2020 Jedi Gathering

20 Feb 2020 02:32 #349877 by FTPC
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if y'all want you could my google for a live feed to see if the live feed works,
and yes we could REC it for as a back up because the only Jedi gathering is on film is American Jedi and that was edited

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20 Feb 2020 05:12 #349880 by Neaj Pa Bol
Replied by Neaj Pa Bol on topic 2020 Jedi Gathering
Thank You for the Offer... More than likely all speakers and workshops will be asked if they want theirs recorded by Video or Audio. I have complete Podcast lighting, Green Screen, and all that I can bring there.

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21 Mar 2020 14:13 #350622 by Alethea Thompson
I’ve thought it over and I really just don’t know how to sugarcoat the situation.

I’ve been following the Coronavirus story since it broke in China. Many people are of the opinion that our governments are making a hullabaloo over something minor, but that’s not the case. In truth, every measure we are taking is intended to slow the problem down to a crawl. I had to be honest with my son: I’m about 85% sure he’s not going back to school for the rest of the school year. That’s how serious this is. But I am hopeful.

So that brings me to Jedi Gathering. I don’t want to cancel unless we have to. We have until May 11 to cancel and get a full refund on the location. So I’m going to make an official call on May 8th. If you purchase a ticket before that date, you can get a full refund or you can choose to use it towards a 2021 Gathering ticket (which can us get a better location, and I will argue for another Asheville location if we don’t get 2020, I actually have one in mind ^^).

I continue to monitor the situation and will seek a call that is reasonable for the progression this takes here in the US.
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