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It is said a Knight is known by the codes they keep.

Good time zone and good day Jedi everywhere.

Our Code and Codes we choose say something about us. Some Codes are not penned or even recited but are considered known. See, the thing about a Code is it is it can be a reference point to fall back on. Codes can be reminders of what we choose as well. Wehn life gets full and we lose our path, fall on a Code or recite one. Repeat it out loud. SAY IT. Some days, the only way we will know things is if we say them or remember that we DID choose to be like this or like that. Our Codes can create a central hub of ideas we can count on. Heres the dilly yo, can you count on your Code(s)?
Are the Codes we as Jedi keep, worthy? That would be up to you but here is a kicker, do they actually work?

When you need them, are they there for you and do they lift you up or always break you down? Does your Code(s) make you what you are seeking? Did you choose the right one?

We share a creed here.,

I am a Jedi, an instrument of peace; are we ?

Where there is hatred I shall bring love; is there?
Where there is injury, pardon; do we?
Where there is doubt, faith; is there?
Where there is despair, hope; where is the hope?
Where there is darkness, light; where does the light come from?
And where there is sadness, joy. What kind of joy are you talking about ?

I am a Jedi.

I shall never seek so much to be consoled as to console; How do we do that?
To be understood as to understand; but every one wants to be the GURU...
To be loved as to love; What's LOVE got to do with it?
For it is in giving that we receive; What do we give or what are we giving?
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned; How is forgiveness relevant?
And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life. I have to sacrifice???

The Force is with me always, for I am a Jedi.

These are the ideas we want others to find out for themselves. You can and you will when it is time.

Are Our Codes ours?
Something to think about this week if you like, Happy holidays and happy week this week till the New Year!!!!!

May the end of this year be filled with ending and new beginnings
Pastor Carlos
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Jedi Believe
In the Force, and in the inherent worth of all life within it.
In the sanctity of the human person.

To sanctify someone or something is to set that person or thing apart for the use intended by its designer.

How do we sanctify the HUMAN PERSON?

How do we set people aside for better ? Why should we? What's the benefit or what is the YIELD of doing this?

I have a upset stomach from all my celebrations lol Todays message and meditation is INHERENT WORTH

how do you give such a EQUAL mark to one another ?

How do we as Jedi believe in the Force and the sanctity of life and everything in it

This is a very big hug or idea we can hand out and even recite

I think of INHERENT WORTH as a hug some days lol a hug fro the people

but in the human potential of things- we are all Inherently equal

this pisses some people off

It used to piss me off I will tell you that

Every one has the SAME potential

is that upsetting? I was brought up in ways that actually are very selfish and regret others getting ahead and finding things out thought me.

If it wasn't me first then it was I was last and I couldn't have that

This is natural and even a part of our human development

We as Jedi make it a habit and a area of focus that we can change this

As Jedi, and as humans, we change change any habit or routine we so desire

We can choose any from or choose any Elder we like

We can grow in the same pants we do not grow in

The sanctity of all life within in the Force is a idea that we are all connected by so much more than just presence

and we acknowledge that and honor that relationship


If you reflect and ask yourself this question- I do hope it reviles the truth. I hope you can see what your time and efforts go to and where you see things as well, different.

Antares —
Good morning temple

Pastor Carlos —
Place a few things in the "SACTIFYY PILE LOL "

vampiric-conure —
Goooood TmOrning


Pastor Carlos — Today at 6:12 AM
morning Antares

we are chatting about SANTITY and the human potential

Sanctifying the Human


The BIGGEST equal mark or the most we can do for one another is remember that we are all EQUAL

Tx_druid —
Morning y'all

Pastor Carlos —
and not equal in what I have you have but much bigger

vampiric-conure —
Morn'n Druid

Pastor Carlos —
hey ya Tex!

vampiric-conure —
Our worth as humans is equal

Pastor Carlos —
the idea today is to give the Inherent- "ability" to everyone

not to say you are EQUAL to MY action, nope to say you have the ability to rise above it !

You have the ability to find A BALANCE and one all on your own

not mine

lol but we can share mine anytime

The equal mark is the HARDEST to give another human

it gives the ability to leave those who share it ...behind

Can you or can we as Jedi tell one another "Please learn more than me or do more than me or find out more than me?"

Its a huge ego drop

not to mention it is the OPOSITE of what most teach in the world full of ME FIRST

How about "Here is a good idea"

the Human potential is amazing

It dwells in us EVERY ONE OF US equally

As Jedi, we acknowledge this

We even Believe in it

Jedi Believe
In the Force, and in the inherent worth of all life within it

How do we sanctify the HUMAN PERSON?

There are a number of ways to do this

but the number one idea is to believe it is so

We are inherent in our worth

the potential is present

Have you seen it or experienced the human potential ?

This is where we can be this week as we go through our New Year and more time

Have we experienced the potential of humanity for our own path?
Are we giving it away? and how?

I DO hope this helps this week

Jedi Believe
In the Force, and in the inherent worth of all life within it.
In the sanctity of the human person.

Understanding and apply this to our paths can change the results every tim


It is a trust thing too so do not think that its a switch you just turn on like a light - nope

Giving people the INHERENT worth of humanity also means they and WE can poop our socks just as well as the next person or fail hard.

So be carful the POTENTIAL you give too

be smart

Jedi are smart

Be wise

Know we all hold the same potential

we do

does that change things this week?

I hope so

May the Force be with you this week and at the beginning of the year

I am a click away and I am available on may platforms so feel free to take advantage of that too lol

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To be a Guardian and an Instrument
[6:01 AM]
14. Jedi are guardians of peace. We believe in helping all those that are in need, in whatever form, to the best of our ability. We recognize that sometimes providing help requires courage in the face of adversity but understand that conflict is resolved through peace, understanding and harmony.

Pastor Carlos — Today at 6:02 AM
Jedi teaching number 14 says that by peace understanding and harmony, we can resolve much

We can resolve conflict

Most time, we as Jedi, know when others need help (edited)

We may not always know what TYPE of help to give (edited)

but we know usually when the need is there

Not every tool is useful for certain projects


nor can I serve it with a ping pong paddle

Now, I can but it wouldn't be the way

Courage helps with things but for the most part, what are we giving others?
Are we giving out brooms where most need water...

The Mentor path is a odd one
We can help one another out by our own actions by what we find out and reflect for ourselves

But some people may not need what we got or have learned.

When we help others - what are we truly trying to help with?

We can only mentor those who have been down the path WE HAVE gone

This is where Understanding and Harmony and PEACE come in

People NEED but what do they NEED?

I lay this before every Jedi here and not here yet, We want to help but what are we offering?

Is our understanding about our "help" or our Selfless path ... really about others or about what WE can do ???

Its a thin line some days

Not every one wants what we find all the time and most time what we find, Is only meant for a few and never the MASSES

It is by OUR ability

it is by OUR able-ness that we can help

This is why it is so important to understand things better and to study Doctrine and Philosophy

Some encouragement ISN'T for everyone because not every everyone has the same focus at the same moment

We are all on different paths and levels at any given time

So how do we help one another ??

By helping our own Focus

Be well

May the Force be with you

We can study and pay attention to our own focus and understanding and in doing so, we can understand that most of what we learn is for US not for every one else

You can give EVERYTHING away and leave no reserve for you or your own family and circles

We guard peace by having Courage and use USE USE understanding and Peace to create Harmony

Be filled with courage today and this week Jedi

Take some time to fill your tank if you need to
One of the ideas we share here is that if we work on US, we work on the world

Find the courage you need today

Do you

and know that by doing THAT ...

Some one may be able to do THEM

Freedoms are passed and learned

What better freedom to give than that of the freedom to Self -Reflect

Jedi are guardians of peace. We believe in helping all those that are in need, in whatever form, to the best of our ability. We recognize that sometimes providing help requires courage in the face of adversity but understand that conflict is resolved through peace, understanding and harmony.
It aint easy

Life always seems to be full

We have treasures in or path that we find

They are for US and MAYBE some one else but what we find is defiantly NOT for the masses. I wish it was but the idea is, work on you and reflect on your path and choices.

The idea round here is one at a time

I hope this week you can find the courage you need,

I hope this week you can find those who need it, What YOU have and what you display

We as Jedi wanna help all the time

but help who and how?

Use and FOCUS- Peace, understanding and harmony help

I hope this helps a bit this week
Pastor Carlos
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Good Morning to you friend and Jedi today.

Qui Gon Jiin said " Your focus determines your reality. " in Episode One

No truer has anything been said in the Jedi world.

MAKIA is a old word in my own culture use to remind us " Energy goes where attention flows"

its Hawaiian and old. You will find that in almost every culture, they remind you of your reality.

In the world there is a IDEA that what we FOCUS on is what's up.

Thats where all the attention goes and that's where our reality can be set

What are we focused on today Jedi and O Hana?

because it matters

it matters so much ...

that we can even ...

USE our own FOCUS to prune our own path.

This is taken from the 3 TENETS.

Focus is the art of pruning the irrelevant and pouring the best of your mind into what you are doing.

This is how we can find actual KNOWLADGE.

and keep WISDOM and know the difference between it all

by OUR focus

The Jedi Tenets allow us to better ourselves and overcome any obstacle.

but always the big Q or the big question.

Our FOCUS is our goal and our flow.

To a Jedi, the "selfless path" is common.

Hubris can be a focus that can change things for us as well.

Knowing what and who we are helps seek things out too

Knowing what we seek, helps and is healthy

This is how we can fulfill our hopes and our ideas is to make choices on our focus

We can pick our FOCUS

as we can pick anything else

THINK about that this morning

We CHOOSE what we want to look at or listen

we choose paths to follow

I want to encourage every Jedi everywhere that it is OUR FOCUS that makes the path.

Where do your efforts go, thats where your mind heart and soul go too

If we Meditate on this , much can come from it.

What would you choose to pay attention to differently if you had the time to notice that which we are noticing lol ???

What would you adjust ?

This is the idea for Monday morning Meditations, Whats the Focus ?

What is it making in you?
Your focus does determine your reality.
There is a old APHORISM still holds truth "As we think so shall we do"

Thats one of the perks and pitfalls of the HUMAN POTENTIAL.

The actual potential to rise above or to fall into the pits of life

but that can be to us to decide where it goes, our FOCUS

By "pouring the best of your mind into what you are doing" we can change the outcome every time

we can save the day as equally as "shit the bed" in the same breath.

There were even times I failed and succeeded at the same time in different levels of my own path (edited)

talk about a mind job lol

Where we look and where our FOCUS is can determine much and does

to the point of even cultivating something more

So today Jedi, do not think that the energy you give to your Jedi path isnt worth it


We choose to unite under the banner of Jedi

We dont have to be here, no one does

yet, here we meet and here we are.

Our Focus

give Our Focus some attention because lets face it.....

Where our attention goes, so does our being

Where our focus goes, we go
I hope this Monday we can think on things that can change the MODE of our focus and even our own paths

Knowing that we can do things like this can be a benefit but at the same time remember HUBRIS too

"Dont fly too high Icarus"

Pastor Carlos

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Today is the benefit of Doctrine

There is a PEACE to knowing who and what you are and why

It is like a fire

I want to encourage every Jedi to KNOW YOUR OWN doctrine and your own philosophies.

If you do not...the old saying is "If you dont stand for something you will fall for everything."

Being AWARE that we are not only ONE PART but 3 and that our MIND BODY AND spirit need EQUAL attention some days can be a focus we share.

There is a PEACE some do not know from knowing who and what and why they are.

It can be passed and shared.

I want to encourage every Jedi to believe in the In the POSITIVE influence of spiritual growth and awareness on society.

Any one can be a jerk or a troll or even a objector to anything

Something to think about this week friends and Jedi

We as Jedi believe in the spiritual growth and awareness ON society ...

do you ?

and how?

Do we share that PEACE with others ?

You can know thyself

We can know our mind body and spirit

We do not have to the DARK all the time

or we dont have to dwell with the UNKNOW any more.

Shed some light on things and seek that which you need.
Bring new or old understanding to these ideas

Use them if you like any way you see fit.

If I'm the Doctor, then the prescription is - take Philosophy and Doctrine and apply it as you like where you like, and learn what YOURS is.

We believe that attention to the spiritual matters can matter for us and others

Seeing some things CAN be done is all some need..

Seeing that we can have peace by keeping it, can be the thing that releases the gates of freedom for some.

Let it flow today

Let the potential flow

I hope this helps a wee bit today and for this week

There is a PEACE you can know and keep and share

KNOWING what and how you believe is one of those PEACE ideas that we can have and pass

I know what I believe - do you?

you can too

yes you can

Come from the unknown

into the know

(see what I did there with the Star Wars "light -dark" thing lol )

any comments concerns or jokes? lol

its very important .....that which we seek...

Just knowing the old W's Who what where when why and how can build such a platform or foundation for us we can stand on it

even build on or pass

There will be some people say I am a jerk out of love but also we believe in the POSITIVE influence too

I find it hard to give credit to those who have the anthem "Do as I say, not as I do"

Its not a song I like to sing or teach others to do

There IS a positive influence of things and a not so positive even ... negative one

be carful

Be AWARE of your attachments

that's all we say

check your limits on your own

I appreciate those who join LIVE

Y'all are the bomb diggity !

The idea is to wake up and share and focus on what WE need

We as Jedi and WE as HUMANS can do this every day

We can have a peace from things we study and know

We can

There is a peace in study and the seek

There is

It's hard to describe but thankfully - we dont have to to know it

We can know MANY FORMS of peace

It is a crude example but there is a peace in knowing you have food- there is also a fear to not having food - the same can be said for our focus knowledge and our wisdom

We can know the peace that comes with HAVING them

I know people who have their own beliefs and Doctrine down like a KATA - some have their ENTIRE scriptures memorized.

There IS a peace you can have and know by understanding your own faith

Ours happens to be Jedi ism

There is a peace that comes with it all on its own and specifically for each of us individually.

My hope is we find it and KEEP it and share it

Peace is a lie to those who have yet to find it or knew it in the past and do not have it presently.

It is NOT KNOWN to some like the dark side of the Force

Off screen, the known and unknow can be found

It is my hope that as Jedi we find our own faith and our own peace

THIS does bring peace to some - what we do here .

Share and pass it if you like

stand tall knowing you know what you know

Find out

There is so much out there thats WORTH it

May the Force be with y'all
Pastor Carlos

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This is a Maxim of ours.

Integrity: To be consistent.

A Jedi lives as a Jedi at all times. Hypocrisy is their worst enemy.

Today's Meditation is on Integrity.

There is a presence that we often do or act as ... when we are Jedi.

There is no doubt about that.

We are Jedi and there are certain ....

ideas that can come with that. (edited)

One of the things I have found in this world is that people tend to think Jedi are superheroes.

They fly and wield power no one can.

This could not be further from the truth.

As Jedi, we are human first,

which means we have human tendencies.

Some Jedi have tendencies to ... present moral or character that is NOT present.

Integrity matters

We are reminded that we can be constant in our own practices and our own studies.

We strive to not be fake.

Being "fake" is the idea to STRAY away from.

In this world, there is a presence that can be simulated and one that is present.

What we do and what we say CAN line up.

I find people who say in all honesty - " I cant be a Jedi because I don't know what it is "

The idea here is to be that which you are all the time

Lies are not what we as Jedi seek.

Lies hurt every one involved.

Keeping things in the dark or unknown is what we recommend we NOT do.

As a Jedi -and as HUMANS - Integrity is everything.

Everything we do here on the Temple is on our word.

On our HONOR.

It matters.

Things we do as Jedi or in the name of the Jedi matter.

At all times.


Jedi matter,

as does what they do.

It matters what you read or listen to.

It matters what you do and where your mind goes as well.



as does your presence.

In our Creed, it is all about ...

I shall bring love pardon faith hope light joy ...

Those things matter.

Keeping those things and being a representative of someone who strives for things like this is what our Jedi integrity is all about.

Being A Jedi when no one is around or being some one OTHERS can count on can be a common goal we hold.

Hypocrisy is a Jedi's worst enemy.

The funny thing is that most Jedi I meet off screen have a really ...

real sense of intuitively thinking about things.

Jedi think.

AND most can tell by simple Human elementary that some people are fake.

This never gives anyone liberty to harm another,

if anything, AID is needed more than harm.

In every sect or organization and organized Faith - there is always a warning

Dont be fake.

Dont lie.

Dont lie to each other, if you do you most likely won't be trusted.

It is always up to us HOW we are to act.

It up to use to lie or tell the truth.

Lies will get ya, every time.

Humans forget. "IT'S A TRAP!"

I want to encourage Jedi everywhere to HAVE YOUR DOCTORINE ready and handy.

Know what you know.

Study it.

Memorize it if you like,

but have it.

Humans are mind body and soul- you got 3 different spaces to keep things like this in so...

Place it where you need it.

Be consistent.

Set yourself up,

and whatever you do, do it with diligence.

We will forget

but we have each other

and our Doctrine and Philosophy.

This Monday Jedi - be constant.

Find a way.

Figure out a way.

Life is full but do what you do and keep doing it.

Keep studying Jedi.

Keep meeting.
Keep sharing.

So we KEEP things like this in our hearts minds and souls.

Integrity: To be consistent.

A Jedi lives as a Jedi at all times. Hypocrisy is their worst enemy.

One of my own life goals is to have better integrity and cultivate it.

It can be done and WE as humans can develop our own being.

Keep it up and May the Force be with you this week.
Pastor Carlos

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