Jediism and drinking

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Deimos wrote: @Kohadre Here's something I'm not understanding based on your recent post at the time of this post.

If you are anti-theist, like I assume you are and feel free to correct me if not, then why did you join TOTJO? I don't ask to be an ass I ask because it seems contradictory as I view Jediism as something spiritual so it seems like it would be something you'd be against in concept.

Reasonable question.

I joined TOTJO the better part of a decade ago. In that time, my beliefs have changed relative to my life experience.

However, to quote Br.John a few posts prior; "Jediism is a religion of right action." This being the case, Jediism is a non-theist & non spiritually centered religion and therefore compatible with my current beliefs.

Religious belief is not required to be a morally upstanding person, nor does TOTJO promote such belief within it's outlines of "right action".

So long and thanks for all the fish

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Rosalyn J wrote: @kohadre, how are you defining the word "faith"

I feel the post in question should have answered this, however I can go into more detail.

Spirituality =/=Faith
Faith =/= Religion
Religion =/= Theism

"Faith" in the context used would refer to spiritual, supernatural, and theistic based religious practice. It would apply to any belief system in which the claims of faith / belief cannot be verified, proven, or otherwise legitimized through the practicing faithful.

However, in earlier posts I've mentioned that terms such as faith and religion are not exclusive to that application. My hunters-ed instructor had religion through safety protocols despite being an outspoken atheist.

I have faith that I'm going to get paid each week I clock hours at work, despite there being no religious or spiritual element of that system.

My (present) religion comes in the form of barbarous logic and deliberate reason, that any unproven claim will be "ripped apart" until such a point that legitimate and verifiable outcomes can be discerned.

So long and thanks for all the fish
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25 Apr 2020 12:56 #351406 by Carlos.Martinez3
It it my hope that this Temple realize that there are many different community leaders present here - these answers and questions come from a focus of that- from each of our respective backgrounds and service.

There are at any given time people who answer for them self’s and their respective faiths of practices. That’s the idea. Any one can create their own faiths and practices to function and even lead some folk. Each answer is that of the individual - NOT of the Temple but by their participants. How THEY do it- how you do it is almost as important some days like - why.

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25 Apr 2020 13:05 #351407 by For-Emris
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To drink a bottle of beer in the evening with friends is natural. So is a birthday glass of whiskey. But, consume a lot of alcohol every day ... No.
If a person constantly drinks a lot of alcohol, he will begin to degrade - both physically and mentally.
The same goes for stimulants. Drinking a red bull in preparation for the exam is the norm. When, for any reason, you do not sleep for two days - too. But, the excessive use of such drinks (or, more powerful stimulants, in tablets) can adversely affect health.
Excessive consumption of alcohol and stimulants leads to the fact that our brains begin to change. Our consciousness is changing. Not for the better. As I said, this is degradation. And Jediism is a path of development. Spiritual and physical growth. Growth and degradation are not compatible.
Of course, this is my personal point of view, and I am not trying to impose it on anyone.

Love is a manifestation of the Force that unites all living creatures ...

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26 Apr 2020 04:38 #351418 by FTPC
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I am glad that I drink coke because I have some people act stupid after too many beers and other alcoholic drinks, and sadly the people are my family and friends ( no Jedi) because I have never met any of ya'll or y'all offline

I am not judging the people that do drink, I am just telling you all my Exp when it comes to drinking and as far a jedism goes
that is a mother story for another day,, well good sabbath or good Sunday and MTFBY (may the force be with you & TOTJO

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27 Apr 2020 04:51 #351432 by zxSnake
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A good rum n' cola is my favorite drink.
I don't have any reason not to drink. Always drink responsibly! Have a plan.
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27 Apr 2020 14:32 - 27 Apr 2020 14:33 #351439 by Nakis
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Every so often I enjoy a nice gin and tonic.

One fun thing I learned early on is that whiskey that me aggressive and combative, so I don't drink that. Rums make me more talkative.

Gin just keeps me even keeled and sleepy.

Moderation is key in all things. If we become dependent on it, there are issues. If we fear it, there are issues. Which has been restated a few times here.

I'm a fan of botanical gins as opposed to regular, as a sidenote.

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27 Apr 2020 15:36 #351441 by ZealotX
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I think the question of not drinking may be worse than drinking.

I don't like when people try to say Jedi don't ___________ unless they are absolutely sure it is wrong and we can all agree. But you can't make choices for other people and decide what's right or wrong for everyone else. Too easy to then become a judge and the arbiter of what is and isn't Jedi. So people should be very careful with this.

For me personally, Jeddism is about balance. If something takes you to an extreme (and it may affect you differently than others) then that is antithetical to your personal Jedi path and shouldn't be done (by you).

Being stressed out vs being drunk. The place in the middle isn't perfect sobriety but rather being able to have a drink or two and feeling good. That doesn't mean abusing it or being dependent on it.

Some people mistake pain, suffering, and sacrifice, for spiritual enlightenment. It's the idea of "faith vs works". Rather, spirituality should be based in discovering and developing WHO YOU ARE (within) and then reflect that person outward. This fundamental misunderstanding of spirituality causes people to constantly search for it, never find it, and then create religion in its place. Because at least with religion they feel like they're in control. But the idea shouldn't be to be controlled but rather be yourself; the best version of you that is constantly receiving upgrades.

Some religions are consumed with what you can't do. You can't do this. You can't do that. Some of the most enlightened and most successful people both smoke and drink while others, like Catholic priests, are assumed to be better because of their restrictions and in reality their minds simply find other ways to exercise and if they become too repressed their minds can take them in terrible directions.

Although I am an atheist, Jesus Christ, for whom we say WWJD, is probably seen as the epitome of spirituality. Was he always sober? No. He hung out with "sinners" and drank wine. That's why he said its not what goes into the body that defiles the man but what comes out. Wise words. And when I look at people like Bob Marley, Dave Chappelle, and many others, these words are simply proven true.
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