TOTJO Circle... Lets get this decided...

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10 years 1 week ago #137792 by Jestor
This post made in the other thread, but I copy/pasted, so as to not derail the thread, and take away from the art...:)

Forgive the confusion...

Akkarin wrote: One of my pet annoyances with the Councillor badge is that it has a different central colour for the TotJO symbol than the rest - the colours are white and black for a reason :P

Having the symbol the same is unifying in my view so that's all that I would change :)

Wonderful work though!

Does the circle matter?


I said it did in the other thread about the symbol, when we started with the ecards...

Others said 'no'...

So, perhaps council needs to define it, as to whether the circle must be included...

Right now, in these designs (I feel like an art critic missing the point of the art, and instead, focusing too much on the symbols shown, lol) show the black outline, and then the 'background bleeds through the center of the star (most of them do, I dont think the councillor does)

Basically, if the 'black and white matter, then I request we use it everywhere, starting with the symbol at the top of our page....

But, lets hear from everyone before we take it to Council... :)

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10 years 1 week ago #137794 by MCSH
Although as you said it is an art, but it is representing something... I suggest we change the symbol colors where we could to black and white.

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10 years 1 week ago - 10 years 1 week ago #137795 by steamboat28
Didn't we already have a thread about this? And didn't we decide that the circle is considered part of the original design, but that artistic expression is perfectly valid because it keeps the damn thing from looking so$@#$^@ing boring all the time?

And didn't I spend about fi'ty-'levem posts on how the design itself is actually monochrome with negative space, and not white stars on a black background? Y'know, because the FAQ explanation says "dark and light" and not "black and white"?

...I could've sworn we talked about this before...deja vu, man. :whistle:
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10 years 1 week ago - 10 years 1 week ago #137799 by
My post was about using it officially with our rank badges, you can be as artistic as you like, but just for example look at all the current badges.

Everyone is black and white and the Councillor one is gold because... we're somehow special? They should all be the same, Alex would call it jewelry and I would agree.

In official circumstances we ought to use the official symbol, if you want to use it in artistic circumstances then use it however you like.
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10 years 1 week ago #137801 by
But, it's so glamorous and pretteh! :lol:

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10 years 1 week ago - 10 years 1 week ago #137802 by 666
I ask long time ago, and re ask, just a couple of weeks ago.
the old answer, was like the new, the circle MUST be there.

in my opinion, was part of the logo, was part of the so named balance between light and dark. so even colors matter.
in the other hand, the logo must be registered somewhere, as trademark, or as company logo, or whatever, so must be a legal aspect of it.
other than that, is not a good idea to have more than one logo.
a logo is a sign, is a representation, an identification and for me, was with the circle.

the most important thing is... UNIFICATION, if need to be there, we need to push it, and use it, everywhere.
if not, we need to remove it and use the main (new) logo (without circle)

and if we talk about inspirational art, ... well, we can use it, in any way, because was just something made, inspired in the logo ( like the gold one I've made years ago) but, never intended to be used as LOGO, just a work of art.

art is art, legal aspect, or identity is something different.

and please, the description in the meaning of the logo is so open, that, we can not base our decision on it.

this are all made following what the web say about the logo

clearly is not our logo, or is not the one I chose to represent me

so to be clear in my opinion.

1- we need one and only one logo as identity, as representation of members here
2- the circle make the black color end somewhere, ( light/dark)
3- without the circle, there is only a white start inside, with a white star shape outside.

without the circle, is a more versatile image, but doesn't represent everything.

in symbols, black and white represent light and dark, NO other colors, nor blue, nor yellow, nor red nor green, even when the different colors shades can make it look like a dark color, and a light one.
the right ones are black and white. without the circle, there is only ONE color.... WHITE, no other.

how do you represent dark and light with only WHITE? is that possible - NO

so we need another color.... and we need that color to graphically end somewhere... the black circle made that

so if is me , with the circle is the right one.

and I forgot to say, in any public website we post facebook, tweeter, youtube, mom's website, or any, we MUST use our main logo, no other.

think, we are not as recognized as i.e. coca cola, and this big companies, don't change the logo every decade. this is why they are well know logos.

we are not well know, and worst, if we start using different logos.
my proposition is the council or whoever deside this, need to make us use the real main logo, everywhere, and keep the inspirational art, just like that... art, not representation of all of us.

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