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Good day and good start of the week Jedi everywhere.

May the Force be with y'all no matter the place you are today or later!

May there be an extra blessing in the seeking of the Force for you.

Today's meditation is the Maxim of Intervention.


"To know when *not* to act"

I will share this with this circle of friends... There came a time in my own Jedi path when I realized, the selfless is a way to help others stand on their own two feet.

There is a secret to removing us from the equation.

There is an Eastern idea that has been around for dynasties. (edited)


This is where the Sinology comes from

The act of non-action or inaction

Sinologist Jean François Billeter describes Wu-Wei as a "state of perfect knowledge of the reality of the situation...", perfect.

How do Jedi do this? Is there a balance- a healthy balance that can be had?

Philosopher Alan Watts believed that Wu Wei can best be described as "not-forcing." Watts also understood Wu Wei as “the art of getting out of one’s own way” and offered the following illustration: “The river is not pushed from behind, nor is it pulled from ahead. It falls with gravity.”

Now, I was not, I repeat, I was not brought up to think this way. (edited)

Later in life, I did, find this idea.

The application of getting out of one's way was foreign to me.

The application of ridding the situation of me was exactly the opposite of how I had been taught and Wu-Wei was the furthest from how the streets and my own circles raised me.

I still take time today to understand when things are needed and when things are not in need of me.

Every day is different.

The present matters and what and how we act at this present moment is what lives in the minds and the hearts of each of us when we part.

I will share this.

There are times others do not need a Pastor present.

There are times others do not need words. (edited)

Some days being present is a gift.

The more time you spend in the present, the less you may be worried about "what if" and the more time you can notice the ebb and the flow of things.

Most times I think the sky is falling on me or there is some sinister plot out to get me

One of the reliefs, or the combats to this is "Wu Wei" or

"The art of letting go".

It is said in many circles, "the tighter we hold to things, the less we have".

Who holds the requirements for each Jedi? (edited)

Who or what "LORDS" over Jedi?

No one

The word and idea "Lords" is a good one for Jedi to keep in their minds.

Who gives us our charge?

We know.... that these things can have a great impact on anyone.

It is part of the human potential we all share equally. (edited)

and if it binds, I am inclined to say it is a part of the Force.

What binds us is part of the Force

It is the Force

When we figure it out for ourselves - we validate it. No one will ever take that away from us.

Where you seek it is more likely where you will find it

The old phrase still stands today.

"Seek and you will find."

* More likely it may not be the thing you directly seek but you will find something if you look.

I promise you, if when you make the effort- something will meet you wherever you cultivate and take the time for it.

Every time

So, when we are reminded that we know when to and when not to get involved ....

This comes from wisdom. The school of hard knocks or just messing things up

trying and failing



Your gunna muddle thing in the beginning

that's ok too

That's part of the experience of life.

When does anyone master anything the first try? Human beings?

Thats definitely not the way we work as humans.

The art or effort of removing oneself can take practice and even a mentor or two.

We are reminded that when we take a victory or the credit for things in life - we may take it from others.

Humans have a keenness to one and only one path of thought. It takes practice to break this single-minded practice. It takes much more effort to rid yourself of your own path.

Can we as Jedi, let others win without us? We can let them lose without us on a dime. We can take credit almost immediately but lay blame just as fast.

Can the world win without us, yes.

It does


We hold nothing new or special as Jedi.

but we do remind one another and mainly ourselves that these are the things we hope and strive for.

It is my hope, we as Jedi know our place in our own paths.

"I am a Jedi - I have all the answers to everything" or "I'm a jedi minister, my word is law..." that is not how we do things here.

"Join me and I will complete your training" (edited)

Can you believe I have been told this very statement at least 3 times in my Jedi life.

People really say that.

Made me wanna scream "Super- villain"

Just point


Member Tx_druid — Today at 6:37 AM
Sounds like sith talk


but see, in jest- we have the tools to recognize (edited)

*I am an old fighter and I do have meaty hands so please forgive the typos and misspellings initially, these are always LIVE

Intervention: To know when not to act.

"A Jedi knows how inaction can have as great an impact as action and how some of the greatest lessons are self-taught. To be a victor is also taking that victory from those you protect. A Jedi intervenes only when a Jedi's intervention is required."

It is the bind of the Force that we can recognize and even the ebb and flow of things.

Realize Jedi - there is no great conspiracy- no one's after you. No Force is trying to keep you. No one lords over a Jedi. Is that true? What Lords over you? (edited)

Who tells a Jedi when to intervene and when not to? That's up to you

So it is my hope that this Monday, we are remined of a few things.

With or without the Jedi, this world will go on.

I choose to be Jedi.

I remind myself often of my commitments and choices.

It takes actual application to find actual understanding. see what's actually going on.

We are the ones who "wield" the Saber. We are where our own honor lies.

Who requires anything from you Jedi ...something to think about this week?

Question comments concerns ...? Party invitations?

I will be here on Discord all day as is the custom. Feel free to hit me up today or any day here.

May the Force be with y'all
Pastor Carlos
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Today we will chat on the subject of time management.

As Pastor of the Jedi, I have the privilege of working hand in hand with Jedi. One of the themes I see frequently is " I just don't have the time for it." It being anything to do with Jedi or another NEW thing.

Today let us take some time for...


Time management is a very key element to a Jedi.

Good morning, everyone, wherever you may be. 

Today's subject for meditation can be as easy or as pesky as time.

Time management

No one can manage time itself as time is a human construct,

but, what we CAN manage is the events and the relationship we have with time.

We only get 24 hours

1140 minutes 

86,400 seconds

A day

How we use time can depend on our own skills learned, self-analysis, planning, evaluation, and self-control.

So, why does it seem like we always have need of more blanket or more spoons than we are currently holding?

I give you 6 ideas that can help anyone and any Jedi

Now - a - days, you will find many people selling this or that and if you look hard enough on the internet, you will find every self-help idea and website and even a few how to manage my time better "lectures and classes."

Time management aid, in my own opinion, should be free to one another.

So, here's about a thousand dollars' worth of advice... for freeeeeeeee

What is your actual plan?

What and how does your day actually go?

Most of us can just write our schedules down somewhere.

What are your actual habits and practices??? What does your present time schedule look like?

One key to helping manage time better is identifying the reality of our time. Where does it actually go? 

How do we actually use it?

When we begin- identify what is present and what type of schedule you actually have.

Just identify.

I have to be here - I have to make this- I must do this and that ... just a list no feelings or emotions just identification.

Now that you can do this, find where your time is idle.

Where are the moments you find yourself IDLE ?

Where are the moments your mental engine or time goes idle?


not working or active; unemployed; doing nothing. 2. not filled with activity: idle hours. 3. not in use or operation: idle machinery. 4. habitually doing nothing or avoiding work; lazy. 5. of no real worth, importance, or purpose: idle talk.

This idea is to find where your time is slipping away from you... find the holes in your bucket.

Find the idle time and then give yourself 18 minutes a day to do something "chosen" at any chosen time of your choosing. Get up earlier or take a few more moments at night before you go to bed. If you can not do that, chunk it in the day or around it, wherever it can fit, but make the attempt to have the time to do something intentional for 18 minutes a day. Give that time to something. 


18 minutes a day for a year will make you more proficient at anything you choose to pay attention to for that amount of time. 

Even if its 18 minutes of nothing.

Wake earlier or trade chaos for calm.

Rest is best.

Let me tell you Jedi,

rest is what most of the time we need, not sleep.

The quality of sleep matters Jedi,

it does.

We know.

" Rest involves your whole being, not just your body. With complete and regular rest, you will restore your health, enhance your performance and achieve an amazing sense of wellness."

The best way to establish rest is to ....


Modern psychology states it is essential for structure and habits to be reviewed and made for better understanding.

It is good to make schedules.

We can make too many or not enough some days.

So, a balance to what we do, can always be had.

Even time management.

The quality of our sleep can be the direct result of the quality of our day.

It really can be that close.

I know it is for this Jedi.

We as humans function better when we are rested.

As you review and reflect on your day, map where you rest as well ....

Some of us don't take a break, ever.

I know I had to un lean a few things and being tired was as some badge of merit we think we need.

"Look at these bag or this evidence of how much I care."

If we work hard, we play hard.

We also need to rest hard.

Now, this next one is called "phone a friend"

Outsourcing can be a AID or a crutch depending on how it is used.

What can be done by someone else??

There is a certain "pride" that comes with this

Its the type of pride that comes before the proverbial "fall "

The big letdown is when we think we can not do it all.

We can not do it all.

No one person will ever DO IT ALL friends and Jedi.

That idea is for the birds. 

As we live and as we learn and grow, we can find that we do take a few things on that other people can do or that can be done without our DIRECT contact.

" Things happen without our consent often."

To think the world revolves around little old us, is silly.

It is very egotistical.

Yet, this is how we are at moments with our own time.

Let a few things go, from your list ...

Give them to other people or just ... rearrange them in order of importance and significance.

You and only you will know where things are significant or not.

Give things different value.

Triage your time.

This is where we get our next recommendation ...

Two birds

Place things that can be done- together

Put things of identical ideas or efforts together.

Kill two birds with one stone,

or stone two birds with the same rock


Think but make a few things sync for time's sake.

This takes some practice and actual trying in real life.

So, here is the road where I tell you this one,you must fail a few times for sure. You may even be late a few times till you find your stride.

You will have to find out what DOES NOT work in this time frame to understand what will.

Mix and match.

but find a combination that can AID your time management.

Lastly - let go of everything else.

It is most likely not as important as you though if its not at the front of the line of things you need to do.

Let those things fade.

Cut out or leave what is not important at the moment for another time.

Reschedule that particular idea or ideas but stay focused on the task at hand.

1- Map out your time- reflect on time management and your own time- your actual schedule and time 

2 -Identify the idle - find where time slips away needlessly 

3 -Rest is best - find or create rest - know the difference 

4-Outsource - You are never alone 

5- Two birds- only one stone ... Do things together if you can or group time for better use.

6 -Keep what you need - know what you need and what you can carry- let everything else go.

What say you Jedi?
Please Please Please If you ever think you need one, take a time management class or view a time management lecture. Ask those who you think have this specific type of skill how they got it. This is how it works. There is never a definitive answer for anything we do here. The Temple of the Jedi Order will never state " Thou shalt do this or else..." Thats not the gig. The idea is to create a type of flow that asks and aids each of us to edify and help develop what it is to be a Jedi and human in the ordinary world. 

May the Force be with y'all Pastor Carlos

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What do we RETURN to? As Jedi? This Monday I offer this meditation of Spirituality. What is spirituality as a Jedi? What does it look like? How can it help?

It is said "Spirituality is a personal experience that creates a system of personal beliefs when searching for the meaning of life. "

Here we go Jedi.

Thank y'all for showing up and for reading and taking time for this today.

May the Force be with you?

Good morning, Jedi everywhere.

Today is Monday and I hope this week is ready and waiting for you?

Today we get to chat about spirituality.

As Jedi and as a Jedi Minister- I find myself in a odd place

Each individual thinks spirituality is different for them.

There are a few different types, and it is my hope that as we share this time, they can help you realize how and why we do what it is we do as Jedi and as HUMANS

For those who may not know, there is a Mystical Spirituality out there (edited)

This is often the belief that everything can be joined or unified under something greater.

In humanity, we also have a Authoritive type spirituality.

This one comes from our choice beliefs in religion and organizations.

An Intellectual spirituality is the type of spirituality that has to deal with what you know or what is considered knowledge.

Then we have a Service spirituality which can be a spiritual path of serving your fellow human

Then we can have a social spirituality.

Being a part of these groups and more than one, can be a way to experience this.

Now, I am no mental doctor nor am I a psychiatrist.

I am human and a Pastor of the Temple of the Jedi Order

I chat and talk and share with other Jedi.

One of our returns can be our own spirituality.

But what is it or how do we practice and identify it?

Where do we find it?

As a Pastor of the Jedi - you all ---Y'ALL have so many different ways about y'all

Some of you all are very MYSTIC.

Some of you are very Authoritive in your spirituality.

Most Jedi are very intellectual when it comes to their own spirituality.

Many people and Jedi serve one another.

Many are very social in their spiritualism.

It's the experience for some to be a part.

I would hope that today we have a bit more understanding of our own path.

I would hope that we can understand our own self.

Take the time this week to figure out if you do not know already how... or what type of spirituality you practice or what is the mix of it?

When it comes to your own spirituality are you Mystical - Authoritarian - Intellectual -Service -Social-? What is your mix?

Where do you find your system of personal beliefs and your meaning of life?

Here are a few ways to "stir the pot" or turn on the "seek" light and begin understanding and experiencing things for yourself.

Find it - knowledge.


Find out.


Seek thee out what you are looking for.

Know what you're looking for.



In our seek or in our study, we can find out many things.

In the complexity of choice, we can find too much.

So, if you know more or less a general idea of what you seek, it can help.

Pick a path or a few but not all of them.

Make devotion your choice.

Choose your beginnings or pick a point to begin.




The idea is calmness when meditation is used.

Pick a path of service if you like.

Expect nothing in return. Thats where things turn different. 
Thats usually the secret

Not finally but please understand that in the end - this takes energy and understanding.

Returning to our own spirituality takes much effort. Take breaks and let a few things go when you do. 

It helps to be able to identify a few things in our own paths, OUR OWN TYPE OF SPIRITUALITY is key to knowing how we function (edited)

There is never a definitive answer and please know that if you ever need a mental health professional, seek one out. I have taken therapy and I am better for it.

Our own spirituality can aid us in our own finding of our own wellbeing.

It can connect you to yourself - the present moment and to that which is sacred to us.

IF- that's your goal or one of your own focus's ... then I encourage you to take some time for your own spirituality as you would anything else

It is worth it.

Know that like any hero, we can be complex and a mix of many ideas present. What are they Jedi?

Where does your spirituality come from? Do you know? Well now, you can.

I hope you spend much more time with yourself this week.

Only you know your limits and what you are and how you are.

It is my hope that we remind each other of our own choices and our own focus's.

You as a human, are a few parts, work on them all and give them the time they could use.

May the Force be with you all, wherever you may be today.
Pastor Carlos 

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Good morning Temple of the Jedi Order and good day to you Jedi everywhere.

I would like to teach the world the purpose for a metaphor.

A metaphor is said to "persuade far better than literal language."

A metaphor is a way to describe something that is NOT literal.

Metaphor ready....

"Let the past die, kill it if you have to" -Kylo Ren

These statements are meant to bring feeling and emotions to light.

In cinema, it is color, intention, and mood that set tones for scenes.

A metaphor is we are like Luke.
We are like Kylo.
We are like Vader.
We are never these characters

Just a comparison

but what are we comparing?

The fact that Luke and Kylo and Vader and Obie are human, are one of the things we can obviously see we all share.

We compare the human potential to life.

As humans, we all go through human development.

We all feel the same things in one way shape or form.

Here is what I mean.

Luke felt lost.

Luke, he had no direction.

It was not until his ENTIRE timeline caught up with him that he had time to realize what was going on, even when he was in charge of the Temple he created.

We get confused at times - just like a typical human.

Metaphors can communicate feelings.

Some mornings I just don't know.

I am human (edited)

How we feel can be described.

Most times we use a metaphor (edited)

Metaphors can convey complex ideas in a few words.

I have cold feet (edited)

I don't have cold feet

I am scared to the point of non-action

Metaphors can help us or... keep us in an odd or confused state (edited)

a sustained or extended metaphor can span over several sentences or phrases.

Example: He said, "I hit like a brick house. Each hit was like a bag of bricks tossed in my direction. The wake of chaos was like rubble in a storm". 

I don't have bricks or a storm present, It is "LIKE " but it is not

Implied metaphors are more subtle.

I am like a cupcake so you would say I am cute and fluffy (edited)

It's implied

Dead metaphors are those that are TOO familiar -almost cliche.
red tape
tie up loose ends

There are mixed metaphors as well.

I am going to click and paste this one ...

" A “mixed” metaphor combines elements of multiple metaphors into a single unit, often with awkward or hilarious results"

Catachresis is the formal term for mixed metaphors, and some writers use them intentionally to create confusion, impart a sense of the absurd, or express a powerful or inexpressible emotion."

"to take arms against a sea of troubles"

Metaphors can create communication that wasn't there originally or open doors to understanding.

Metaphors show off your genius. Or at least, Aristotle says so (and who are we to argue?) in his Poetics: “But the greatest thing by far is to be a master of metaphor. It is the one thing that cannot be learnt from others; and it is also a sign of genius, since a good metaphor implies an intuitive perception of the similarity in dissimilar.”

set your mood

If we as Jedi and humans can understand anything... I do hope it's a metaphor and its purpose.

There are MANY in-between ideas that LINK and us to the original world.

This week, watch how you use metaphor.

There are different ways to do it.

and there are different results in using them (edited)

Too many, well are too many.

Too much is too much; of anything (edited)

We as Jedi can have a balance.

too many and you lose the focus

Too many metaphors and you can honestly forget what you're talking about

Don't get lost and don't get confused

Use your tools to your benefit

We as Jedi can understand metaphors better through practice.

There are online classes you can take and even literature lessons in this very thing.

I recommend you always start at the beginning so that's usually level one.

To understand a metaphor better- frequent them.

study them

use them (edited)

but do know you can OVER use them too

There are good ones and dead ones

There are even multiple mixes of them

We are never Luke but Luke "like"

In this, we have the potential Luke had (edited)

not the same choices but the potential

Using metaphors helps aid in understanding

it's never literal


Luke is a symbol or a picture we can use.

but don't get lost in his beard because you can most certainly can. I know Jedi who get lost in things like canon and colors.

That's rarely the point.

The points or meaning of a metaphor is understanding.

Can you understand a concept better if we use things similarly represented?

Because if you can't, Star Wars is going to be a tough one to get through...

You could very well get lost at the canon and colors ...

It is my hope that this Monday we see the canon and the colors and begin a bigger understanding or the purpose of metaphors (edited)

I will be open today, all day, as is the Monday morning custom. 

Metaphor: Open for business

Pastor Carlos 

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Spiritual soreness                                                           

Compassion Fatigue

Good time Zone Jedi everywhere

Happy and safe Monday everyone

Let us begin.

"Help yourself so, in turn, you can help others."

Good day Jedi everywhere (edited)

Today's subject is "The burn inside."

... or the soreness of giving a hoot.

Compassion Fatigue is real.

As Pastor, I want to encourage every member and Jedi to take the time to do a study on this very thing.

As Jedi, it is my hope we come to understanding together some days.

One of those understandings is that what we do- is caring.

We CARE about things.

As Jedi we care

We care about us, ourselves, we care about others and those around us. We even state often that we are a part, or the goal is to become a part of the whole.

In study and in identification we can notice that we care.

With caring comes time and effort.

Spending time caring for others or AID- ing one another is not easy, nor is it a walk in the park. (edited)

It will happen

It will happen that you as a Jedi and as a HUMAN being will begin to care about things.

Our Zeal is amazing.

The human "Zeal" will run like a well-oiled machine if you let it.

Once you have a humans attention, it's hard to shake it.

As humans we can attach ourselves to things

One of the more common sayings in our Jedi circles is this ..."Be wary of attachments"

Our zeal and drive can be what leads us some days

Jedi, be wary of where your fires and zeal and passions take you.

In the spirit of care and share we can run out of juice or gas or our zeal gets spent

Some days we are so spiritually sore or just too full of care to care anymore.

I often meditate on the silly commercial back in the day that said " If I share with you.... I'll have to share with everyone..." when only those two people are present. 

Sometimes we are full of care, or our zeal is strong and resolve is unmatched.

Some days we try to go out of our own home or stat our day without ANY gas whatsoever in our mind hearts and spirit tanks.

So, what to do when your GIVE is busted, or you burn out from caring so much????

Because it happens.

What do you do?

What do you do when your sore from caring inside?

If I may, watch the signs.

Reflect on your Physical symptoms of caring too much.

There will be evidence your caring too much

Usually things - other things will be left undone.

Physically, can it be? (edited)

Review the TOLL it is taking on your being


What's the price for caring and is it becoming mentally expensive?

Some, I will use the word some...

Some moments do take more than others and some people do take more energy than others

This is the truth - Please be aware

Some ideas and some people take much more effort or understanding or zeal than we sometimes have

Physical: unusual sleeping patterns, weakness or tiredness, lack of energy, frequently falling ill, and changing eating habits.

Psychological and emotional: feeling sad, empty, lonely, numb, agitated, despair, stuck, or a loss of control.

Behavioral: withdrawal, lack of connection/avoiding connection, rejecting others, or feeling rejected.

There will always - ALWAYS be evidence of too much.

Even if we don't agree - there will be evidence.

So, in the seek and in the search of things, we can find that as we care, it can also be a burden.

It can get to be much.

Be aware.

Jedi are wary of attachments, both material and personal. The obsession over possessions and people creates the fear of losing those possessions and relationships which can cause us to be trapped in a state of depression and loss.

This can include caring.


What we do is give a piece of ourselves or time or effort and attach one another to one another.

Over some time, it can become a burden.

Caring can turn to hate.

Love turns to hate just as quickly as when it is "fallen into" -you can very easily fall out if you are not careful.

This very thing, (when you start paying attention to things in your own path) that can happen. It happens to me. (edited)

"So, Pastor, how do you combat it?"

I am glad you asked.

Knowing your limits helps

Be aware you care.

know the limits on your own zeal and care.

How far will you go to offer AID, Jedi? To the point of exhaustion or when there is nothing left? What use are we if we are exhausted and 
The idea is we can become sore or even... the dreaded SALTY.

We as Jedi can become sore and salty.

Anyone can.

Even in the Star Wars movies Yoda says" Yes, a flaw more and more common among Jedi, too sure of themselves they are."

There can be a moment of "ABSOLUTE" we think we reach.

One of the ways I personally combat the sore or the weight of caring is I know and practice as there are no absolutes, and I am nowhere near it.

Our AID, as Jedi can be given without us.

Knowing our limits, our actual limits help.

I can not be scrolling all day. Nope. Nor can I write letters ALL day. I cannot listen or write emails or letters every waking moment of my life.

For some reason as humans, this is what our zeal does.

It can highlight our focuses.

That's where the "sore" can be found.

Now, I can hit a punching bag all day.

What I cannot do is make cake, food, sell birds, change tires, fix things, read, teach kids to read, love them - guide them and give a hoot all in the same 24 hour seems impossible

yet, every day, we do it

Every day we find ways to manage.

So, my encouragement to you Jedi is this, Find other ways.

Find other ways.

Trade them for new ideas and fresh ones.

Change what you do and how you do it.

Care in more ways.

Show you care in more ways.

We get burned out from repetition.

The act of "doing" or caring can be just as consuming as the act of aiding.

Know this.

plan for it by giving you a day or two where you just... don't

Take a day of rest.

Our cycles of life and nature incorporate days of rest and remembrance.

Do the same.

pick a day you don't care as much or that you can focus on something else.

Pick something to focus on

Be aware of what you are actually doing.

It can be a start.

Watch where your zeal goes and what it makes -YOU.

Where did it come from? And why is it so strong? What's the difference? (edited)

We have such powerful ideas and some burn bright and are not so easily controlled or tamed.

One fire we all share is the care.

or the selfless path

We as Jedi seek the selfless path of things.

When we care and care and care and care... it takes its toll

When we are concerned for one another, it does take our time with it

There can and there is a "tax" to that.

We can get sore from caring.

Please be aware that we as Jedi do much for one another.

You care.

No one asked you to

but we do

There IS a price for that.

On the inside, it can seem like its hurt or something's wrong...

Compassion Fatigue is real.

We can identify it in our own paths.

Are you becoming salty? On the inside?

Sore from caring?

Watch how you are.




Notice what and how caring is affecting you.

Notice what it does Physically- Psychologically and Behavior wise. Adjust "that" and you won't go wrong.

Notice, it does take its toll.

Notice, you are sore from use.

When we give- we need to remember to replenish.

Or we will give away bad bread or sour milk or the dreaded ... " NOT NOW"

It can happen and it will.

Be aware of the impact's things have on us.

Tis our right and liberty as HUMANS

Some days the evidence says, you're sore! Find out why.

I am available here on Discord as always on Mondays for what you need or wish.

It is my hope these aid in your path.

We care.

There is no two ways about it.

Jedi care.

In that, there are limits.

Knowing your limits as Humans and as Jedi can help with understanding.

I am available today here or on site.

May the Force be with y'all this week.
Pastor Carlos 

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Top of the morning some say!

There is a old OLD poem I want to share with y'all this morning.

It is called the Psychomachia. If you like and have time, read or re-read it.

Patience is the virtue that fights anger.

There are qualities or ideas to patience we all are familiar with.

Three, to be the teacher today.

There are three qualities to patience we understand.

Patience brings or reveals or gives opportunity to calm (edited)

Perserverance is a byproduct of patience.

Understanding comes with patience.

Now, I am no great teacher, nor am I certified at anything, if anything I am certified to do nothing.

But I will share with you these 3 ideas in patience if you like.

There are more but today ---you get three.

The Calm.

Most of us understand the need for patience.

There is not a huge contrast to not understanding these things.

Its not rocket science ya know.

Patience brings character (edited)

It can reveal it.

Thats why we strive for it.

I can't lie, I am not NOT a patient person.

It "erks" me every time we do something in the Temple, and we start 10 -20 minutes late.

I try my hardest to be as diligent as I have been trained.

15 minutes early or your late is what I have been trained to think and do.

I make a effort to be punctual.

I know life is full.

I get sidetracked almost daily.

The idea is that there CAN be a calm to the time we spend waiting.

What's " winds" the worry clock for me is when I begin to stress over things.

I loose the peace.

So here ya go...


Focus is the art of pruning the irrelevant and pouring the best of your mind into what you are doing.

When we must wait - focus


Take some time to find out what is present (edited)

When you do that, identify what is, well, what. 

KNOWLEDGE- Knowledge can be acquired by focusing on the task at hand.

Pick a spot to focus on

and... even better, look for what is needed. (edited)

When you decide to ....

FIND THE WISDOM - Wisdom is the sound application of accrued knowledge and experience through patient, good judgment.

Not everything out there is edifying.




Three easy ways to learn and practice patience as a Jedi.

Today I am in the waiting place.

No joke

I have a significant " Friday " coming up actually.

Our family MUST wait till Friday to move on.

This is the truth in our life.

We will find out or come to days when we must wait.

As Jedi, I want to encourage YOU and others to take some time to use these three ways to harbor and allow patience to fester where it needed.

As I reflect, I was not taught patience on a scale I would like today...

so the seek is on.

If we give time where it is due.... yea yea I know what your saying , wait longer or just wait and worry about other things...

Thats not the idea I want to pass, the Ideas I would love to pass is this...

You have the ability to and the understanding, use it.

The ever-ready scene of what Obi Wan and Qui Gon Jinn did when they were given the time to wait on the world to let them battle the Sith comes to mind (edited)

One sat- one was ready, both lost

Reflection is amazing.

I recommend it as often as you can.


by Dr. Seuss (Excerpt) 

Waiting for a train to go or a bus to come,
or a plane to go or the mail to come,
or the rain to go or the phone to ring,
or the snow to snow or waiting around for a Yes or No
or waiting for their hair to grow.

Everyone is just waiting.

Waiting for the fish to bite
or waiting for wind to fly a kite
or waiting around for Friday night

or waiting, perhaps, for their Uncle Jake
or a pot to boil, or a Better Break
or a string of pearls, or a pair of pants
or a wig with curls, or Another Chance.

Everyone is just waiting.

What do you do when you wait?

Waiting and... waiting and waiting and.... will create either doubt or harm and separation if left unaccompanied and ignored.


it can be created.


even Kept

This Monday- I hope there is a time you have to wait.


I hope you are in your life path, and you are being taught to be patient.

I hope that you are at your wits end and have zero patience left.

Why would you say that Pastor Carlos you ask?

You can't learn it if you don't go through.

There is no cheat.

and that's the crummy and the most real of all.

If patience is there- you will see it (edited)

if it doesn't exist- there will be the void of it.

We know.

this is why we seek it out or rather, IT seeks itself out.

So be in the circle of IT.

Seek patience.

Keep it

share it

grow it

Pay attention to where your focus is

Identify where it goes and why ....



Pay attention to your focus.

and ... to what you call knowledge.

What do you call KNOWLEDGE?

Where did you get it from, your knowledge?

Who said it was knowledge?

Is it?

How about what you call wisdom?

Is it?

These three easy and actual Jedi Tenets can help in the waiting place.

Our three tenets are there for use.

I hate waiting.

but our minds can do as we train them to do.

As much as we can learn, there is a point we can UN learn things, this is a key concept to unlearning things.


Using the tenets can be as much a part of your practice as you like.

Anything can be as much a part of your path as you like.

It is my hope that as we live, as we toil together and as we try together, we learn from one another.

I hatch eggs- chickens- 21 days, ducks geese 28- 30 days for some.

I have found ways for the in-between time so to speak.

but it's all the same time actually.

It is the worry and fear that takes our attention away from our chosen paths.

To be quite honest, it's the seek or the charge of the "learner" or the burn inside that can be toned or formed into something else besides worry.

This is development at its finest.

To combat worry and fear we have - patience.

Do you know anyone who is the level of patience you know you can have? (edited)

Do you know anyone who is the idea of NOT HAVING PATIENCE?

I give you this...

I have grown to be calm and less " on fire" all the time (edited)

Zeal gets ya hot and bothered and anxious and allows things to happen.

Curbing zeal is like trying to keep light in a jar,

but through reflection- it can be done.

Reflection can FOCUS.

Reflection can help know what's what and what's valuable and what's worth keeping.

So, to end this hour of power lol

We as Jedi, have these three ways to create patience and understanding.

Patience is a virtue.

It helps friends.

It really does.

If you want to help the world out and your own circles of family and friends, be more PAITENT.

Be the one who keeps it

Be the one who shares it

There is a light or glow of aid to patience,

but it does take some practice.

We as Jedi, can practice what we strive for.

Our Tenets can AID in many things.

One chief way and AID is the creation or the result in patience.


Please know that each of our ideas belong to the HUMAN race.

These are HUMAN ideas.

They belong to us.

We as Jedi, can strive to understand who we are and WHAT we are. We as Jedi, live in the ordinary world. Take some time to reflect what part of the journey you're on. We are never ON-SCREEN Jedi. Remember that.

Any questions?
Pastor Carlos

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