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Today , this Monday , I want to give you this word.
The Hero's Journey has many tools and some words are just that. In my study and in my own path, I have found many "treasures or gems" and one of those is this word, ONLY
The Hero's Path is full. It always is. There are so many different things we got at the same time. This is human nature at its finest. For some of us, the word ONLY can remind us that there is never a "only" path. When have you ever just did one thing only or look for just one idea or book? Think about that this week, the Hero's Journey is never just "ONLY." We can be in so many things in our path, school ideas , world ideas, church ideas and even our own ideas as well. There is rarely just ONE idea present.
The idea of side quests comes into play...

That's ok too!!!
Understanding this can help us in our every day search. Maybe widen our focus too , depending on how we choose to follow it.
So, there is never a "ONLY" in the Hero's Journey. Something to think about it and thanks Rugadd for the food for thought, hope it grows in other places.
Pastor Carlos
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Those who stand - often stand alone. Sometimes by choice and equally in timing- why do we often forget that? When we remember that seasons and timing play huge parts in the Hero's Journey, It can help to remember that often it's related to choice; or the TIMING...
When it's MY time to's usually only my time, every one else is on their own "wheel" of time and on their own path. I have to share this my Temple, It's not fair to blame OTHERS for our understanding nor to blame for "OTHERS" NOT understanding. When it's my turn to learn, I may share the experience but most times.. for me, it's not like that. IT'S FOR ME only. Learning is often personal.
Understanding that we all have levels and timing and paths that CAN connect, we must also remember that some of them DON'T and that's not for a negative reason but for timing reasons. It's possible to be the only one who has learned something and your the only one at that time...
This idea can help us with blame and grace, in real life. It really can. Maturing and cultivation isn't hard, it's the remembering part that we can build. If you're like me and have a few years under your belt, sometimes we all need a reminder.

Remembering when we learn something or as we say " the Force show us or reveals" it MAY BE ONLY for us. Grant some grace to those around you, our loved ones and those we directly contact. It may not be their time or even season to get what you or "we" just got.

Learning is a very wide and vast range of what CAN be. In reality, its helpful to remember that if we grow or get or gain or learn or how ever we call it in our own path, we may be the only ones at that moment who IS. Grant some grace friends, to those who need it, those directly connected to us.
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Trial and Error

I have never liked the idea of using these words to describe what I forget or attempt to try. I am used to thinking and trying but I often notice the words I use to get there. One of the things that can trip me is this idea of "trial and Error." Its called thinking. Its called tying

Thinking and trying for me was always negative. I have figured out personally where it came from and am currently adjusting things to create something new. For some of us like me, Learning wasn't my thing. Now as I have grown older, I have changed the "idea" attached to it to help me do it in a more enjoyable way.

Planting fruit and things that produce fruits can be tricky. When we plant things regardless of what it is, it will take some time for that tree to yield. You dont get apples from apples seeds you get apples trees... you get apples from apple trees. There is a progression to it or "phases" or seasons to growing things. No further can be said for learning as well. Very many parallels in many aspects.

Do not expect things to be "THEM" when you plant them. Do not expect apples when you plant the seed till later. When we learn, do not expect instant WISDOM. It can happen but do not think if it does not happen all of a sudden it wont, it will.
Do not expect fruit the day you plant. Thats kinna silly. DO EXPECT it to take some time if its not instant...
Something to think about this week.
May the Force be with yall!

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What is good?

There is a IDEA out there about pills and how our focus is related to the "color" of the ideas we take. Its the white one I wanna chat about. There is a term my little brother throws at me often and its " Take a white pill some times." I think what he is saying is look at something else. If our FOCUS truly determines our reality, some things can keep as well as free. Why do some take the "fear pill " or what ever new way of saying things is... why keep taking the same dose over and over and over and overs...

What is good can differ from heart to heart but what CAN be said in truth is this, every one has their own ideas and their own ACTUAL ideas of bliss and joy and what can take us from salty to sweet. These are very loose terms so apply them as you see beneficial. Where we lay our hearts... well, that is where we will be looking at often and I wonder if we can remember that at some points in our path and journey's, take a different dose of things, change it up. You do not have to do anything, the Modern day Jedi life is NOT a do or thou shall surly die... nahhh its more of a try and you might find something new. If it is not your thing then by all means carry on but... IF IT IS.... pull up a seat or a stool or a box or a chair and let me encourage those who do want to try to try a new approach. If your focus has seen much dark and not so growing, find what is good... FIND AND SEEK something else. Do it for yourself. See what ya find.
May the Force continue to be with yall this week
Pastor Carlos
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A Monday thing on a Tuesday!

The Movie buff

I have spoken to many Modern day Jedi from many places. In many places we share VERY common bonds. It's real. One of the similar glows, as I like to call it, is the MOVIE BUFF. In some shape or form we are all movie buffs. Ya know what I am saying. We ALL remember lines from movies or plays or texts or songs or from a ... story or experience. If you look at what we do here and how the Modern Day Jedi began, you will find the migration of different species of walks come together to find and define what we are currently sharing today. We all have that favorite flix or that fav story or myth or song...
We are buffs! We all are and that is ok in my book. Some of my favorite people in my circles of life share this same glow, almost every one does in one way shape or form. Wanna know a true connection in life that CAN remove a few lines and a few titles and ..things....
Glow the movie buff and see where that takes you.
Try that one.
Force be with yall this week
Pastor Carlos unofficial movie buff and all around ready for popcorn, cherry Coke and a movie any time of the day.

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The Konami Code


Back in my younger days, I was a Gamer. I liked video games a lot. If I wasnt working or running and fighting in the streets, you might have found me near a game box or two. I remember I used to keep Nintendo games in my back pocket as decoration and as display for trade and Gameboy games in my small jean pocket for the same. There was one code in particular that I still remember and still use when I game. I called it the Contra code but it was a code that could be used for every game made by the same company. I loved the code because later in OTHER games it was codes for unlocking things and even worked on other game plays. Its even in Easter eggs and homages in movies and modern times.

Jedi believe In the Force, and in the inherent worth of all life within it. Call this a cheat code or something you can return to or even something similar to the Jedi Konami Code but remember this, Inherent worth isnt something we give. Its already there.
Need a cheat code for life? Find a few old gamers or those elders who have actually been there and done that. Find them and talk to them, find out the cheat codes to things. You never know who know's the code or who knows new ones or how to apply the old ones.
The old Codes... got any to share that work?
I got one I can share.
The Grandpa card. This is how I actually try. I got a temper on me like a short fuse off a good firecracker. To help ME - I pull the Grandpa card or the Elder Card. If this person who I become irritated with was one of my dear friends Elder how would I give them grace? Now, this works for me - not for every one but it does remind me to be respectful and give more grace. It works with many people who upset me in the real world by remembering they have their own "wheel of fortune" as well as me, we could be on any part of life at any time on any level. This helps me to keep me on my chosen path of compassion rather than upset.
Some Codes can help change our outcome and even our own actions. Some Codes go between IDEAS like PARALELLS...
Something to think about this week y'all Modern day Jedi. May the Force be with y'all this week.
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