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Good Time Zone Jedi everywhere. This is taken from the live hour on Discord in the Pastors room area. This is the first session at the ranch so without further ado, here we go.
Good time zone Jedi everywhere.

Today we will take time to chit chat and discuss a few things - The Cautionary Tale is one of them.

Here we go

Guest Athena Undomiel — Today at 5:55 AM
James Tiberius Kirk says, " We have to change, otherwise we keep fighting the same fights."

I was just thinking that very thing, the wife beats me to the punch line.

Good day Jedi - wherever you may be.

There is a idea out there in which we tell each other a story and tales and even myth for a few reasons. (edited)

One of these reasons is the ever famous   - WARNING.
Hey, be careful. (edited)

This is the call we send to one another every day.

Ever notice?

When we share, we warn one another of pitfalls, trials - temptations - rewards - dangers (edited)

There is one danger in particular I would like to share.

Today, this morning

Jedi are aware of the future impacts of action and inaction and of the influence of the past, but live in and focus on the Now. We let ourselves flow like water through the events around us. We embrace the ever changing and fluid world, adapting and changing as it does.

The world changes.

The one thing we can rely on is things will change.

The world is changing. The Temple is changing. Jedi are changing.

This idea reminds me of the phrase and joke, "Get on the ball or be left behind. "

The world changes.

People change.

Things grow.

The ideas we share is very easy when you think about it.

We want to grow.

We strive to develop.

If we do not change, we will not be in the NOW.

Change is now- change is present - change happens often.

So, the big question today and this week Jedi is- What "hill" do you fight for?

What do you sacrifice for?

What does your efforts or un efforts bring in your path?

What's the result of being Jedi?

Is Jedi the way to go for you today?

Is it worth your time still?

I will tell you today, there are some ideas and "hills" we think we defend and fight that are old and in the past.

They need an update.

Some of our causes are old.

Some of our defenses are old.

There is a motto in the United States Army they use regularly.

To tell the truth, it's on the drill sergeants' patch, the Army basic training instructors.

The US Army motto is " This we'll defend."

Now, as always, please do take the time to research and find out for your own self what is what.

The motto is " This we'll defend. "

The idea is simple really, this is my hill.


I shall defend it.

Call me steward.

As Jedi, we have a Creed and some Maxims and Teachings.

The 3rd reminds us to be present.

In a world that NEVER is the same

It is always changing.
SO as such, it would be wise to understand change.

What is change?

We embrace our EVER changing and fluid world.

What has your defense?

What do you guard as "THIS"

in the idea " This we'll defend"

Who can the "we", be?

How will you defend and who are you defending from?

Life is full.

Life has a way of doing as IT does.

In its time, life happens.

Life does not ask us for our schedule or time or even efforts.

It is my hope that during these moments we spend together, we can start asking the bigger questions.

It is my hope that we get past the more elementary ideas like, am I Jedi and move toward what type of Jedi we want to be and aid in the development of the stages of life. (edited)

In the seek and search or the study and finding out, that's where life is.

In the relationships we have built and adjust, is where life dwells. (edited)

Each relationship takes time and effort.

What we are attached to and how, matters (edited)

It's the " HOW" that gets the brain and soul going in the heart.

What are we sacrificing? (edited)

And for what? (edited)

Is our sacrifice or our idea of sacrifice old?

Has it changed at least ONCE?

Are we still hacking away blindly at whatever comes our way?

Blind anything is dangerous.

[ Insert any picture of Anikin Skywalker in Sith mode mentally.]

This is an idea of love.

Think about it.

THIS he [Vader]  will defend.

Love is a powerful Force in this world.

Let yourself flow -

Find a new way to fight.

Find a new fight.

Let some old fight just be old and die.

I used to think I had to know it all (edited)

Now, not so much

I used to think I could be ready for everything and anything.

We cant.
I can not

I am subject to everything you are.

and as such, as are you.

but let me tell you Jedi, here's the kicker-

The human potential dwells in every one of us equally

We can change as does the world.

We can grow and develop into a number of things (edited)

WARNING Be careful what and where you fight for

Pay attention to where your efforts go (edited)
Take time to think.

Jedi are aware of the future impacts of action and inaction and of the influence of the past but live in and focus on the Now. We let ourselves flow like water through the events around us. We embrace the ever changing and fluid world, adapting and changing as it does.

Are you changing and even better ...
are you developing into anything Jedi?

Have you developed into something old and unmovable? (edited)

Solid and faithful but still stuck? Not fluid?

Change your deliverance, change your moves.

Change your tactics.

Try something else.

Humans grow.

It is a natural path.

Find a flow like water.

Find a new flow or a new way.

Pour water on the ground and see where it goes. Be like that today - tomorrow, do it again and be like that - fresh every day.

Fresh is best.

Jedi teaching number three

Fresh is best!

The warning, stagnation.

Any questions?
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Good morning and May the Force be with y'all wherever y'all may be today.

Today is Monday.

Another week to be ready or to be side set by.

Depends on your own perspective.

I would like to remind every Jedi about our 3 Tenets.

In the dictionary, tenets are a principle or belief, especially one of the main principles of a religion or philosophy.

We share TENETS.

These 3 work in a very cool way.

Now, when we identify as Jedi, we can identify as a very different Jedi than that of anyone else.

Each of us can develop our own being.

This is an idea we share as well - human development.

To "light the fuse" of development - use the Tenets

No one will ever be able to tell you where you need attention or where you need to take more time with.


If you ask me, these 3 ideas can be like paper folding, as basics to our path. 

These TENETS are a great return for Jedi and for any one really.

A return is simply when in need, you actually return and remind yourself where you are and believe and ...why...

When in doubt, return to your OWN doctrine and philosophy.

One of ours is the 3 Tenets.

You can "paper fold" many ideas with these 3.

It's a progression really.

First things first, why, why are we together or meet?

What is your focus as a Jedi and human? As a person?

These are questions I hope we keep and ask our own self.

Where is your focus?

Take the time to find out.

Where does your attention go?

Who or WHAT has it?

This is a very rewarding reflection, but you can get sidetracked.

Focus, go figure, is easily swayed without practice.

Our focus can be on anything.


It can be automatic.

Did you know we can change our focus?

We can change our focus (s)

We can.

But we kind of need to know what we are looking for.

Our focus is the art of pruning the irrelevant and pouring the best of your mind into what you are doing.

Where does your attention go? Every morning? Every day?

What are YOU as a Jedi trying to do?

When you begin or when you continue to "prune" you, and review some of the internal questions, what you will find is knowledge.

Just the facts

Here is a ditty, what do you do when you realize there are things that need pruning or more time with?

What's what?

We choose which is wisdom and which is not.

This process belongs to humans.

It just so happens; I am a human.

It just so happens, you are human first.

If you like, think of these 3 ideas as braids.

Each one is separated but similar in effect to one another.

You need them all to get where you need to go.

To be quite honest, we all develop in relatively same manner, regardless of geography, availability, gender or social status.

It is this bond we share as Jedi.

Our TENETS can be inspiring or can keep us in a rut.

To get out of ruts, I recommend our tenets.

To become the flow again or plug in, try this.

Get back to the basics.

The funny thing is that the longer I do this, the longer I mentor and Pastor, I find different ways but similar results.

One of the things the Hero's Journey does for me is remind me of my own humanity.

War makes me sad.

Hate makes me sad.

I get it in as equal volumes as you.

I get the same stuff you do.

In my circles of people, we call it the GUTS.

So, I say today- this Monday Jedi to you ...

"What's the guts?"

How is life?

Better yet how is your life?

Do you feel there is a pull or some need or something needs attention in your own path and life?

We don't do things the same as the world does, we are Jedi.

but there is an idea that we can prune, us.

We can organize ourselves.

As Jedi, here is what we are reminded.

"When used correctly, the Jedi Tenets allow us to better ourselves and overcome any obstacle. They help us improve the world around us and fulfil our purpose in life as a Jedi."

Got things in the way?

Would you like to know, well, what's what?

Would you like to make sense of you own path?

Use these 3.

Put them in your mental bag or mental utility belt.

How ever you must but get these inside your path, the sooner the better




They exist and we seek them.

3 ways to adjust and figure out - what's up.

So, This Monday I say       what's up Jedi? WHATS THE GUTS?

It is my hope that things like this will be as helpful to you as it IS to me

I use these almost daily.

Any questions comments concerns invitations, cake, parties?

May the Force be with y'all today and this week?
Pastor Carlos 
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One of the biggest power a Jedi has is actually called the human potential.

The human potential is amazing.

It is terrible.

There are a many few "ideas" that dwell with a Jedi in 2023

No Force powers or space flight,

just good old fashion Human potential.

In this potential ... there is present, every possibility of outcomes.

Let me take a bit of time to explain if I may.

I have the ability to succeeded in anything I do.

I also have the ability to fail.


Now, in this huge gap of potential - little ol' me dwells.

What drives the energy and the power of such an idea?

How does such a potential flow and exist?

If it is in the realm of human possibility - it can be done.

I will go out on a limb and say one further, It has been done.

Now, we as humans can be human.

In our own development we can grow, and we can adjust

The three TENETS help us do this very thing.

There is a potential to development that exist.

In it, we dwell as Jedi.
I have the potential to understand my own path this morning in such a way- Star Wars- that I can understand it. I can relate and even grow it or develop it.

We have the representations of LIGHT and Dark in the Jedi world.

Each side is a picture of the unbridled potential that is there.

Each side shows merit on the need for guidance and mentorship.

There is a power out there Jedi if you're not careful that can make you or break you.

You CAN break off more than you can chew.


At any given time, the human potential can rear its head and strike.

but which way does it sway?

In our path, it is the potentials that make the difference.

It's the choices.

Which ones we pick

What we choose to pick

How, will you defend... the question or ideas move from do I want to do this anymore to - I have decided but today is HOW WILL I DO IT?

THERE is the power.

How will I develop?

Where does my potential lie?

I want to encourage Jedi everywhere; we have this treasure as Jedi but really as human beings.

We have the potential.

This is amazing power in it of itself (edited)

Have you done something someone else has?

Don't sell yourself short.

Have you gotten a free education from a reflection or some cautionary tale?

DO you AID one another with myth and story?

Yea you do.

So do I.

We draw courage from one another.

We can

We draw strength from one another

from this potential

our HOPE

is in the development of one another.

It's in the checking of one another.

Life is in the relationships we keep.

Our "powers" are from being human.

Can you really stop the human compacity?


You will never silence one another.

You will never separate us.

Humans will find a way.

and that's one of the kickers in life.

We are amazing as humans.

I could tell you story's, true stories and accounts of the human potential leaving hope everywhere they do.

People dying and hope still being left behind.

Stubbornness turned to solid gold or a pilar of aid.

One of the things I try to help with is the ability to recognize is a few MORE things in our paths (edited)

The human potential is always there.

You could wake this morning and potentially have the best or worst day of your life.

It could even be mundane or superfluous.

but there is the fact that if we are humans first, we are subject to it equally.

The human potential

It's an amazing concept and a Jedi one.

Now, here we don't do the light and dark side as SIDES.

We as Jedi understand life is what it is and there are equally potential outcomes on any given day in any given path at any given time.

SO, this Monday, I leave y'all with this-

We are Jedi and human and every Jedi that has come before us and after us will be a part of the Force.

As human, we are a part of the Force.

There is a potential that dwells there.

In YOU every human experience dwells

Those who have come before you, dwell in you.

Those who will come after will as well.

This is an amazing power in reality, to know If you can do something, so can I.

Does that change things?

Knowing If I can so, can you?

Knowing if you can, so can someone else?

Giving that gift of freedom is what we do.

Can you take it as well as grant it to others?

Can you give away the human potential? can you let it go?

I say USE IT

try it out (edited)

What have you got to lose?

Pastor Carlos

I am here and on site for comments questions discussions invitations parties' weddings painting parties or whatever you like.

May the Force be with y'all this week, and may you know the potential that dwells in you. 

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There is ONE concept I would love to remind and share today.

We as Jedi, believe in the Force, and in the inherent worth of all life within it.

This one concept will blow you away.

We believe in the idea that we are equal.

We, as humans, are equal.

Now, this is a big concept because it goes against everything our own EGO's tell us.

Our own egos tell us it's all about us.

WE are the main ideas of everything.

One of the best ideas I have ever entertained is that of the " selfless. "

In this idea, we find ourselves as Jedi.

It is human.

As we begin our own journeys, PLEASE notice that some paths just make themselves known.

This one does that as well the Selfless path.

The selfless comes in many forms.
It has many names, and it comes in many variations of flow.
There is a level of selflessness in almost everything we can do.
It is even in our words we use.
It can be.

It takes practice but the truth is eventually you can bet on it with or without practice.

The entire idea is the idea of knowing YOU will be in the way and take some time to give space to that which is needed

Selflessness is not natural.

It must be taught and cultivated, there are no seeds that naturally grow. You must see it in action. 

On our own, we do become a level of selfish that can keep us from human development at any time in our life's.

As Jedi - a selfless path can be present.

The idea is to have a balance or an active present idea of things.

Do you as a Jedi have some form of selfless path in your own life?

One of the common themes that happen as a Jedi is the cave, we are reminded exist in our own path.
As Jedi one of those caves is "AM I THE BAD GUY IN THIS STORY?"

The realization of the potential to be the good guy and the bad guy can seem conflicting.

light and dark take getting used to and it is the same as the idea of a selfless path- it takes getting used to.

In every Jedi movie or show, the idea is this- Who are you and what part do you play?

What part will you be playing today, Jedi?

Where on the spectrum of life are you on today?

Have you come to grips with the simple fact that you could be the Sith in your own story?

Have you come to the simple fact that you could be the reluctant hero in your story?

Have you come to the fact that you are the main character in your own story?

It's all about you friend and Jedi.

This is where the conflict often dwells - with the intention of " But is it selfish to give yourself time??? 

One of the common gates we all pass through as Jedi is - the Anagnorisis of life.

Who plays what part in our paths and to what level are they allowed??

It is my hope that as we begin to answer the most elementary questions to our own path - we do find the answers we seek.

As Jedi - we believe that we and everything else is equal.

Easier said than done.

So, this week, you have the same potential everyone else has.

You do.

You have the potential to rise above anything or fail horribly.

This is the vast potential me and you are bound by our humanity.

If we believe the way we do, we are equal..

You are inherently worth just the same amount as me.

...and that's ok too ...

We are not perfect by any means as Jedi.

adding the name Jedi does not give you special powers or give you a cheat code to anything but it can.

It is my hope we continue to pass understanding.

I hope that the " INHERENT WORTH of ALL" is something you can use and give away freely.

There is a peace to knowing you can't really mess up too much.

I mean you can, but the common goal is understanding.

and I hope we understand the first basic concept of Jedi - ism.

We have inherent worth. 

Yes, you do.

No one can take that away no matter what country you live in our what group calls you friend or foe.

No matter what laws are passed or what "great things" your nation does.

You are free.

I am free.

We have a freedom we share.

Give it away.

It's not the way it works but give the equal mark as often as you can.


Inherently equal

Blow some one's mind today and give them EVERY freedom you have been afforded as Jedi and human.

Yes you can.

I give it to you.

Give it to someone else.

May the Force be with y'all
Pastor Carlos 

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Good day and good morning, Jedi everywhere.

To those who observe the holidays- happy holidays May the Force and seasons be with you and yours.

Be safe in all your practices, please.

Today I would like us to chat about true change.

True change

or just change.

Change is the only constant thing in life.

There is an old saying,

change is the only constant in life, so expect things to change.

As humans in the ordinary world - we tend to want our USUAL or what we are comfy with. 

What is your usual Jedi?

What is your go to?

As humans we love and often thrive on repetition.

As is how we learn.

I would like to take this moment and time to remind Jedi of time management.

Change and time management are key to what we as Jedi and humans do.

In modern psychology, they remind us OFTEN that it is a schedule or a routine that can benefit us into a path we can deal with.

Finding schedules or making them up can be a benefit.

Change comes.

If we are ready for it or not, it comes.

There is a constant "refreshing" or "updating" in the universe that can get annoying.

The upset can come from not being ready or prepared for the understanding needed.

So today, Jedi, I tell you- be prepared when change does happen.

Because most time IT will on ITS time.

As Jedi, we believe in the Force- the things that binds us together - never separates.

Change does bind us.

We as humans are subject to change happening at any time at any level and for any reason.

There is the constant in life we can count on. 

How do we prepare or prevent, oddly, one of those consistencies is things will change.

Write it down somehow and even do a lesson or two on the idea of change...
Prepare yourself for change.

Now, we all need more time management.

It is a humans' bread and butter" time."

Sometimes we waist it and sometimes we do not know what to do with it when we have it.

Sometimes, we need reminders that we CAN schedule our own time.

Now, paying attention to where your time and effort goes is always a good thing and will never be a LOST energy.

If anything, you will benefit from almost every moment you take to try to organize yourself.

ANY TIME spent on time management can be considered time management.

Now, there are only so many hours in the day.


We do not get more normally - just those.

How many of those do you sleep? How many of those hours are spent sleeping - those hours do not count.

You need rest.

We all do.

So, take time to remember this.

Never forget this.

You must sleep and if you do not, your life will let you know you need more.

Every time

What -after sleep- must you do?

There are - THERE ARE things that must be done.

Active daily living activates can include travel time and commute time- time to brush your teeth and eat and clean- these are things that need to be done that NEED to be done.

These things rarely count for scheduling and every day-to-day scheduling, that happen automatically sometimes too.

There are things that don't count for love either... their presence is always there. 


You must eat and you must do a few things.

Those can count but normally do not for feeling and relationships.

I love you so I made food today- I love you so I made food for you to eat. 

Things like that can count toward time management.

The best thing to do with things like that is call them active daily living activities.

So what is and what is NOT valuable for your time?

THIS is the million-dollar question.

What is worth your time?

Do you know what is worthy of your time?

When you think of time management - think about this- how much is accountable, how much of your time are you accountable for?

Did you know that there are some things in our own paths that are NOT IMPORTANT?

Yea, there are things in my own path that are not as important as I make them.

Its human nature really.

We give value to things.

What have we given priority to or "all our attention" to?

What has all our attention? What has our zeal? 

What takes up most of our time?

Time management seems like a daunting task in the beginning

and it is.

It takes courage to take time to set and reset our own limits, moral and ethics.

Take the time to do it.

In doing this - there can be moments of understanding to which areas of our life need time and attention.

Please take the time to find them.

You can find time management skill anywhere and from any one.

SO here we go, ready?

I hope you are.

When you wake, this is your day- start it with a plan and a STOP.

Pause before you wake and connect.

Make a connection with your God, Life,love or path and Force. 

Check yourself first.

Make a mental or physical list.

Start the day with a plan.

Organize that plan and yourself.

It can make an incredible difference just starting every day with a plan or time to begin.

as opposed to just taking off and running off.

Start the day on your terms.

You can meditate and or pray here. You read here too if you like. Read anytime but develop your brain, heart, and soul in the morning.

Learn something early, tell no one. 

Do it when you "first first" start the day.

Think to yourself, "What needs to get done?"

You pick what's important today.




There are some things that are larger than others, divide the tasks you have into larger and smaller tasks.

There can be a sense of overwhelming or too much when we first start.

Just organize your own "needs" what does need to get done and what does not. Only you know Jedi.

Did you know, there are things in the world that DO NOT need to be done this very instant?

Nothing is ever that important.

There are a few things like death, but for the most part, life is not that pressing most time, it is us that does the pressing and releasing.

We get stuck on distractions.

Limit what distracts you.

Do you know your own limits, and do you know what really distracts you?


Check emails and mail and messages but don't do anything with them yet, follow the circle and figure out which is which and which you can TRIAGE and which you can remove all together.

Do you know what can be left for later? (edited)

Know what can be left for later.

Not forgotten but later.

Did you know you can "batch" your time 

Find things out that you can do together.

Batch them.

Give them the time they need.

As humans, we like to muti task

If you are worried about time management - limit those ideas, we think we are and must always be "MULTI Tasking."

limit your muti tasking.

Get a calendar.

We live in 2023- we have apps for everything.

Get a calendar.

Write it down or digitally keep track but keep record of you.

Actually, write it down somewhere.

Accountability is key.

Start using it.

Use your scheduling.

Say no to some meetings.

It is ok.

You do not have to have so many - meetings.

It does make us as humans feel important but that's the thing, as you manage your time - notice where the ego dwells as well and where it hurts to adjust, why?

So limit your time by limiting who has the chunks of it.

Release some free time from others, ya?

It can only help.

Now, when life is thick, I am going to tell you JOURNAL.

Write these things down.

Tell yourself it sucks - its hard but why is it - tell yourself what's working and what is not.


Summaries your days and actions.

One of the biggest truths I have found is stated by J.C. like this " The hero often forgets." 

Write it down Jedi.

There is only AID in a journal.

Create it.

Mix it up.

Make it.

Look ahead and plan a few things.

With all this advice, you can take time to look ahead and plan.

Do it.




Then take a break.

Make room to make room.

Know your limits. Know we need breaks.

A Jedi knows their limits. 

You can even set them.

You can even delegate a few tasks and "manage" time better by outsourcing.

Have a balance.

The idea is to have an active balance when doing anything.

Yes, you can.

You can charge yourself with any charge or only one charge.

Make it your own.

Start the day with a plan or prayer or meditation or journaling and scheduled moments.

Prioritize your daily tasks.

Know which need you and which do not.

Assign value.

Limit your distractions.

Know what they are.

Check and prioritize messages and communication.

Batch your time together

There are moment that are "like " others.

There are tasks that are similar.

Do them together.

Reduce the multi-tasking.

Write a few down or start.

Pen your schedule so you can see it in reality.

Journal and organize your schedule (s)

See them.

Know, some can be told " no. "

Say no to a few.

Summarize the day and your actions.

Plan better now.

Take the time to know that all the attention and work needs time to relax and unwind as well.

Put rest and breaks and even moments of reminder and recharge in the way- plan them.

Do them.

Recharge and finally learn how to outsource.

Learn to outsource.

That was a solid hour and full.

What a Monday

Our German Shepard got out last night of a heated and calm barn full of food, cops picked him up last night and kept him for us - Boomer is safe and sound but may have gotten sick being in the cold last night.

So, I bid y'all a fond farewell and know if you have need - I am here and willing.

Something to think about this week Jedi and friends.

Time management
May the Force be with y'all 
Pastor Carlos 
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What a week and what a time to be Jedi.

Jedi teaching number one states this : Jedi feel the Force. We are aware of its omnipresence and its flow. We endeavour to live in balance with it as it manifests in all worldly phenomena, the dynamic equilibrium of its flow which transcends space-time from the smallest quark to the greatest expanse of the cosmos. Living in balance with The Force is the core value of a Jedi.

One, I can not tell you what to feel.

I can not tell you exactly what you are feeling today.

It is my hope you are well every time we meet.

There is a secret to life and to being Jedi.

The big secret is that the Force is with us, and we are one with the Force.

There is a balance that can be had with the Force.

  can be the focus or the goal.

Our focus matters as does what we think we feel.

Living in balance as a Jedi "LOOKS" different and that's today's subject.

Today is titled "YOUR 100 percent. "

Please please please please understand- it is understanding we want to share, and I want to share.

There is an understanding about what your effort looks like.

Everything you "try" or actually do... is your "100 percent."

Regardless of what we think, our initial efforts are- when we act - we act in our "100 percent."

Our try is on.

It is either off or on.

Life is often very binary or very dualistic in its "One and zero " type of idea.

So in this life of yes and no, go or stay or do or do not, there is a " ON " flow that allows things to flow.

When we say "yes" to the Force - it begins to flow.

It flows either way with or without us.

The point is it - the Force - has a flow of things.

In the flow, you are either in or you are not.

If you are, then you are.

If you are not, then well, you know you are not.

It's the intention and action that makes a difference.

I want to share this with every Jedi in the world and I will one day-

Your try- there is no try but when you act, the actions are the effort.

The actions are the efforts.

They are never the same.

No one person acts directly like anyone else. We can not.

There's a magic about the Jedi in which we will never be cookie cutter people, never, it's a fear but it's a silly one.

Your efforts are off and on

As is life.

You are one or the other.

The duality of life is always present.

So, in our action of meditation or thought ...

we are doing it.

Doing it.

In our actions- in our strive, we find our 100 percent.

It turns on by itself if we allow it. It has its own flow.

or not- it happens all just the same some days and I am grateful for that as well.

Your actions will be different than mine.

How you meditate will be not be the same as me.

We may have the same goals and similar practices, but according to your path and mine- we each have our own paths of "proof" and "efforts."

Each person displays what is inside very differently.

Each of us describes what is inside us as a vessel and as human.

We are given this treasure and gift in this pot or container or vessel we call our body's.

Our pots our vessels our "shells" contain the crude matter we all share as well as the wins losses and new discoveries.

Our bodies are different, yes, but our goals and what we strive for can be the same.

The way we get there will not.

SO today, I leave you with this meditation- each of us has a calling or an idea we want to find.

In our pursuit of development and growth- we all have some effort to do so, it is in the effort we find ourselves today and it is in the thick of things of where life dwells.

Your ways - may not be my ways.

You do not pray or sacrifice to the same Gods or deities as I. You do not know them lik eI do nor do I know yours as you do.

Till you meet them, you may never know them.

Till I meet yours, I may never know them.

Your "100 percent" will be different from mine and everyone else's.

Your actions to move towards the Force will - in the beginning - seem so impossible - that at the beginning - it seems inaccessible.

The Force is accessible, as is redemption, forgiveness and hope.

It is all ready for you to find but it is not going to be like my story or way or path- it can not be.

You will not find the things I did during meditation and contemplation.

Your brain and my brain may never synchronize in action and flow.

Your path and my path may never sync.

Your ways and my ways may never sync but we strive for each of us to develop in a way that we can both learn and grow.

In that strive- on the path of self-reflection, there are many. I am never the only one as you are never the only one.

At the same time, do not count anyone else's efforts as yours.

Do not grade or even try to understand "WHY" others do things- let them.

Let others do them.


There is a freedom in knowing that you can develop yourself any way you see fit.

You have the right to read as you like and think in terms you can understand.

Your efforts to the Force can not be like mine.

I hope there is an understanding about what our efforts look like as Jedi - they can never be a photo - copy of anything- they work best personal.

It is that level of personal flow that we all have understanding. Each flow is as equally valuable as the next is where change is at.

Let others flow.

As you flow.

Study the Force- as others study it.

Be present - as others are.

Be like me but NOT directly like me.

Be like Luke but not directly like Luke.

Be what you are but also understand that we all are doing the exact same thing.


Your efforts matter.

How you do it matters.

How you react maters.

What you say matters. When you say it matters.

Where you get your myth and stories from matter,

What you share, matters.

Please note, it will not be the same as everyone else.

You will not find peace in the same places I did.

You will not find Order in your own chaos verbatim as I did.

I had to make order and choose it.

Which order will you choose?

Which flow will you use?

what books and shows will you read?

What ideas and authors do you keep?

Your Jedi way will be not mine but that's the goal.

Make it yours and don't think for a second, we will be the same.

Count on our definitions and action to be different.

Count on them.

Ever count on someone to bring the solution but not in a normal manner - Jedi are full stock of this.

The more Jedi I speak with every day, the more I understand the flow of those around me.

It helps.

It helps to understand that each of our efforts are - as Jedi - subject to all our passions fears and availability

The Jedi way differs in this way. '

It gives you the space you personally need some days.

So, this week, know that your efforts and my efforts- are one.

They are equal if ...if- IF you choose to focus on the Fore and make an attempt to "try" it is your try that is the same as mine.

It is your try that is the same as mine, it is not cookie cutter nor is it the same, but it is very similar.

Please note that your efforts are allowed and needed in everything you do- your presence is needed as Jedi and as humans.

Listen - I am a Jedi too and I know there is no try you do, or you do not-

It is the action of trying that is really the action not the try.

So, it's off or on.

You either are doing something or you are not.

In the are it is the efforts that we match in

It's in the do- we find each other.

Each of our "do's" or actions may sync in a few ways but never be MY "100 percent." 

Nor will I ever try to be like you and act like I am in your situation, I am not.

What I can tell you today is this - know your efforts are equally as powerful and terrible and opportunistic as mine in that - we are equal.

I hope you find yourself in a place today of inherently worth and equally valued Jedi.

You are.

You as Jedi are worth the efforts every day.

You are worth getting up one hour before everyone here on the ranch and taking time to share.

Your efforts will not be the same as mine, do not try to be like me.

Do not try to be like Carlos- you will fail.

Be Jedi.

In your action of this- your "100 percent" shines like mine.

Focus on the path more than the steps of one another and it may change your perspective in life and as a Jedi.

Your "100 percent" and my "100 percent" are the same, yet they are entirely subject to us directly.

We develop the same way.

We are human first.

It is in the humanity of life we find treasures and gifts.

I hope removing a false upset at why " yours is not like mine " dissipates into something more creative.

Something ... MORE.

It is possible and it does happen.

So, this week, know that each of our efforts are equally valued when it comes to understanding and development.

Get lost in the flow of the present and get rid of a few things that can keep you from developing into that which you seek.

Get rid of the "competition" of one another in our paths, it does not work the same as Jedi.

There is truly no contest when you think about these things as such...........

There is no contest.

So, I leave you with this - this week Jedi - there is no contest.

Live as such.

See if that does not throw a wrench in things.

See if that does not change a flow or two to a point you can tell.

Try or do I know there aint no try but give it a shot.

Your effort and my efforts are what the world needs.

The world needs the Jedi now, more than ever. May the Force be with y'all this week.

I am here or on site if you have any need or with to sing dance fart or complain or invite me to a party... I am down.

May the Force be with y'all,
Pastor Carlos
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