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There will undoubtedly be some hubris, but I fail to see how this could be a benefit.
Indeed, hubris is categorically followed by nemisis ; hence, I suppose, the lesson from it.

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Good time Zone Jedi and May the Force be with you wherever you are today. (edited)

Today's lesson is taken from our Maxims.


To exercise the mind
What is meditation and why???

Why meditate?

And as always, the big question is ....HOW do Jedi meditate ?

Off screen, we have no chamber or special spaces designed for such a time.

Two things I WISH were real off-screen that are purely on-screen ideas is a BACTA-Tank and a Meditation Chamber

As off-screen Jedi, we are encouraged to meditate.

As fellow human beings, we are encouraged to meditate

There are many ways but according to the people who "shrink" or study things like this, there are two types of meditation

Concentrative techniques involve focusing on a particular object that's generally outside of oneself such as a candle's flame, the sound of an instrument, or a mantra.

Non-concentrative meditation, on the other hand, can include a broader focus such as the sounds in your environment, internal body states, and even your own breathing.

There are MANY reasons we can choose to meditate as well

Health reasons

Individual reasons

Spiritual reasons

Religious reasons

Meditation can do A LOT for a person

We are reminded that it is with meditation that we can examine our own motives

Meditation can even AID in the understanding of things like Emotions - peace Ignorance Passion Serenity Chaos harmony and even ....Death

See what I did there ?

Meditation can help with understanding

now, this is 2023, we have information GALORE

With the use of the internet, we have access to almost anything we need as far as information.

We can look up anything we need today, that's not the problem or landscape.

We have access to much.

But it is our meditations that can be the "brush" or the "paint" that we use


or create it

There is a HOPE to meditation we all have as HUMANS

I hope it works and I hope I AM out of the way when it does (edited)

I remember trying meditation for the first time and thinking, "Nothing is happening." (edited)

I quit the first few times because I was bored

Someone told me that it wasn't fair to try things with a empty "try"

Then it happened - there was a connection made.

Like thunder and lightning but inside my soul

By HAVING a state to return to ... by having something you can count on... HELPS

Meditation is like this.

We as humans know WHY we want to meditate.

We have our own reasons

Understanding is key to a Jedi

But... understanding come with application and effort and sometime form.

I know everyone WANTS to meditate and reach a state where its automatic and easy. For some, THIS IS POSSIBLE FROM DAY ONE.

It DOES happen like that.

Over time, we can catch patterns and even recognize patters.

Humans catch things

We notice

Most time, it is our mind body or soul that can have a understanding of things as well. A good balance can be had

It does (understanding) and can come from all three places in the human being. Mind Body Soul

So we have a reminder that by meditation, we can improve mindfulness

We can give our focus the attention it needs

...and we can learn some ...P .. P ...P.......Patience !!!

Contrary to popular belief, patience is a virtue and virtues can be learned or adjusted and even MADE

Acceptance Authenticity Compassion Curiosity Forgiveness Courage and Detachment are but a few ideas we can work on when we decide to with meditation. These are virtues I wish everybody was wary of

Be mindful Jedi


Try Patience

These are three ideas we can keep together when we think of meditation.

Now, me personally- I am all about the concentrative meditation

But even thinkers want to stop thinking to a point where thinking can be according to what's inside. Some meditation can guided.

(Master) Pastor Carlos —
But the goal can be to do it with more ease and practice till it can become a new nature or a new practice

WORKING on meditation for me is like trying to build a house with invisible brick some days.

or a bridge at night - it's possible but it does take a bit more focus than I am prone to is all.

Over the years, WHAT I have studied has come out in my own reflections. That is how it works. Put in, get out.

The old aphorism "As we think, so shall we do" can come into play here as well

HOW and why we meditate can be a matter of focus as well.

There are THOUSANDS of ways to meditate and many MORE reason to ..

but what are yours?

YOU are the reason this place exists.

It can be up to you to begin meditation

What style - is up to you

What actual practice ... that's on you (edited)

So I want to encourage every Jedi to make it a part of your everyday

There are so many benefits to meditation

(Master) Pastor Carlos —
It is not fair to give ONLY a HOUR to the idea so, please please please... Put this in your Mind or your heart or your soul. Anywhere you like, apply liberally.

I practice with candles and mantras myself (edited)

There is a magic in a good RETURN

Meditation is a great return

There are styles and techniques out there

Any questions?


Shares ?

Invitations to parties or a club.

If you lose your way, meditate.

If you're having focus issues


If you would like to be more MINDFUL of things

Med - I - tate !

Initiate Khwang —
If I often use meditation as a way to get guidance and answers, how can I know if those are the right ones?

(Master) Pastor Carlos —
good day

Initiate Khwang —
hello Pastor Carlos, glad I made it today

(Master) Pastor Carlos —
me too

Who can tell another what to do?

Who has that right?

Initiate Khwang —
for me, i'd say nobody (edited)

only urself

(Master) Pastor Carlos —
We can instruct and AID but in the grand scheme of things, you are correct

This WAS the hardest person to trust for me

I had ZERO understanding of the idea or my original self

I didn't know or recognize who ME was

One of the BEST things you can do is learn who you are so you can forget them. It sounds counter active but its truly not in this case

Initiate Khwang —
im trying to understand

to learn who i am to forget the different parts of me?

(Master) Pastor Carlos —
can you ever forget who you are?

Initiate Khwang —
not really

(Master) Pastor Carlos —
There is a knowing we can have or an understanding

Who are you ... is one of those big big questions that can take people YEARS to define and come to a understand with

We use the CAVE as an example but there are moments to grow and develop that we can be reminded of

We have the tools as humans to better understand ourselves

and each other

Initiate Khwang —
Am I right in understanding that in order to use meditation as guidance and answers for ourselves, the pre-requisite is to understand our true self first?

(Master) Pastor Carlos —
Maxims are truths we ALL know and keep in one way shape or form

We share them as HUMANS

POP Culture THRIVES on them and so does modern day story telling

There is a understanding and a peace that comes from knowing who you are and what your own Philosophies and Doctrine are.


There is a draw to those who have it. It "begets" itself

"Virtues Beget themselves"

One of the symbols we use as Jedi and as HUMANS is the Knight

What better idea to keep of HONOR and courage and focus knowledge and wisdom than with the idea of Jedi

It is not the only

It never will be

but its a start !

If you like, call Jedi ism a elementary course in being human.

As one of my friends called it , Star Wars a entry level saga to a introduction to being human ...( I added this part) - with much more to follow.

I want to encourage every Jedi to meditate (edited)

If it is not automatic, then your gunna have to work on it like the rest of us. (edited)

Welcome to the human race

To be a human is not too bad

Not to shabby if you ask me but I AM bias as I am a human myself.

As humans, we have what is called the HUMAN POTENTIAL in which if it is in the realm of human possibility, it can be done.

So this week I want to only remind others of the abilty we have to meditate


Initiate Khwang — Today at 7:07 AM
thank you, Pastor Carlos, lots to meditate on haha

(Master) Pastor Carlos — Today at 7:09 AM
Ha see - you get it! Dad joke for the week, this is just a joke- Vader has Luke as a child in a seat by the table.. Luke has spaghetti all over the place, its just floating and wiggling around and Vader states, "THE FORK Luke, I said use the , never mind..."
[7:09 AM]
Thank you Khwag for attending and joining in today.
[7:09 AM]
May the Force be with you

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Monday Meditations

Training: To know one's ignorance

A Jedi knows there is always something more to learn and seeks new lessons every day.

This is not our site, nor does it reflect any of our own site's rules and such and the link may expire.

Today's meditation is on the Maxim "Training"

"Training: To know one's ignorance."

A Jedi knows there is always something more to learn and seeks new lessons every day.

We have a symbol as Jedi.

We have many but this one is kind of special.

It is our hair, or our idea of the Jedi braid.

In fandom, the braid represents the symbol of the learner or the student.

There were those who didn't have hair.

They were given braids to hold and keep.

I am not THAT familiar with the Fandom ( So if you know a bit more, please share)

The idea is to have a symbol we can use, to remind us that we can still learn.

As Humans, our brains will never stop working.

Our minds will race to the future or the past until it quits.

One of the most difficult things for a human being to do, is to live in the present moment.

One of the aids we can use is that of the idea that no matter where we go or do, we will never know it all (edited)

As Jedi, we remind ourselves and each other we can have that forever student glow about us.

"A Jedi knows there is always something more to learn and seeks new lessons every day."

Do we really know this?

Do we acknowledge that we seek?

It is in the "Seek" that we learn and grow.

It is in the path of us looking for things and sharing things that we actually find information and understanding.

Validation, validates.

So, this week, I would like to remind every Jedi- we are learners.

As humans, we can be as Initiates.

Interminable Initiates

There is a "forever student" in the world that keeps the curiosity alive (edited)

We can keep the "student" wonder and seek alive.

Every day

It can be our choice.

It can be our choice to be the life student or the trainee or the one who learns today.

Give me a room full of people willing and I will show you a room full of people who will find things to accomplish.

If we can remember no matter how much we find or know we will never know it all.

We will never amass all the necessary things and information and lessons and ways of life.

Part of life is the ability to receive new things.

Metaphor Monday: You can tell when the study or the braid of a Jedi is missing....

There are some who have no focus of being a student or to learn anything.

You can tell, I am not saying we are intuitive at times, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist or mathematician to figure out someone doesn't want to learn anything.

Surrounding our self with people we want to be like is a good way of saying "I tuck my toes with the Elders."

Where do you get new lessons every day from?

From one another and life.

It can be up to us to notice them.

There is always something to learn.

One of the things I gladly accept, rather than tolerate, is the learn Jedi have.

I love the way Jedi just....want to know or learn.

It is an old fire that has been burning since the dawn of time

We have the ability to remind us, we can learn. We can always learn.

Here is an intentional double positive...

Alway be learning.

In the Jedi setting there is the braid

I wear one.

I know many do.

There are many symbols.

One, I hope we have in our everyday life is to keep the glow of the student on.

We have this treasure as a symbol we can touch, Use a braid of string- yarn or knots.

HAVE something to remind you of your choices.

Have a lightsaber handy.

Identify as whatever you like in any fashion but have the idea of "Never not learning."

no capes...

Just hoods and cloaks but use what you have.

What are some symbols of forever students or forever learners?

Besides the braid?

Students have archives.

What do you archive?

A archive is a place to store ideas- ways- Documents - maps - items - about what we care about.

It's a place of things we care about.

Every Jedi has a archive.

Look at your domicile.


Students have books.


Do you have a stack of books somewhere?

Do you have a list of things?

DO you have folders or ...spiral notebooks?

Do you have a digital space to journal? (edited)

This morning, it is my hope that we remind each other of our own commitments and choices.

One of those commitments is the ability to keep learning no matter the level we are on in life.

As Pastor, I still get lessons from others, and I share them. Most time it's One lesson for one lesson.

but there is a mode of study and questions and wonder that can still exist.

If it is our choice then, let us unite under the same banner or the same idea of padawan or the student who learns from others.

Training: To know one's ignorance.

A Jedi knows there is always something more to learn and seeks new lessons every day.

How do we know we are ignorant of things or of information? How do find that which we are missing?


Think and choose.

it is our liberty as humans to think about our own path's ways and life.

Take your liberty and remember that we grow.

We always grow (edited)

We are the forever student or...

we know it all.

And if you do, well, if you know everything, please share it with me, I'm lacking.

There is always something to learn.

And, if there is always something to learn, there is always something to share.

I do not know everything.

Neither do you.

I have not met a Jedi who did.

Even with the magic phones or boxes we have information and communication at our fingertips.

Yet, we still don't know everything.

It's there.

It is available.

So today- Monday- just a reminder - you do not know everything.

Count on it.

Know you don't

I do not.

I know.

Do you?

Do we as Jedi know we don't and won't know everything?

Can we remember to be the student or turn on the study light in our mind body and spirit?

We can?

We do.
Pastor Carlos
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Monday Morning Meditations here at the top of the hour @here

Integrity: To be consistent.

A Jedi lives as a Jedi at all times. Hypocrisy is their worst enemy.

(Master) Pastor Carlos —
2 minutes !@here

Integrity and Hypocrisy

Good morning and Time Zone wherever you may be this morning and what every time it is- hello there


What a great morning to be alive

I have had the worst holiday I have had yet;

yesterday we, as a family, observed Father's day

My son from my first marriage is just now reaching out in contact and we are creating a new relationship everyday

He has had some trouble with the law this last few years,

well, he got picked up from a wedding shower for a warrant that did not exist or was forgotten to be taken care of

In Texas, warrants are a big and serious thing.

So for Father's day I spent the entire day speaking to bail bondsman and attorneys to find out that he is actually not doing anything wrong.

Now, Integrity is key to my own life. I have made it a point to --have integrity where I need it.

I would encourage every Jedi to train and work on their own definitions but especially on our own Integrity.

As Jedi, it is one of our focuses

(Master) Pastor Carlos —
You cannot build or live off of each-others pain or suffering for too long.

So, I want to encourage every Jedi to have a brand of integrity.

What is your band of integrity?

What's your definition?

How do you display it or show it or even seek it out?

The doctrine reminds us "to be constant"

In this world of ordinary, there is a very crazy idea out there

be constant

Be you

all the time

Know who you are

and if you do not, then take some steps to understand more


Integrity exists usually when no one is around

It is sometimes a very elusive thing in that no one will know

As Jedi, our integrity is all we have.

Lies do not become us very well

as Jedi

or as humans, for that matter

but the idea is to know that you can have a level or two of integrity as a Jedi

figure out who you are or who you want to be and peruse it

Be truthful

Be someone the Force can count on

Do we as Jedi have a level of integrity that is active and ready?

...or are we hypocrites?

(Master) Pastor Carlos — Today at 6:11 AM
What is the difference between believing what one does not and having hope for some virtue you have yet to learn?

It is up to each of us to reflect on our own values and levels of life.

One of the things we can "spit shine" or give some time to is our own integrity as Jedi and as humans is our own integrity.

There are ways of building integrity

One of the ways is to be honest

Stand for something

Make your choice and know at any time you can change or even stop it.

But make a choice

Then, after you have made your decision on your own level of integrity, apply it.

Find or create your own purpose in life and stick with it

So many Jedi stand for things the Jedi themselves don't even understand

I want to encourage every Jedi to check your own papers and standards

Check yourself....

before you wreck ...yourself

(Master) Pastor Carlos —
Thats is really the only way this- reflection and self-reflection truly work

with integrity

everything we do here is on your own merit

Stand for what you believe in

If you do not know, validate it

Check it out (edited)

Hypocrisy is harsh (edited)

There are contradictions all over the world

To know who we are and to stand on our own words is something I hope for every Jedi

tell the truth as often as you can

even if it may cause trouble

As Jedi, Try to have a better level of truth in your path

To believe, what we don't actually believe is the most dastardly thing we could do to ourselves.

Why lie to you

so I want to encourage every Jedi to check yourself


choose to grow or train your own integrity

Pick people who have it

There is a old saying I have and its "If you sleep with dogs, you may wake with fleas."

Our integrity can draw others or turn them away forever (edited)

It all depends on us some days hu?

(Master) Pastor Carlos —
So this week, a small reminder ...

Integrity: To be consistent.

A Jedi lives as a Jedi at all times. Hypocrisy is their worst enemy.

be constant in a inconstant world (edited)

by being Jedi

By choosing to be Jedi , you can create your own brand or level of things like integrity



things like that

Live as thou wilt

do not hurt one another or at least make a effort to be more aware of things

these are simple yet universal ideas we all share as Jedi and humans

We as Jedi are bound not my some great law or way but by our own light

We are led by others who have been there and done that

and have elixirs to life and time and humanity

We unite under the banner Jedi

I do hope this week and morning, your integrity is intact and if it is not.... (edited)

I hope you know what to do (edited)

Jedi have integrity

Hypocrisy is our worst enemy somedays

and truly, it's just us

It is my hope we unite as often as possible under the banner Jedi

In that, we can develop and grow into what and who we are and choose to be

Stand for you

Who you choose to be

Be Jedi

Know what you stand for

It does make it easier to defend that which we know.

Don't defend that which you do not or that which is not yours.

I will be here all day for comments concerns invitations or blank checks

May the Force be with ya'll this week
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Good morning! Jedi everywhere (edited)

Morality: To know the danger of belief.

A Jedi knows how contradicting beliefs of what is right and wrong can lead to devastating crimes and conflicts. A Jedi takes a step away from the subjectivity of opinion in favor of the peace of objectivity. A Jedi does not force their values upon others.

Good morning Jedi and Temple of the Jedi Order

What a busy week that has passed and what a week we will have this week

I will not lie, last week was full

I am talking full, full like every day something

life will find a way to get your attention

Morality: To know the danger of belief.

A Jedi knows how contradicting beliefs of what is right and wrong can lead to devastating crimes and conflicts. A Jedi takes a step away from the subjectivity of opinion in favor of the peace of objectivity. A Jedi does not force their values upon others.

A Jedi does not force their values upon others (edited)

What does that mean to you?

There are so many times ZEAL can get us fluffed up

Zeal is a strong and potent flow we have.

There is a great energy or pursuit involved when we discover and find things out on our own. There is a level of validation that's so very nice when it is found its almost peaceful.

Discovery is awesome.

Development, human development is so sweet.

We as humans, if we are giving attention can track it via journal or log.

Something happens when we learn as humans - we get excited or enthusiastic or even just flat out happy

To be called Zealous is a much larger thing than just being called a fan. Zeal has more than just one emotion attached to it

To be a zealot can be a dangerous thing.

Blind anything can be manipulated.


So ... what does that have to do with anything?

Our Zeal is a driving force.

There is no two ways about it.

Novice Bru-He WiEph —
Morning all, may the Force be with us all today

If some one ignited their own "fire" inside their MIND BODY and SPIRIT - humans are three parts-

Zeal is most likely what's running the show

Where your heart mind and spirit are, that is where your really at and that's where your focus lies. (edited)

Our morality is our set of rules (edited)

What we truly act like

What's inside inside

We are given a reminder as Jedi

Contradicting beliefs can get ya in trouble.

crimes and conflict

There was a meeting of great preachers teachers and priest pastors the whole nine yards...

The Dalai Lama spoke up and said it is a privilege to join you all as we are all on the same path.

There was a priest who spoke up and said something to the tune of we are not the same and left.

Our interpretation and intent can be seen by our actions and choices sometime.

by our words most time (edited)

most people will not agree on the definition or the use of morality (edited)

why is that do you think?

What keeps everyone so separated so much?

Anakin had the same problem in the beginning of his Jedi training

Can morals grow? Can morals be shared and changed? (edited)

Subjectivity can get ya.

Thinking you are the only one, will get you.

How do humans force their values on one another?

How does a Jedi force their beliefs on others ... (edited)

because it happens every day

This week, just a reminder that subjectivity can become too ...SOLO

I know when I learn something new, It feels like I am on fire.

like Katniss Everdeen in a fake fire dress.

My own Zeal says..."Why doesn't everyone else know this?"

Look at this new thing I got (edited)

Anakin states a few time about others ... should be made to..

" People dont always agree.... then they should be made to .."

Is that the Jedi way?


Should others be MADE to do things even if they are what we think is right? (edited)

Where did the Jedi get THAT ?

Guest Logan_Laser Castle — Today at 6:23 AM
Free Choice?

It's human


free choice

Free will

*Enters "free will" into the scene

The human potential is amazing (edited)

In it, If it is in the realm of human possibility, it can be done.

Every area of scope in life could very much rise to the occasion and become something new or we could ravage everything to oblivion (edited)

That is a huge scale of potential some days

So, this week I would like to remind those Jedi who choose to ...

Know which contradictions are common.

Take a step ...back

One of the most powerful things I have found in my own path is the abilities and secrets of stepping back.

Letting go of the responsibility I think I have and adding others in a way that isnt Zealous

How do I care, without lord-ing or force-ing others?

How do I have morals and standards and not a Jedi Jerk...

There are Jedi jerks out there friends and I have to admit- I can be that at times as well.

If we are human, then there are human obstacles as well.

Morality and our own morality can be a very vast or as precise as we like.

As in life, our level of involvement can be up to us every day.

Morality: To know the danger of belief.

A Jedi knows how contradicting beliefs of what is right and wrong can lead to devastating crimes and conflicts. A Jedi takes a step away from the subjectivity of opinion in favor of the peace of objectivity. A Jedi does not force their values upon others.

Belief is dangerous because it can so easily be... shaded or mis-shared or even just flat out lied to.

Check what you hold dear and close.

Check your own morals and see if they line up to what you choose.

Check your own Doctrine and Philosophy

Do you preach it?

Are we the only ones who have some form of good news?

Is there only one group of humans who have one basic truth, nope.

Our interpretations can yield intention.

Be wary of your intentions Jedi

Thats .. the bread and butter

Did you wake up today to just let some one know they are wrong?

It does happen even to this guy

I get haughty or even Zealous

Oh, Jedi- my Zeal gets full

I can very easily get full of myself quick.

...and stay there

We can be a part of the Force

not a part of OUR Force

Our Force stinks


When we Force our beliefs on others, it isnt the Force we know that binds everything - its us.

Just so you know

So whos in charge today ?

Who's in charge of the Ebb and the Flow of the Force ?


not me friend and Jedi

and I try to remind myself of this as well

A Jedi does not force their values on others ...

intentions can reveal much to a Jedi- If you like, ask, why do I do that? (edited)

Today is our own morals and our own Sides we pick. Are we full of potential energy and wavering faithfulness.

Does it build up inside and bleed out?

Thats most likely zeal.

We get it in the beginning in volumes we can't understand.

The more time we take with "us," the more we can create something new.

Be careful

Where your heart - treasures- or mind is

That's your focus

That may not be other people's focus, certainly not at this time, in their path as well.

Ever think that the things we find out are so wonderful and valid that everyone must know?

I have to tell every one

I will scream it from the mountain to

that's zeal

it needs time

develop it

grow it

there are dangers to it and to belief (edited)

There ARE dangers to believing and believing blindly

When we first begin life- there can be an elementary level or a beginner level of ideas out there

Paying attention to our own morality and how we use it can be one of those "cheats" in life to keep growing and developing

Blindly , anything can lead to danger and discord

Especially our own Zeal and Morality

Take some time to line up

Take some time to read over your own doctrine

Ours remind us we can get to big fro our own bubbles

we can crush others by thinking we are helping

we can shine a light far too bright no one will ever see anything

There can be so much, and things can taste so good- you lose the flavor

You can speak too loud and no one will hear you

You can act all alone and no one will care

What then ?

When all our efforts seem to be null and void ....


check yourself

Morality: To know the danger of belief.

A Jedi knows how contradicting beliefs of what is right and wrong can lead to devastating crimes and conflicts. A Jedi takes a step away from the subjectivity of opinion in favour of the peace of objectivity. A Jedi does not force their values upon others.

It is my hope that this time can help develop your Jedi in ways you can let go

What we think " Jedi " is can get in the way, it does me often, so I want to encourage others who are on the same path, return to your doctrine. Return to your philosophy. Let others do the same, grant them the liberty which you have been given. See if that does not change the Ebb and Flow of things (edited)

May the Force be with y'all

Pastor Carlos
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Conflict: To know when to fight.

A Jedi knows the conflicting nature of the Force but they also know its peace and serenity. A Jedi never blindly enters conflict and always does so for the greater good.

Good morning, Jedi everywhere.

May the Force be with you from wherever you hail today.

Today's little Monday reminder is this one. Conflict

Life is full of conflict.

Conflict can be a part of things and a part of understanding.

But to know when ...WHEN

WHEN do we act or defend or fight?

Which fight do we fight?

What causes do we defend?

The word BLINDLY comes up again.

Blind anything can be dangerous.

but blind conflict can make a mess.

anything we fight or fill full of ZEAL can be potentially dangerous, but blindly, anything is dangerous.

Driving a car isnt as dangerous as the potential as doing it without seeing.

So to can be said with life.
[6:02 AM]
Anything blindly can be easily manipulated or swayed.

So as warriors and Knights and Jedi - what DO WE FIGHT? (edited)

There is a focus called the greater good

I would liek to remind Jedi of the greater good

What qualified as the greater good? (edited)

Each of us can define the greater good.

The answer may have a "sway" in it but for the most part, that which is best for others is the general consensus. (edited)

One of the things that we ALL understand is the selfless path.

When we become concerned with the need of others than ones own is considered NOT SELFISH

but that a think line as well

We can become to haughty or too fixated.

So, the reminder is that in all this, in everything we do, we are people.

There are 8 billion BILLION others on our planet today.

There will be conflict.

That is human nature and if you have a bunch of humans around you will have human problems every time.

Conflict is human.

Do you honestly think all these people will sync?

Truth is we all do eventually "sync" and at several times in our own paths.

But in this process- conflict also happens

If you ask a Jedi what the Force is, you will never get a cookie cutter answer..

You will not get the same answer ever. They will all mirror or reflect many and even may have parts similar to that of someone else description...but it is what we are describing inside on the outside.

When we describe the Force, it will differ from other descriptions and uses and availability.

Even our descriptions of the same thing differ.

So why the conflict?

Conflict comes with understanding as well, call it the school of hard knocks but you WILL find or figure out a few things when conflict arises as well.

Life is conflicting and, in the Force, - all can dwell with it. (edited)

All do

The Force binds every living thing

But it rarely ask for credit, cited, quoted or even given a a by line in our reflection's.

The conflict can come when we want credit

In life there is peace and serenity

we can have a active balance of harmony Jedi

We can have a active balance of anything (edited)

This week I do hope it is the ability to understand conflict is a part of things (edited)

Life can seem conflicting.

But I do hope we have a selfless path or at minimum a idea of what the greater good can be.

We can get stuck on things.

I know I can (edited)

So the ideas today Jedi is to un - lodge yourself.

Conflict can get ya stuck.

Remember Jedi- it can be up to us to make decisions on what to adjust and which relationship need our time and efforts today.


Talk to yourself and answer the questions you have for you, inside.

Where's the conflict and why is that?

Conflict can take your attention in a matter of seconds, micro seconds and make you froget everything...


The presence of conflict takes getting used to as well

What in our paths cause conflict?

Give ideas like this time

See what you find.

Know when to fight

Know when conflict is heathy and when its not

There are some battles. fights, conflicts that arise and...


are worth the tiem and effort

some will not be

It is my hope that as we grow and share together like this, we continue to keep the focus of Jedi (edited)

There IS a greater good and a selfless path we all find ourself on with each other.

Some days it matters not where the credit or who started things goes.

Some days it matters not who said it or who gets credit.

It is nice to be cited properly

It is good to cite properly

Blind anything is easily manipulated

Blind conflict is one of those things

know what you stand for and defend and fight for
There will be conflict (edited)

opposition happens.

No one is picking on you

Life has a way of reminding us of conflict (edited)

That's all

As Jedi, we can understand that conflict is natural.

Conflict: To know when to fight.

A Jedi knows the conflicting nature of the Force, but they also know its peace and serenity. A Jedi never blindly enters conflict and always does so for the greater good.

May the Force be with y'all this week in everything y'all do?
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