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Carlos.Martinez3 wrote:

Tetrahedron wrote: I think machine learning is nuts in and of itself, but makes total sense in the grand scheme of things -
here we give the AI inputs and it goes through a Sigmoid function or something else that helps it generate numbers for output or bias.
...And that's it. If given the right inputs do you think a machine AI can become fully sentient?
In your opinion?

That’s the million dollar question - will the creators give that impression or will they simply do as they are programmed. Makes me wonder. Some are it as they will create their own type of conscience- the A.I. But - of reason has its day - of it does this want it then programmed to do so?

That's what's scary about AI

They aren't actually programmed to exactly do anything. they are given a variable that's used as a 'good' outcome - like when we receive pleasure from making another smile, sans all the cool neural
stuff we get. They get inputs and also controlled possible outputs. In this way yes they are programmed to output a specific thing, but the programming makes it so the AI itself is making all the choices.

Given the proper inputs, like distance from an object, how many cards it can pull from a deck, or how it can move on a virtual board, the AI then uses the sigmoid or other code to make the best choice it can to get desired result with no actual direction, no human saying "Go left then right" just the rules and the desired outcome. They start off bad - learn some more then as they learn can do amazing things like the list below!! Thank you Minister!!

Beating the world champion of Go
Dominating Atari games
Writing poetry
Beating professional poker players
Developing a scientific theory
Beating humans on IQ tests

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― Frank Herbert, Dune
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