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09 Jul 2012 04:40 #66279 by jbrussell1969
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Somewhere in this discussion I saw where an explination was asked for on how Chi destroys the cancer/virus. Study the method of Quantum Touch, as the creator of this healing method describes in in a very clear and beautiful way. Basically when one learns how to do it, what he/she is doing is raising their vibration of energy, and with focus and allowing the Force to flow through them as a channel, then the patients body energy (the Force inside of them) has to raise its vibrational level to match. This is the same method as several clocks on a wall will sacranyze and all follow the same time.

Please contact me if you would like to know more about bringing cancer into remission....

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09 Jul 2012 11:56 #66290 by Mace Feibel
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please explain how you would bring cancer into remission

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