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Carlos.Martinez3 wrote: today is a reminder of who we come in contact with or have a connection or relationship with
[6:31 AM]
we ban build those relationships
[6:32 AM]
we can strengthen the bond
[6:32 AM]
Cultivating relationships is a good thing
[6:33 AM]
Cultivation of one another is good to

Guest Logan_Laser Castle — Today at 6:33 AM
Please elaborate the differences between "Business" relationships and " Personal" for a Jedi Sir?

(Master) Pastor Carlos — Today at 6:34 AM
Do we have the ability to do this?
[6:34 AM]
[6:34 AM]
we have circles
[6:34 AM]
[6:34 AM]
every amount of energy goes out

like this is a good conversation but why did you go in and retroactively add ranks? are they really that important at totjo? it comes across as being insecure in yourself, considering we can see your rank as you are the poster.
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Sorry for that, when we copy the conversation from Discord to the forum it does that. I can edit that out from now on, to easy. That was not the intention nor was it the focus- sorry it seemed that way. That is not my cup of tea.

I will keep an eye out for things like that. You think after so long I would have noticed that. Thank you and thank you for joining in. I look forward to hearing more from you.

You are the first person to say something, thanks.

Edit after posting: Here, we have rank. We use it to grant access and track progress on site. It is also representative of the responsibility some keep. Rank is not something we give to much attention to but we do hold is as a earned merit. Thats all. Honestly, outside of the realm of programming, access, rank is as valuable as the honor its given. We believe we are inherently equal. Rank is a human construct. Hubris is key to what we as people do around here. The selfless is a path that anyone can take at any time and deny it too. All in all, here, rank can be a tool or a thorn. It IS up to you. May the Force be with you friend and thank you again for the fresh perspective.
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The ranks are actually now a part of each username on the Discord. Thjs is what a direct copy and paste of the Discord looks like.
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Happy Monday and beginning of the week for those who start it today.
May the Force be with y'all this week.

I am running a tad behind but: better late than never.
[6:02 AM]
Good morning, Jedi everywhere.

It is my privilege and joy to meet with you every Monday in the mornings.

Today I would like to remind every Jedi out there that we have reminders.

Do we as Jedi know the difference between stupidity and courage?

There is one story in particular that has, as a main character, a man named Don Quixote

It is written by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

When given to our own dignity- it can become somewhat confusing and hard to balance.
One of the main follies in this tale is his interpretation of things.

One of the common follies of a Knight is the fear we have.

We always have a choice in life.

Sometimes those choices which can be our own, are made for us or we release the possession of authority and go with the flow.

Regardless of Avenue we take, as Jedi we can strive for a few common ideas.

One of those avenues is the road to courage and stupidity.

What is wise and what is not wise?

Who has the ability to share that with each other?

There are 3 things can get in our own way.

There are 3 things that can take our courage, ready????



and Uncertainty

These three things are always present.

Fear Regret and Uncertainty

" A Jedi knows they must make the right choice, take the right side and that the weak they have sworn to defend often stand alone. "

This is a key moment in every Jedi and HUMANS life.

There may come times we can make decisions for our path and our life's.

It is my hope that through review-study-chit chat- and good old fashion care and meditation, we share with one another enough to be properly AID to one another.

It is scary out there.
Life can get confusing, and we can lose our way by just going to the corner store at times.

The 5TH Maxim is COURAGE

Identify them and recognize what is present.

So many times, I get lost because of my own feelings.

Feelings are a good way to follow the Don Q path of perpetual confusion and disorder.

Who has the RIGHT decisions and oaths for US? Where does that info and flow come from?

I would hope that we all know and remember.

All orders come from the RIDER.

The horse goes where you ride it
or its led

or where its drawn

remind yourself that we all need courage and that we all HAVE it

some of us need to build it

take a few rounds with it

Ride the HORSE of courage, get on it

See where IT takes you.
If it helps- think of courage as a HORSE or a steed or a thing you ride on. Courage can be found if we seek it out


it will be out of reach

Really, it is up to us.

So today I give you this.

Attachment horse.jpg not found

Find the courage you need.

Make it - seek it - share it - give it - Keep it

Courage can be as a horse we ride or use.

but it ain't a easy gig

We as Jedi strive for things.

One of them is courage.

Not just any brand of not afraid but the ability to do the things we know in us are right.

Chase any ghosts or windmills lately? Does it feel that way? Find the strength to continue and preserver and keep it

Keep going but dont just fight to fight or dont just ride to ride...

The Jedi and the Knight is a symbol we use here often.

Be strong and courageous - as a Jedi - you have made the choice to stand out already -

Striving for goals that are uncommon can be taxing.
Choosing to be a Jedi can bring extra reflections we may be ready for, ready or not-

make your choice to get on

Make your choice to ride the horse of courage.

if you fall off,

get back on.

Learn to ride- the way YOU ride.

There is and can be a very real joy in the fact you are a Jedi and you are the main character of your own path.

There can be peace knowing YOU hold the reins.

Or not.

Be courageous Jedi - you are already on top of the HORSE - half the fear is identification and knowing we need courage for whatever ails us.
For me, uncertainty keeps me from being strong or ridding the "Horse" and living.

Mount up!

Get on the horse.

Keep courage.

One of the BEST ideas someone gave me was the horse and courage.

We must respect and learn from it or it will get us and may hurt us.

It can teach us, and it can even help and AID us (edited)

Courage can even lift us up and create the idea of being above a few things rather than below them or subject to them the same.

It's just all depends on OUR PRACTICE time OUR OWN

You can't lie with a horse - you either know it or you dont and they will know.

Courage is the same way- IT WILL KNOW

and it will keep you harm you or free you or a mix of all the above lol

It is my hope that as we chat and have more time together- we give each other courage.

However we do it,

May courage find you and whatever horse you rode in on.

This is my hope for every Jedi here.

Find the courage or make it but RIDE it- STRIVE for it.

You are not alone in that path.

look around- We all are on something going somewhere.

May the Force be with y'all this week

Courage: To have the will.

To be a Jedi sometimes means choosing the more difficult path, the personally expensive one. A Jedi knows they must make the right choice, take the right side and that the weak they have sworn to defend often stand alone. A Jedi puts aside fear, regret, and uncertainty yet knows the difference between courage and sheer stupidity.


Strive for it.

Take your LIBERTY.

any questions friends and Jedi ?

Pastor Carlos
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Today is about the "F" word.

..." cuz I gotta have Faith (faith faith). I gotta have faith (faith faith) . Cus I gotta have faith faith faith. I gotta have faith faith faith ..."
George Michael Capitol CMG Publishing

Faith: To trust in the ways of the Force. Although the ways of the Force may seem strange at times, a Jedi always knows their place and their role within it.

Good morning, Temple of the Jedi Order and Jedi everywhere.

I hope your weekend was well and your week begins the same.

Today - our Maxim or truth is Faith.

Adding the Force to things can change the outcome.

RETURNING to it is kinna the goal.

But what does that mean?

What does having faith mean as a Jedi?

There is a balance we have and there is a balance that can exist.

In our paths, WE can choose the directions or principals we seek.

Choosing the Force isn't easy

The Force connects everything.
it binds it

Thats not easy lol

but that's what we believe and strive to live like this.

What has our faith?

Where does our allegiance lie or better yet where are our attentions and intentions fall???

When things need our attention of we have a need, do we have that which we need, or do we have a place to return to?

Do we know where to go in times of need?

Is our own faith even built for that?

Can you trust the Force?

DO you?

We can have a few common ideas and a few similar focuses (edited)

one of these is our faith in the Force.

If you sit down and write things down, they help. If you have mentors and people in your group ask them questions. Your cave .... each of us has mental caves we must go through or confront. The Hero's Journey can be complicated. SO to can the path which each of us take to reflect and live be as complex and vivid as life itself.
There is always the fear that " This stuff don't work." (edited)

I think every Jedi has this at some time on their path.

So, I want to encourage every Jedi present and NOT present to make your choices and KEEP them. Strive for them

Keep your focus.

have faith in the process.

It is true discovery that still dwells in each human.

Seek- and you Will find.

have faith in the Force.

Continue to keep seeking that which we need.

Self-reflection works.

I cannot tell you how many times reflecting has led me to places I didn't know I could go or people I never thought I would meet.

That part is real.

Reflection helps and is soooo healthy.

Each of us is human first then everything else

it's the human parts we can focus on

It is knowing and understanding we can have.

In every Maxim Teaching and bit of Doctrine we have - we have a idea that is often CHIEF or center focus
The common idea that bonds us and connects us it our own ideas of OTHERS - How we view the world.

our selfless paths collide in the name and sake of Jedi ism


There is a hope that as we continue to strive- we all merge and dwell together in the same few ideas.

The selfless is one of those.

Pick a selfless path.

keep it

part of our faith is the hope we rid ourselves of our own ego and add others as a focus - this is our faith- to AID one another in our journeys.

One of the common shares or strives we share is the selfless

Think about that today and this week Jedi.

Our faith is that of a selfless journey at times.

Character begets itself often

No truer is that of reflection.

True Reflection is contagious.

So today and this week- what I am really saying is to have faith and be a Jedi and know that it isn't easy. Asking individuals to reflect is brash.

as Jedi we have a UNIQUE faith

It is the faith of the human potential and reflection and selflessness.

There is a theme to this Jedi thing.

What is yours and how does it really help you?

Where does your faith SET YOU?

How does it set you up?

is it a ...TRAP!?

Life doesn't trap us, but it does feel like that some time - enough to ALWAYS remind us in every Star Wars film....

our faith is for the traps.

Your own faith can keep you and steer you or lead you and guide you.

it can be the thing you need or the things that keeps you longer.

it all depends on our PERSPECTIVE.

in your faith- where does your focus lay?

What is your faith?

Take the time you need to reflect and find out.

Do you actually believe in something that BINDS everyone?

Do we actually believe in others and ourselves?

Do we get stuck in common pitfalls and traps?

Use your faith. Return to your own DOCTRINE and Philosophy. Study it and know it - practice it so it's more frequent. Frequency always finds favor.

Frequency is perfect practice.

Practice being faithful and fervent.

We can have faith in many things, but there are some we can have that can be healthy and strengthen us.

Believing and having faith in the Force is one of those things.

Believe in yourself and in the Force.
I do

There is a peace in this you can only know.

by being in it

There are some types of peace that exist that you can only know if you know they exist.

Someone has to show or teach you or we have to see it

or share

peace can be shared - think about that- we can have faith and we can have peace - we can know these things and share them.

THIS is our Faith.

May the Force be with y'all this week on your paths

I am here on Mondays for questions comments and concerns as well as party invitations -Bar mitzvah invites karaoke dates showers or just to chat

May the Force be with every single on of y'all where you will be this week.

May we remember to have faith.

It's ok to have faith in something even if its humans and each other. May the Force be with y'all this week on your paths.

May the Force be with every single one of y'all where you will be this week.
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HEYA and Happy Monday Jedi everywhere.

Good day and beginning of the week if you celebrate or observe Monday as that
[6:00 AM]
Hey Jedi everywhere

Today is a good one because we are gunna chat about you and your ego or ME and my ego.


We are gunna have a chit chat on the ego

We as Jedi are reminded that we have one.



When the EGO comes to light, I would like to start off by reminding every Jedi we are human first.


Understanding who WE are as humans has helped me out as a Jedi so much, I encourage others to do the same.

Find out how your own brain works.

Find out where you got your feelings and your ideas from, reflect.

Better still is the reflection on our EGOs

What do we think about ourself ?????

As Jedi we strive to seek out meaning and understanding with the world and each other.

Some of us strive to remember the DOCTORINE and live it

Have you read the Doctrine in whole? It is amazing

No where else will you find such a piece of focus as our own Jedi doctrine. Thats because it belongs to every human out there - not JUST JEDI

Think about that for a bit

We have something that belongs to everyone

Todays reminder is on HUMILITY.

The EGO of a Jedi can be a very terrible thing, a powerful one and never wrong but a great FORCE to reckoned with.

but the ego of any human can

We have this common focus here

A Jedi does not boast of their accomplishments

How do we do these things as Jedi - how do we gain principal and focus and NOT get excited or full of ZEAL or even PROUD?

Attachment R1.gif not found

How do you calm the burst of energy, pride and focus that comes from the sound of a Lightsaber or a Cloak? How can we curb or even ebb the flow of the ego and things that are supposed to be there?

What we do as humans is amazing. Human development is the butterfly's boots.

The Human potential is amazing and alive and kicking today as much as it has since the first few people were around.

What do we do with our Zeal?

The ZEAL for wisdom and knowledge and understanding.

*I will tell you this today and share, when I understand something - truly- I do a little dance or get excited and laugh a bit. Some revelations sit me down while others just light a fire in me that cant be easily quenched.

It happens.

How can we not get a bit excited when we create new things or learn new ideas or even let some light in????

There is so much HONOR and time and effort that goes into all we do as Jedi here and off line

How do you keep the EGO in check?

How does a Jedi do it?

I'll say it here where everyone can hear and read it forever -Jedi hit on all 6's The Jedi are the bees Knees - Jedi are SMART -The focus of what we do is to remove our own selves from a few more things and figure out how not to harm one another while encouraging each other to do the same.

We as Jedi find our SELFLESS PATH

(Master) Pastor Carlos — Today at 6:21 AM
We dont tell you where to find or even seek it out orOOOOORRRR that "THOU SHALT NOT THINK ABOUT THINE self "

That's not what we do here.

We say and we use the term Wary.

Can we be wary of the things we do?

I know its a old word

But its a goody

Its the eels hips

It happens in the process of the ebb and flow of things

Finding our Selfless paths are like side quests that we don't intentionally start but get to as soon as we realize what IT is

But to be on a selfless journey, to have a focus like that attracts our own ego not to mention others.

The very idea of a "selfless" path takes some time to understand. You can get there but also understand that there is the need to let go as well.

How do you focus on something that tells you to not focus on it????

Doesn't that just bring attention to it??? So do you see the dilemma that can come from a Jedi and their very own ego?

I want to encourage Jedi every to be a PART of the Force and LET IT BIND

I can bind things all day as a HUMAN and make connections or some type of relationship with a mere WHIM

This is one way humans work

Its natural

We as humans attach time and efforts to smells, think about that.

So how do we get feel or a focus bead on this whole thing of being Jedi and NOT being some type of Narcissist or some boastful or haughty thing?


Learn everything you can about Hubris

Start there.



Who knows what is excess for you and your own path?

What happens when confidence creates a over ambitious or a dangerous combination of over confidence and pride?


There are EPICS with this very subject on focus and it's importance.

We have a pretty good example

Attachment R.gif not found

A lasting one too.

Be forewarned.

A Jedi Does not boast about their accomplishments ...

...find a different way...

.....if the way you are on does not work.....

Take what's for you and grow.

Humility: To accept the ego for what it is.

A Jedi does not boast of their accomplishments and knows that their accomplishment is its own reward.

Everyone's Hubris is different.

Find out your own and define it.

Remember that doing things has their own rewards.

Character begets character. Principal begats principal.

There IS a peace about the seek.

JUST knowing that we are "IN IT" some days is enough for me.

It DOES makes me smile to know that you are in "IT " too along with.

It does me good to know you are Jedi.

It really does every week.

Knowing we are yoked under a banner like Jedi can have its ZEAL.

Trust me- it does

Jedi are amazing and have the most potential to also become too full of themselves.

Know it happens.

Remember Zeal does not take sides - it's presence brings strength too.

One more time.

Humility: To accept the ego for what it is.

A Jedi does not boast of their accomplishments and knows that their accomplishment is its own reward.

Understand who we are Jedi- we are Human first

This means we can very much "fly too high or too low"

Find your balance Jedi

Cultivate it

I leave you today with this from a MOVIE

Mace Windu : The boy has exceptional skills.

Obi-Wan : But he still has much to learn, Master. His abilities have made him... well arrogant.

Yoda : Yes. Yes. A flaw more and more common among Jedi. Too sure of themselves they are. Even the older, more experienced ones.

We master things well enough and as humans we can be a bit- to much. You can have a balance.

We can all

Thank you for the time and space today - May the Force be with y'all!

I am available for what ails ya!

Any questions?

Pastor Carlos

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