What would help the Temple Be A Better Place? Suggestions please...

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Bradly wrote: All questions I haven't prepared for.

Roz's query was rather open-ended. All she is asking is what thoughts if any led you to believe/feel as you do. Sounds straightforward enough to me, no need to write an entire thesis paper about it.

[Those who lack devotion of the force] can teach the meaning and what they believe the force is. But that is only opinion.

So is the teaching of fully committed devotees. The Code, in my opinion, makes no encouragement to devote oneself to the Force, let alone to worship it. Sure, maybe someone who doesn't worship it is not quite the right person to teach worshipping it but... Would that actually leave out an otherwise vital Jediist teaching?

... devotion and belief go hand in hand.

Do they?

give me time and I shall have answeres. Last time it took me 2 years just to answer a question that in depth. Patience my brothers and sisters.

... I will be more in depth later.

Oh, alright. Take your time. Maybe some of us will remember what we went on about in however many months it takes this time. :D

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The Temple would be better If we stopped catering to babies. Threads get locked and people get banned because some of the people here feel that they have to protect the children who dont know how to choose their own levels of participation. Do you not know how to see people being mean to one another without feeling that you have to choose a battle position of your own? Do you not know how to disagree with somebody without it turning into a war? Do you not know how to say to yourself “this is not good for me and I need tl just walk away for a minute”?

Well fck, if you want to call yourself a Jedi then maybe you should learn how to do these things. Maybe it is more useful to let some of this play out and allow people the opportunity to learn from it than to just shut it down in order to protect us all from our own selves and our own feelings? And If a conversation happens to branch off into a new direction, maybe thats OK, too? The only IRL conversations that I have had which have stayed “on topic” were work conversations, where there were very specific goals and parameters and we had to stay within them in order to achieve what we had to achieve - natural discussions tend to evolve and grow and move off into new and unexpected territory. Thats just the nature of conversation. And hey, maybe it takes years YEARS for people to grow up and learn how to be cool - MAYBE thats OK, too. Maybe we should be allowed to be flawed.

I really dislike the new layout of the Temple: this “Outer Rim” and etc - I respect the intent behind it but it makes everything much MUCH more difficult to navigate, at least for me on my device. Its really a pain in the ass tbh.The only benefit that I ever saw to it was the possibility that MAYBE we could have a space that WASNT so goddam safe. A space where we could just go ahead and be real with each other. The explanation that I seem to remember was that there is now a SAFE SPACE in the Temple and there is also the “Outer Rim”. My understanding was obviously incorrect. Even the “Outer Rim” is still all “safe space”. We’re still heavily moderated and babied. I dont really think that it is good for people who arent babies to be babied. Babies should be babied. The rest of us need to grow tf up.

Jedi Masters - lol. Sure. Have to silence and censor people because you cannot communicate well enough to navigate either them nor even the rest of us through silly arguments on the internet - but you're a Jedi Master.
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Dude. You and the others were having a flame war. Adults are held responsible for their actions in this society. Sometimes that means a thread gets locked. If you did something similar in the real world, it could be seen as disturbing the peace and you end up with community service. If you can really learn how to be cool, and understand that it's ok to be flawed, maybe you don't have to make a big stink about it. Locked threads happen. Move on.

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Dude. I was not having a flame war. Most weren't. One person was provoking (as has been their habit ever since they joined and after their new and enlightened return), both before the warnings and entirely unchanged by any of them afterwards. One briefly lost their temper before. Both OB and I were staying out of the alleged flame war afterwards, too. OB didn't even make a post, and I made two trying to get things back on track before also deciding to stay out of the discussion that was being derailed in the same manner once more.

Mommy Temple was supposed to teach us a lesson about adulthood, was it? Supposed by whom? And what lesson was that, then, anyway?

And what lesson for that matter are you trying to offer, exactly? Adults aren't spanked by daddy society for unruliness of each other, are they? Adults are maybe held responsible for their own children and children in their class, sometimes, but not for entirely strange ones, either, or are they? And adults are also given a fair trial where they get to express and defend their view of the situation, are they not? Yet here we are, promised a place where we can take off our masks, then punished for the grotesque grimaces others reveal in so doing, and the way you see things it's not even fair to voice a healthy dissatisfaction with that?

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3 years 2 months ago - 3 years 2 months ago #355037 by Edan
This is a suggestion thread, please take these discussions to PM if you want to have them.
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The person who goes by the name of “forceuser” is a liar. He is pretending to be something which he is not. How do i know this? Well obviously I cannot REALLY know, especially without having ever met him. Which is why I offered to come and meet up with him. An offer which he refused. One of the lies that he has told is that he says he was a sheriff’s deputy. I happen to have a lot of first hand experience with law enforcement officers, particularly with sheriff’s deputies. I just cannot imagine any of the deputies who I have known backing down from an invitation to meet, personally, with someone who doubts that they are who they say they are. I know better. Maybe you dont but I do: I called him out for the liar that he is and my posts were deleted. So I stopped posting in the topic after that. I can understand why you might consider that a flame war but it wasnt. Not for my part.

I imagine this post will also be deleted. As i said, TOTJO caters to babies and to bllshtters. forceuser - since you refuse to meet with me how about we do the next best thing? Have a Skype conversation with someone who I name. There is a particular person whose judgment i trust and respect. If you speak to him for a while and he comes back and says that he believes that you were a soldier and a sheriff’s deputy and most especially, if he says that he believes that you are basically an honset person, i will publicly apologize to you. I will bow my head and admit to the entire community that I was being a jerk and that I mistreated you. Im pretty sure that I know what the answer is going to be but by all means, prove me wrong.

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