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Well, you may pursue the B. Div. at your leisure. And, since you would record your work in your journal - or a combination of journaux, it makes little difference (though some consolidation is nice) - then your work could be appreciated and appraised by as many as could/would read your journal.

I may have mishandled your case ... my decision to confer you the A. Div. was not based on Alan's recommendation, nor was it offered in consolation of Council's "not yet" response to your knighthood. It was based on what I thought of the work you had done in your journal that you opened thereafter. If awarding you the value of what dqs values were missing from the previous journal based on subsequent work is mis-handling a case, then I'll try very hard not to appreciate anyone's efforts in the future. ;)

Do not lay too much stock on being a controversial figure : "bad" reputations turn out to be just as flimsy as "good" reputations are. We all need to make mistakes in order to learn from them. Our errors and their consequences are often the best pedagogical materials we ever find to help others.
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Thanks also, Alex, for your answer.

Kyrin, I understand your question as "Do I agree with the attitude of non communication where it causes no harm?" the answer would be, alas, yes, else I would condemn myself. I might personally wish for more from me and from others - but I do respect people's rights not to respond, and not to have a reasonable reason for not responding. It's not the same as active harm. I unreasonably ignore people. I didn't say "Hello" to the permanent-fixture wheelchair-bound dude outside the store yesterday; even though he's now gained a sort of parasol for the summer. Stuff has clearly changed in his life. I dunno if it's for better or for worse. I don't want anything from him; but he was asking me, as he asks everyone, for money.

I have taken on the role of a person with money, and with that comes responsibility. I currently bask in the glory of the back-light from my mobile phone; one which I will flash at people in SJW gatherings, and say "look, conflict mineral free"... Yes, it's clear I've got money, so he is asking the right kind of person.

Whether I do enough "redressing of the imbalance" with that responsibility comes from where I personally draw the line. I could draw it close to me. I could draw it closer to him. If we sat down and had a conversation together; it is likely that I would draw my line closer to wheelchair dude... What I really, really don't want to have happen is for me to become oblivious/impervious to his requests, and/or, worse still, for me to come to dislike him because he calls me out on my bullshit. I can 100% understand why he sees the situation as non-acceptable; but I personally don't see it at 100% non-acceptable. It's not just my money, it's my family's money, and I've made agreements with them about how we use it. Our understandings differ, so I don't give him money, but we've never spoken to one another about this. I can understand why he would get increasingly upset at my ability, day in, day out, to cycle in on my fancy-pants Kalkhoff bike, which then necessitated the Kryptonite D-Lock and cable for me to keep it safe, and, seemingly subsequently, ignore him.

I couldn't say whether the people love the mantle of responsibility that comes from their council roles. I think I lost quite a lot when our household became a secure one, with an income paid monthly into a bank account, with health insurance. Nowhere near as much as we gained; so the dude is right - I do need to work on redressing the balance - but the councillors here? Being a councillor of what is seen in the wider world as a joke religious order; perhaps even by peoples spouses; possibly subjects them to ridicule from people they hold dear when they take more time out of their schedule to handle our questions and comments. The people in their lives may take it out on them when they invest time here. I dunno. I've not spoken to them. I've not sought to understand their perspectives. But I can certainly imagine why people would hold an attitude of non-communication. As such, I give them the benefit of the doubt. I hope that parasol dude is doing the same for me, rather than feeling repetitively bruised.

Power-drunkeness, I think, would have to come with active harm, rather than a simple non response. I think that would be the case if someone came to them and said "Help", and then that person was ignored. Where I see "Help" requests in the community threads and forums, I usually also see two, three, or more Jedi folks doing Jedi things in response. That sometimes includes councillors and named persons. That does not always include me. A lack of prosperity for the membership is not the same as a creation of poverty for the membership. In this case, I see no harm being caused; only an invitation to act which is not taken up. Disappointing perhaps, but not condemnable.

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5 years 7 months ago #320724 by steamboat28

Kyrin Wyldstar wrote: TWell it's bullshit if it does not translate to prosperity of the membership.

Your perception of personal prosperity should not be confused with the prosperity of the membership.

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5 years 7 months ago #320726 by Carlos.Martinez3
Were your questions answered ?

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Kyrin - you and I have spoken about some of this already, but I will reiterate here that your questions are valid ones and they are being seriously considered by Councillors. There was, in fact, quite a bit of confusion among ourselves about exactly how the IP, AIP (SIP), Knighthood, and A.DIV/B.Div degrees all function in relation to one another. It would seem that it was done a certain way in the past and there were certain intentions for how it should evolve, but things have instead gone in a variety of other directions that have resulted in confusion and conflict. We're trying to wade through all of this now and determine how to move forward without cheating anyone currently doing the work or creating too much of an upheaval all at once.

As for a record of your studies, your journals do serve as a record of your work that can be reviewed at anytime by anyone who needs to. I do understand, though, that this doesn't constitute a record of what you have actually been given credit for toward a degree. That is something that has been most recently handled by the TMs, and it hasn't been handled the same way by all of us. I, personally, use an excel spreadsheet that keeps track of any and all assignments I hand out and the points earned for each one upon completion. It includes points awarded toward the IP, A.DIv, and B.Div. Upon reaching each point requirement, I submit my lesson plan and the spreadsheet outlining the points I have awarded to EduAdmin who reviews and either approves it or asks me to assign additional work. I have no problem sharing this info with my students if they ask at anytime, and I keep it stored as a record for future reference.

While this also aides in determining my Apprentices' readiness for Knighthood by showing what subject matter they have studied, it does not have anything to do with determining whether or not they are ready to be Knighted. That is a personal judgement call that I have to make and then submit my evidence of it to Council for review. A combination of journal review and an interview should be enough to convince the Council that my judgment was correct and the rank should be awarded. If not, that is an error in judgment on my part as the TM and I have the responsibility to address it appropriately or appeal to the Council to change their decision.

I realize you know a lot of this already, but I thought it might be of benefit to others reading this as well.

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Carlos.Martinez3 wrote: @kyrin
Were your questions answered ?

I don’t know. I feel like this thread took a turn for the weird. Part of it was my fault. My frustrations in getting an answer may have over animated some of my comments. :P

The last I heard of the Pax Templi it was to be published over a month ago. So my assumption was that it was ready. Now Alex, you say it is not ready yet?

When I talked about the policy and procedure manual for apprenticeship I am not talking about a lesson plan. In fact the manual should define that a lesson plan is what the knight and apprentice decide works. But it should also contain details like we are discussion here, - what is the AIP and how does it apply to degrees, how degrees do not grant automatic Knighthood and how some A-divs might be able to teach in a limited capacity. That’s the sort of things I am talking about. Most people do not know these things because they are not published anywhere.

As for the whining comment, I am not whining and I’m not sure why that was necessary. I was simply asking some questions about the state of affairs here that stemmed from another conversation we were having.

Alex, I was not speaking of the adiv when I made the comment about mishandling my case. I was talking about mostly the lack of communication and the subsequent misunderstandings that were incurred as a result. Of course this was not on you alone. I could not get a satisfactory answer from anyone at the time, I think mostly because everyone had a different idea of what was going on because there was no process and procedures. Plus the fact that Alan had left and that put me in a vacuum and then I felt I was just assigned stuff at random to get me to go away.

Thanks Senan for your reply. I thought there might be some interest in these questions as far as the general populace goes so that is the reason I started the thread. The only major issue I see with what you wrote is the fact that the journal serves as the record alone. Maybe it does not matter but how you assign points to that record would be different than another knight. You have actually said that as well. So what happens if a time ever comes when someone earning an adiv is challenged? I think this was actually what happened in my case. Alan assigned me points for lots of stuff and those points were challenged and knocked back down. What happens if 5 years from now someone challenges an adiv degree? How do we know what points were assigned and why they were assigned if there is no transcript associated with the journal?
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