valid reasons, and not just when we don't like what they have to say about who we voted for? I think that's the more honest avenue, if one's issues with the media is sincere and not, ironically, politically motivated.

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