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Luthien wrote:

steamboat28 wrote: I judge people by their potential at the top of their game. If you're not as caring as I know you could be, or as aggressive with your goals as you could be, then I see that as a negative. I'll praise you for where you are most of the time, but I want people to be their best selves.

That said, I'm kind of a hypocrite, because when I measure myself against my own potential, I come up a loser every time.

Ah, then I am the same way, in that respect. I even go so far as to not expect anything from others that I wouldn't do for myself so that I'm not invoking some kind of double standard.

This weekend, I volunteered at my kids school...

I told him, (a couple of times), that we would take the least desirable job...

Washing dishes, it turned out to be... No one volunteered for that, lol... Except my son and I... Then a couple of more later...

Lol, eww... lol...

And, when we went in there, I took the second grossest job, the actual washing...

The first grossest job grew of necessity, and that was pre-scraping the dishes...

Just kitchen stuff, no half-eaten stuff... lol...

I washed dishes for 4 hours nonstop ...

They just didn't slow down, whew!

And, as I told my son, and the others in the dish room...

I always choose the worst job, and work my way up...

So, if I ask another to do it, I have already been there...;)

Don't come crying how dirty/hard/repetitious it is...

I know...;)

Either do it, or I'll find someone else, or I'll do it myself...;)

No judgement... Not everyone can do everything...;)

On walk-about...

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That reminds me of my time in basic military training when I was tasked (volun-told) for Kitchen Party (KP). It was no party, but I was already used to doing such tasks from a previous employment that it didn't phase me. What really caught on for me was doing these things as a team. That is what I wasn't used to. Regardless, times like that are what I reflect on when I observe irate customers at service oriented establishments. I sit there thinking, "If only they knew." We sometimes forget that everybody has to start somewhere; the beginning. Slow progress is still progress. If you stop, the progress stops. That's my way of thinking, anyway.

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I like it. Kudos all

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