What would help the Temple Be A Better Place? Suggestions please...

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With love... of course... but, fire, yes... light it, we must.

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6 years 4 months ago #290144 by TheDude

You'll find no bigger supporter of capitalism than me. ;) But I think there comes a point when it goes beyond capitalism. To me, fair capitalism happens when I have produced something (or have paid others to produce it) and engage in a fair exchange with those who want what I've produced. So for Joseph Campbell to say, "Here is my book, I wrote it and I'll sell it to you for $20 so that I can buy dinner and some coffee" is fine. But Joseph Campbell is dead. Krishnamurti is dead. Lao Tzu might not have ever existed. The various philosophers, poets, mystics, &c. in the library and IP are more often than not dead. My money won't help them. It may help a certain publication, but that publication didn't produce the work -- they only take advantage of the fact that someone else produced the work and needed a way to get it to other people. Now the means of making your work available to others is much simpler. Anyone can find pretty much anything on the internet. Those publications are no longer required for you or me to access the work of long-dead people, and it's no longer a service that I personally feel has value within this market.

Suppose someone figured out physics and wrote a new Principia which perfectly explains how our universe works on a physical and mathematical level. I'd say that none of the information they've presented is actually their own creation. If they're presenting the truth, then it's the truth regardless of whether or not they write it down. With works of fiction it makes sense to charge for such a thing, because it is an original creation which can only be presented by the person imagining it. When it comes to the truth,however, a $250 price tag on a book (have you seen textbook prices lately?) can only serve one purpose: standing in the way of progress. And more often than not it isn't even the author who sees the payoff, it's the publication company. How someone can print a book for less than $5 using words somebody else has written and sell it for $200+ is beyond me. I'd have too much trouble sleeping at night to do that.

This is an issue especially true in the sciences. Scientific advancement nowadays takes place within government funded academic buildings, or is otherwise funded by taxpayer money. There are private scientific labs, but the publicly funded ones are far more common. There people use tools that you and I have funded, and it only makes sense to me that you and I should be able to access the information that has been gathered using those tools. Yet professors will use those tools which we pay for, on salaries that we pay for, in order to produce scientific studies which will be published in journals that cost $400+ for a subscription to and which you and I can't access without paying for. If you want to see what ALL of your money is going towards in the sciences, be prepared to drop tens of thousands of dollars on journal subscriptions. The same can be said of philosophy, theology, and almost all academic areas of study. We fund them and we can't even see the benefit from it without paying more and more fees.

So while I understand your point of view, I think that the truth is something that we should all have access to regardless of whether or not we have the means to pay for it. In many cases we already have.


Maybe a temporary recovery officer(s) could be appointed in order to deal with situations like the crash? As TOTJO grows, that kind of thing may happen more often.
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6 years 4 months ago #290146 by Wescli Wardest

steamboat28 wrote: What can we do to get the focus there? Whose backsides do we need to light fires under?

See, that puts me under a particular microscope. I commented on what I saw as an issue. But if I go around naming people then it will quickly get turned around as I am the one causing trouble. Which will hinder my ability to do my job.

What I will tell you is do exactly what you are doing. Stand up for yourself. Make your voices heard. Pay attention to what’s going on and then talk about the issues you see.

It may take time, but I believe everything will turn out for the best in the end. If I didn’t believe that, I wouldn’t still be here working for it! LOL :laugh:

And there will be someone that says, then why did you say anything!?!?

Because we all know that there are issues. We’re talking about them now. And if there is an issue that I see that isn’t enough of an issue for others to see, then maybe it just isn’t really an issue.
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6 years 4 months ago - 6 years 4 months ago #290149 by Zenchi

Wescli Wardest wrote:

TheDude wrote:
There are broken links. A lot of them. Please, do something with them -- anything. At least change the broken links in DQS lessons and the FAQ.

The assistant Librarian was looking into adding more original content to the library.

And we are talking about making a mediation sub-forum. Of course adding it as a section of the library is not out of the question.

I gave our assistant librarian the ability to fix the broken links. And he was doing an excellent job. But someone decided that they needed to take that away from him. So we’ll have to wait till the links get fixed by some other means I guess.

I was doing it for a while. But there is just so much to do to keep everything running that I just can’t do it all by myself. Hence why I gave our assistant librarian the ability to fix them.

Sounds like a major decision in removing editing abilities connected to my doing MY JOB was made without consent of the council, why is this permissible?

Don't all Council members answer all at once now... :whistle:
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6 years 4 months ago #290156 by
Is anybody keeping track of all of these suggestions? It sounds to me like this is a time for Knights (myself included) to prioritize these and provide some specific and actionable items to Council. I'll start making a list...

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6 years 4 months ago - 6 years 4 months ago #290157 by Edan
I regard this thread rather with incomprehension. There are multiple topics in this thread that I tried to highlight as a knight and either got rebuffed by Council or eventually ignored. Once I got the knights to have a vote, only to have a Council member (my own training master) question me on whether I was going to 'do it again'.

There is a great irony in the member of the Council who opens this thread being the one who barely posts.

I would like to hope that this time around the Council actually listens to what is being said, rather than brushing things off.

It is one thing to open a thread about it, it is another thing entirely to actually enact change.
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