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Monday's get away from me very easy .
Jedi eyes
Here's an idea , I got it from my best friend , my Jedi eyes. She's a hobbit by heart. Tolkien fans are just as wonderful as SW fans. Some of my favorite ideas of home come from ideas under the hill. Any how there's the infomious " Legolas, what do your Elvish eyes see..." The idea my friend said ----hey Jedi what do your Jedi eyes see.... The idea blew my mind. She was actually asking what my spirit what my study what my time and effort , what I have learned ... " give me an example "
My friends , have we used the example of Jedi eyes and looked thru them? What would we see? Could we keep the " sight" longer than just when we need it? Imagine the possibilities. No really , please do!
Every Jedi will have difrent views. That's the idea too , none of them will ever be the same and that's ok and Kinna the other point , Jedi eyes see that often ...
My our Temple live On and may the Living Force find you all where you are , right now.
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Carlos.Martinez3 wrote: The idea my friend said ----hey Jedi what do your Jedi eyes see.... The idea blew my mind.

A good while ago, dear Carlos asked me to write something for his Block.. to sing my song. And that is pretty difficult as I am only talkative or typative ehmm.. :blink: ones.. I get into gear 6 (takes a very long time and reason). Somehow I would like to give it a try and see where it ends, even though it is not a Monday; inspiration comes and goes and I do not want to let it go away so easily this time. :)

On Saturday January 28 I went to the optician to check my eyes and it turned out that I needed glasses. It all sound so easy when thinking about it, right? Going to a store, pick a frame, and leaving the store with great eagle vision to please your brains instead of seeing everything half blurry. I was given an eye pressure test with air, a weird multi lens instrument and several questions that came with it and it turned out that I needed - cilinder glasses (myopia with astigmatism). Next week on Friday 3 February I could come by to pick up my glasses.

After a lot of adjustments my glasses where still sliding off my nose, but I did not realize that till I left the store of course! So the next day after I returned, and not initially wanting to, and that continued for a bit.. well, later today I will go by for my fourth visit, and hopefully, my last one.. Being unable to wear my glasses comfortably is not funny, after a couple of days pushing it up over my nose bridge you start to remember that it takes a lot of patience and skill. It is just waiting till it slides down again. :S Yesterday it was readjusted too short to the point that I could not wear it and my eyes burned so much, my eye muscles liked the glasses too much I guess.. :blink:

One thing I dislike a lot is to visit a store to return a bought product, as it might give away that you are not happy about it after you chose to buy it. :( Just like our sight on Jediism, we do not always agree with our inner voice but sometimes we need to push our comfort zone to get into more comfortable times with Jediism, forming a new angle. I noticed that the Temple is very busy to set up all kinds of projects at the moment, I appreciate that so many enjoy participating in it and figuring it out again! We should remember that the outcome of our actions determine our results, it takes 'time' to see visibility, and a Jedi should remember that to find its inner expectation. To wake up, and see like an eternal morning.

May the Force shine with you all,

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Yes! Thank u !!! Thank you ! And may it continue to find you every where ... You ... Look ! Small pun intended !
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Our meditation can create many things . It can create anxiety or help to control it. Our Jedi ism can introduce us to a whole new world or possibilities or keep us locked in a cage . Funny the more Jedi I meet the more I see we all Kinna think similar . I say this in this sense , many of us have swords or some type of symbolic weapon we identify with . I have mine . What we do with them .... Do we keep them on the wall for Merritt badge sake? Do we display proudly but never really take them in hand. With Jedi ism we teach and show the potential that lives in every one. Your spark of life is the same as mine . Really !
So do we keep our ... Tools , our gifts to ... Hurt us and confuse us, unskilled and rip and tare things from where they need to be or ... Do we take the time to study and ask and ... Learn , really learn . What does your Jedi ism do for you friends , is it on the wall plagued and shiny yay!!!! Or do we use it practice and learn. Every tool is avalible for every one. Every tool I've found , I found. It's mine. The patience the love the joy the everything! Had to find it first , so I leave you with this weeks idea , is your Jedi ism one the wall or ... In Your hand?
May the Living Force be with y'all every where you find it!
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I have my wall, my temple i suppose in the context your speaking of. The reminder of hat and whom I am through the physical objects I choose to keep visible for me an the few that are locked away.

I have spent time honing skills for which I have hopes to never need. My gun sits idle in a safe, its age, almost 60yrs old now, but a reliable machine (Colt 1911 Vietnam issue .45), but one designed only for death. When I go to shoot or train someone else this weighs heavy on my soul that I am showing another how to use this tool for this purpose, (context of use aside). As I have grown naturally and through time I have seen that I want to be at peace. So then I have become pacifist, I am not even sure I would defend myself by bullet or blade anymore. The innocence or life of others having much more value to me now. So, now in my own mind these external tools remind me of the peace I wish to keep, yet, I own and train in methods of killing and cannot help but ask why?

This is what I realized from the sum of all these. My only real tool is my body, as I get older,(I a not that old) but I see the changes the weaknesses that are beginning to show. Like an aging building I can see where I neglected or where my actions have caused it damage. Besides all this the vessel and tool I have is to use this body to do and speak of what I see as right,peacefully, If I must be reminded that is justified, by my wall of Jedi-ism if you will.

I was not always this way, hence the gravitation towards the machines of death, and many years spent fighting others, the world and myself. Ironically, I spent some time last night vomiting up 3 of my teeth. Most my teeth are fake now products of the past......these were also fake but in time medical devices fail, we just don't want them lodged in our throats : ). I digress, this is not the first time I have vomited up teeth but this is the first time it wasn't caused by anger, aggression or warring with others. To me the very fact that this happened though painful, and quite a reminder of the past I see that as an improvement step. To ease the violence I choose to participate in for self serving reasons is a practice in Jedi, though it started before I arrived here. To continue this is one way to continue to use the tool and gift I have been granted. This is just an example to get that I can only base what I a as a Jedi on how I choose to use this physical form to make others world better. I say this because i can see the good in my world, yes, sometimes it's not fun, I get sad, lonely, aggravated ect., but to be aware of the things I am in the moment and to share my reaction with any who will listen is indeed my Jediism.

So, I will carry in my hand the person of whom I am in hopes of sharing the road that got me here to help otherwise. Yet, I will leave others on the wall so that lest I forget that I too have traveled up and down the road to get here. Yes, I enjoy wearing the temples symbol on my coat (pin) as it reminds me of this place when I from here in search of applications of the lessons I have learned here both IP and conversational. Thank you Carlos for this weeks thought I had already been thinking along the same line for myself so excuse my diatribe. Also, this morning brought back many memories that though I regret are ever meant to fade.
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Recently I spoke with my little brother , wife's younger . I asked him a simple question , do you start your day or do you just Kinna jump into it ? My little brothers smart and it , this question stemmed a slew of thought . How in charge are we really ? Where does the condition actually kick in ? The automatic .. When does that in reality kick in and the answer seems to be the same, the moment we don't , it does. Strange thing is now that you see it ... Now that it's been told to you , you will for ever know . In my own life I have taken active attention to a few many things now , I can actually say I think for my self more ... Way more than I did before.
The ability to think for yourself , NOT to go automatic as often as we do can yield a few different results, try it start out the day on your terms. Organize it a bit and insert ... The time you will need to do things . I we all... If we just thought or took a few moments on our terms , how different the world would be hu? How different mine is and how different ours can be ... On our own terms!
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