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In the voice of Johnny 5 ...slack lining!!! Give room, break hold, releAse grip , retake , break of time intentionnaly!!! To re position or r asure!!!
I spent time at sea as well, I love nautical type words n terms too!
That is a great way to try! Almost forgot about that term! May the Living Force continue to find you Tim! Be well!

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Every day brings new things. In my studies I find my self on a personal mission of affirarmation on a few things. During this quest I have taken on a personal challenge. The challenge was to translate my own version of the Tao. During my time at Pensacola Christian College there was a professor who said " what better way to affirm your self with your faith than to take the time to translate its text into your own words." Hmm . That stuck with me to this very day. I eventually did not finish due to monitarie demands that could not be met. Still , to this day the same holds true for any idea. So , I find my self translating the Tao Teh Ching. I find things in me as I learn and translate. I am using a very many of ,4 difrent versions but the reason for this weeks idea comes from one I had a bit of trouble with.
Where the ruler is mum mum
The people are simple and happy
Where the ruler is sharp sharp
The people are wily and discontented
Bad is what good fortune leans on
Good fortune is what bad fortune hides in
Who knows the ultimate end of this process?
Is there no norm of right?
Yet , what is normal soon becomes abnormal.
And what is auspicious soon turns ominous.
Long indeed have the people been in a quandry

Therefore, the sage
squares with out cutting
Carves without disfiguring
Straitens wiout straining
And lightens with out dazzeling

Tao Lao Tzu translated by john c.h.wu
Shambhala classics pocket edition!

Joy spreads.
Sparpness creates the wily and discontent.
Good vs bad, where is the end? Is there a standard right?
All exist in equal parts , normal abnormal, auspicious , ominous.
There exist a state of constant unceartianty and perplexity.
The idea
Remove not harm
Turn not disfigure
Lead not demand
Show not blind.

This is my version.

The last part I want to take some time on as a thought. The sage... The wise man, that guy, the one whomseeks the change and to be the change , that guy ... Can remove without harm. Carve without disfigure , show not blind , lighten without blinding.
Here I think we find a great example of what character, a created,adopted, learned character can produce. This to me sounds like a great example of a true Jedi, the goal to be the one Who can lead and not demand or light the way don't dazzel me with word or things. I give to you this , that last part... You've seen my choices in my translation
The idea...
To remove not harm
To turn not disfigure
Lead not demand
Show not blind.

What are your choices? What words would you use my Temple to discribe the " sage" here... I look forward to reading your reply! May the Living Force be with y'all. Hope you can take that with you during your week. As a fellow Jedi said to me , May the Force shine with you!
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I have been thinking on this for quite some time since the original post above was made. i have come to this a "sage" is one who sees there is no sage only students. For one to be a sage it implies a level of learning that allows for a set standard of learning. Yet, a sage would and should always strive to learn. To remove not harm is a fine line and To turn and not disfigure is to sculpt understanding that impurity is purity. To lead and not demand is to teach and learn at the same time a skill seldom acquired, and to show but not blind is to be objective and void of emotion on said subject but to accept it for what it is, and yet to know that your emotion on it is still an important aspect however, not always the one to act on. This is my belief and feelings here. Be not a sage but a student forever. The force be with you all, always as it shall be.
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Mindfulness can be a factor in a lot that we do. in study I find my attention has shifted to our family. As I learn and grow I have noticed that they do not. This may only be my own self noticing this but the more I study and grow the more they do not. Think about that for a while, let that sink in. I am no way shape or form calling any one stupid or names by any means the point is as Jedi we have a place to grow, most of our family is NOT Jedi and do not have the means as we do. Nothing right or wrong with that, just stating the obvious, as you learn to meditate and open your mind to new ideas, do not forget the family and those around you. Now , we all know Jedi ism isn't for every one and quite really its a difficult thing to explain so that being said some times we are Jedi in a world that is not. We have a place to come and learn and grow, we ourselves are learning new things and people and ideas and the truth is our parents are not in the Temple in our Journals and neither is the wife and kids. da da da dahhhhhh what now... what a point in our Jedi lifes and paths to realize this. When I came to this realization I was afraid a bit. What if I s came to mind and my amygdule went nuts..... ( I have leaned most times in life a small pause is beneficial) I paused long and hard on this one. I had never even though that idea in my mind. Im not saying that im the best ant any of this or even quite know whats all what and possible but I do know a few things like possible at any given time, depends on the characters in the story, any how, I began including my son in my meditations, just son, ima meditate for a few wanna join, I get 50 50 so im happy with those stats! To the other heart in my life I added things I was learning to suite us as well. Included her in the learning as well. I started love books, 5 languages of love, how to speak to a king and queen. manners. ...from one lover to another, dance with your love...learn or atleast hae fun lerning togeather. I began growing not only in my self, but in my hubby spot and in my dad spot. Forgive me for not having all the right words to describe properly, im still learning too!
In life there is a balance. In everything we do I think balance can be had or maintained at least. It may take a while and some one saying something to us....(hint hint) but eventually we can find our own balance. As far as family, oh my Temple don't forget them. Don't leave them behind. To me , the more I study the better I am for myself and my family. Include them in your studies. I cant tell you how exactly cuz im not that kind of Jedi lol but I will say make a space for em, afterall, they are why our Jedi hearts know love. Right?
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A Knght is always a bit lonely ;)

On a personal level i can share that i have been feeling lonely for a while now , i shared this with my daughter and she shares this feeling , i like that i can talk about that with her because i choose this path , not taking anyone elses feelings in consideration, She says i am more awake now , not distant as i sometimes could be. I am not alone , though i seek Solitude , i am not lonely in my heart , but sometimes it would be cool to have another Jedi here to spar with...i lost one of my best friends , he was confronting , harsh , and selfish , but i miss him , because i felt his love for me. Yes i am a bit lonely , but not alone ;) and i am a bit alone but never lonely :lol:

Confusing ? Yes , thank G'd we have this place to learn and study

Thank you for reminding me Master !
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Any time ! Including family is a big step toward from fan fare to study ups, to a simple cup of hot steaming coco! We are as alone as we want to be some times . you are strong Lima no doubt about that. Take a few family members with you on your trip! Lol be well and keep growing! Keep seeking keep finding,and share! Force be,still with you and yours
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