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Kobos wrote: I am not sure what rights I have to speak on much, but thank you Carlos for your post this morning. To me Jediism is the honing of knowledge, sense and patience of understanding when action vs inaction, interaction and isolation are necessary for the defined good. I don't know who decides the greater right, for that I go with my feelings in the moment of action though remain vigilant of emotional interference. There is no one who is either right or wrong in the belief systems they hold. The only black and white that truly exists is wether this moment exists.
Marta if I may comment on your situation and view, it is not that the manual labor force has become less educated it is that that all low to mid level society have been pressed to a point at which they see no value in education particularly figuring in cost now. I personally have begun to notice this in all of the labor force from the blue to the white collar (I am in a low white collar position). Manners are not being maintained in general through society as we have been trained systematically to fear those not like us. It is the easy way for people to believe they are avoiding trouble to simply begrudge someone off than establish any form of relationship of which manners and cordiality is the door way to. In my humble opinion your action in the school meeting if I am not overstepping my bounds, was not incorrect you trusted your feelings and spoke of what you see as justice at the time of which you were presented too, there is no fault in that. The consequences will be what they will be however they turn out. It is indeed a deep recognition to take a lesson from it, but it should also show that indeed in taking up this battle you may indeed be led to fight more for this same cause in the same place. Again, in my eyes not an unworthy pursuit. Manners will return to our society when we again begin to view people as people instead of continuing to divide our selves into sub classes. After all we all toil wither by mind body or spirit to find our way through life and to survive in a society built on production.

Much Obliged for allowing me voice my opinion. In humility,

You ARE my Jedi ism friend.! as is Lina. yet, we scarcely see it observed. There is so much more to life that just co existing. I believe in the co existence of others, yes but not only to be with the other and acknowledge their presence, but to be better for it. That's a hard things to learn and a even tougher one to apply. There comes a point in time I hope we all reach when we begin to stop seeing the lines and the walls. I am a hippie before you say it, lol and am proud of it! But its possible, I have receive your idea of Jedi ism and as a Jedi I say it is valid, it has to be your right here saying it is. I am glad its not perfectly like mine, that would be boring. Same story every time...booooo
Thank you for being a part of my Jedi ism. I hope you find a few more many things out for your self as our paths cross friend. Stick around in the Temple and they may! may the Force be with you Tim, still!
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There is a different way of thinking available now a days. When we learn, there are MANY different ways of thinking. So much available. Our choices choose our path. If we directly don't make it, some decisions don't get our attention. something to think about... Now , we as Jedi have a Gift in what we have. In our choices as Jedi we have a strange mind set that obviously ima say it DOES NOT EXIST around us naturally. We , if we choose, CAN be directly involved in our own lifes, our own growth , our own spirituality and our own every day actions. That's a big thing. In a world with an opposite or even no regard to this idea it makes things ..difficult to explain and difficult to teach. Let me tell you it is possible. Now...knowing this friends, knowing the Jedi ism can have things and views that are not...common we need to acknowledge a few things. Our faith ultimately says we like life. Our choices on certain things make us see different because of the lack or presence of information we have connected. Me personally, I would love to see...(my wife calls em my Jedi eyes) every available idea and every ones story involved. How ever it wont often happen that's life, your not gunna know your bosses home life but what you can do is notice when and where hes aggravated. Depending on your focus and your choices you will have certain questions and is it these to which our attention is turned today.
Question everything. How are you gunna know. Now, don't be a fool. Obviously most....Jedi are smart. I wont deny that but the wider array of us "stop" and in that one bond and cause we all can make forward progress. Now, as we learn and as we give and get, there is a vast array of availability on things. LOTS . One question we have that we kina never say is this. How do I know what to choose.???? We all have a path and those are yours. Your decisions effect your action. Your direct or non direct effect you directly. No two ways about that. This is problem some for some in a way that we don't talk about.
As I grew up I found out my love idea was not worth much. Lying cheating never Faithfull in action or speech, never building always burning . Ill use me as an example always lol . Regardless of whos fault it is (Jedi teaching #4 being weary of blame and such things) i had a vision of my present love and it was shy. As i learn what my idea of love is from every example i can find i adapt and grow and practice thing i think worthy. The questions i had, was well...that's not my fault, but i didn't want to seem like i was dissing my parents. Im not in the habit of being the "bad "kid but that's a label that can be removed and even re defined. Is it a bad kid that changes his "stars"? That builds a better love worth immulating and passing and even understanding. So to speak very clearly, there ARE questions that pop in our heads as we learn that we don't talk about.
WE as Jedi have different Questions. So it would be safe to say we have different answers. That's all. Jedi, be aware you will, oh friends you will question things. That's natural and common. When you get into the spiritual side and the ideas we teach , your not gunna see be the same and neither will the answers. Jedi questions need Jedi answers. Apples and oranges friend, don't answer an apple question with a orange answer. Be aware from those who have been there our questions as you learn are not common and even if we are asking aware they ARE personal.
Your questions are real.
Your concerns are real.
yes, they are not the type of questions you can find the direct answer to, laugh out loud and hold his belly , kina like Santa
(insert maniacal laugh)
You have to answer those things for yourselves. Those questions you have, yea its up to you. Those stranger different questions from the stranger ideas available. That's where that changes are made. That point in time. INSERT CHARACTER. As Jedi be aware of this. i hope it helps because it was one person who with a actual sword pointing at me that said," HERE IS WHERE YOU INSERT THE DISIPLINE AND CHARACTER YOU SO SEEK. YOUR WEAK BEACAUSE YOU CHOOSE TO BE WEAK. I choose to display what I have planted and I am satisfied. you call me strong I say I am built."
Jedi be ready when those questions come because they will. Insert what we choose and how we choose , please know that that part right there when you realize... hmm i wonder, yea that's where block meets advance, that's the parts where steel hits steel, as iron sharpens iron friends.
My hope is that we all...ALL grow. We can and we are.
your Jedi Knight and Minister
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Only one may be. The more I study the more i see the idea that only one idea can exist. In mymy Jedi ism I allow many ideas to exist in my practice. This week I ask a simple question... What is your excersise to include your Jedi is!m?. You can have em. I have a few. When I see opposition coming , in my practice I give it a soft place to land. In our home we have many chairs for guests to sit and be welcome. In our path do we have seats for every one ? Do we have more than one? Can we ? Peace find y'all where yall are at! May the Living Force be with y'all!
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I gave it some time to consider the "Try" from the original post. I know that I look to find peace in chaos. After all life is simply ordered chaos, sadly many factors place people against one another. I don't know what my purpose for life is, if there is any at all. However, I do know several of my traits wither taught or natural. I know I will not judge others until their actions warrant it, on a very tempered level as again this is a matter of perspective. I know I will not tolerate senseless violence, though I will acknowledge that violence will always exist and that the only violence I may stop is that which is placed in front of me. I know I will seek equality for all people, yet again I can only work within the confines of myself and my environments. I know that equality and freedom are concepts in which I would die for, when and if called upon to do so. I know that I don't fear death and yet am sometimes terrified of life. I have seen environments of hate, and I have seen environments of the utmost acceptance. The final thing I know is that until I find more peace I cannot spread it beyond that which I understand. To give two practices (among a few) of my Jedi ism:Slack Lining, you must loose your mind to succeed at it, it is only your body that must react, if you think you fall. Control ones breath, ignore the surroundings and only feel the rope under your feet or it's position around you if you are air borne and spinning or yoga and balance positions on it. If the mind is not blank, emotions gone, and focus on the physical forms absolute you gain fresh perspectives when the mind returns. The second is being a goofball the force often runs us into people for a reason, I feel that if I can make a person smile I may have changed their day and though I will never know the impact of that individual moment or seconds to me it is worth to me the judgement others may place upon me.

P.S. Carlos if slack lining didn't give it away, I'm a hippy/retired punk too and pretty proud of it. To quote probably the smartest punk singer ever Greg Graffin (Bad Religion) two refrains from the same song.

"yeah, tell me, can you imagine, for a second,
doing anything that you don't have to?
well that's what I'm accustomed to so hooray for me
and F#$% you"

"I'm not respectable, and never sensible,
I've been incredible so damned irascible
and I like the things I do so hooray for me
and F#$% you" Things I have heard people say about me.....
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In the voice of Johnny 5 ...slack lining!!! Give room, break hold, releAse grip , retake , break of time intentionnaly!!! To re position or r asure!!!
I spent time at sea as well, I love nautical type words n terms too!
That is a great way to try! Almost forgot about that term! May the Living Force continue to find you Tim! Be well!

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Every day brings new things. In my studies I find my self on a personal mission of affirarmation on a few things. During this quest I have taken on a personal challenge. The challenge was to translate my own version of the Tao. During my time at Pensacola Christian College there was a professor who said " what better way to affirm your self with your faith than to take the time to translate its text into your own words." Hmm . That stuck with me to this very day. I eventually did not finish due to monitarie demands that could not be met. Still , to this day the same holds true for any idea. So , I find my self translating the Tao Teh Ching. I find things in me as I learn and translate. I am using a very many of ,4 difrent versions but the reason for this weeks idea comes from one I had a bit of trouble with.
Where the ruler is mum mum
The people are simple and happy
Where the ruler is sharp sharp
The people are wily and discontented
Bad is what good fortune leans on
Good fortune is what bad fortune hides in
Who knows the ultimate end of this process?
Is there no norm of right?
Yet , what is normal soon becomes abnormal.
And what is auspicious soon turns ominous.
Long indeed have the people been in a quandry

Therefore, the sage
squares with out cutting
Carves without disfiguring
Straitens wiout straining
And lightens with out dazzeling

Tao Lao Tzu translated by john c.h.wu
Shambhala classics pocket edition!

Joy spreads.
Sparpness creates the wily and discontent.
Good vs bad, where is the end? Is there a standard right?
All exist in equal parts , normal abnormal, auspicious , ominous.
There exist a state of constant unceartianty and perplexity.
The idea
Remove not harm
Turn not disfigure
Lead not demand
Show not blind.

This is my version.

The last part I want to take some time on as a thought. The sage... The wise man, that guy, the one whomseeks the change and to be the change , that guy ... Can remove without harm. Carve without disfigure , show not blind , lighten without blinding.
Here I think we find a great example of what character, a created,adopted, learned character can produce. This to me sounds like a great example of a true Jedi, the goal to be the one Who can lead and not demand or light the way don't dazzel me with word or things. I give to you this , that last part... You've seen my choices in my translation
The idea...
To remove not harm
To turn not disfigure
Lead not demand
Show not blind.

What are your choices? What words would you use my Temple to discribe the " sage" here... I look forward to reading your reply! May the Living Force be with y'all. Hope you can take that with you during your week. As a fellow Jedi said to me , May the Force shine with you!
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