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Kyrin Wyldstar wrote: Antarctica is off limits because it is actually the edge of the flat earth and the illuminati guard that part so the truth does not come out. They dont want us to know the truth of the flat earth.

Antarctica has yet to be officially claimed by one nation.
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23 Sep 2018 01:27 - 23 Sep 2018 01:28 #326816 by Yabuturtle
Oh I have seen that different nations claim each piece of land but the fact that it is heavily guarded when you'd think there wouldn't be anything raises questions. And also the people that have went to Antarctica, that were scientist or military personal have said there are a lot of strange things down there and they are unable to say anything due to confidential information or they "disappear" under mysterious circumstances. There are many theories, some say it is Atlantis and that the continent was never destroyed or sunk, but instead moved to the shifting of the plates during a cataclysm some time in the past, others say there are a lot of alien bases or a combination of both. Guess we'll never know unless we go down there personally.
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