06 Jul 2019 19:20 - 06 Jul 2019 19:22 #340290 by Alethea Thompson
Good Afternoon ToTJO!!

2020 is looking up! We managed to secure a location for the next Annual Jedi Gathering in the United States a full year in advance!

Our site administrator is still working on getting our registration page up, but it will hopefully by running by next week.

This year we are looking at doing things a bit differently than previous years. At the moment we are figuring out a theme for the gathering, and from there all our workshops will be tailored to fit the theme. Which brings me to ToTJO.

The last time we had a strong showing by ToTJO was 2012. These Gatherings have come a long way since then too. We’ve learned a lot of lessons and had a lot of community growth at these gatherings. International Jedi Federation (IJF) is hopeful to see this trend continue as we build bridges with the various orders in the Jedi Community. And IJF aren’t the only ones- Armonia Seminary (an education branch of the Light Aspect at Force Academy) wants to see that too.

As you may know, Armonia Seminary has been trying to fundraise for a Jedi Gathering in the UK, but in reality we haven’t made a enough to get a down payment for location out there. However, after talking with our President (Keith Williams/Sotunus) we do have enough to sponsor someone’s ticket to the 2020 US Gathering. What Armonia would like to do, is sponsor $150 ticket to the gathering for a Temple of the Jedi Order Workshop Instructor.

I have already cleared the idea with both IJF & Br. John. Once we have a clear theme (by Friday), I can give more details so that you can come up with workshop ideas that are based around the theme. Any person that wishes to apply for the sponsorship will need to submit a basic outline and description of their workshop and a letter of approval of their workshop from the ToTJO Council by December 15, 2019.

For more details about this year’s gathering, please see below:

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08 Jul 2019 01:22 #340307 by Carlos.Martinez3

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