Light Side, or Dark? That is The Question

10 Jun 2019 05:24 - 10 Jun 2019 05:26 #339494 by Kelrax Lorcken
It's the official stance of the Temple that there are no "sides" to The Force, that it is a singular, yet gestalt, all encompassing thing, for lack of a better understanding.

I'm not here to dispute this.

What I do want to discuss, however, is action, and a well known notion in "New Age" and pagan circles: Intent.

Among modern practitioners of Magick, rather than espousing hard taboos about what magick is permitted within a given group to perform, such as forbidding the practice of "Black Magick", there is an emphasis on personal honesty and responsibility. To not only be honest with yourself as to what you do, but why.

We, as humans, are very good at deceiving ourselves- I'm not talking about things like performing a deed to achieve a goal for someone else, but secretly for our own satisfaction (that tired cynical notion of there being no truly selfless act). No, I'm talking about ideas like "Please, give me a spell to help this girl see that her boyfriend is all wrong for her!" or "I need to bind someone from hurting themselves, I can't do nothing anymore"- seemingly noble actions, but with just beneath the surface, ulterior, often self-serving, motives. The hypothetical White Knight is just as likely a "Nice Guy", and he most certainly has someone in mind as to who is "right" for the girl. The "Angel of Mercy"? Could simply be someone looking to assert control, even power, over someone close to them- maybe even over nothing, but simply something of which they do not approve.

No, there certainly is but ONE Force, with no sides.

And yet, there is positive and negative action, in addition to positive and negative results, and perspective. The distinction is not simply what we do, but the honest why we do, and what we can expect of the results.

Especially for those of us who would view The Force in similar ways as Magick- making the mistake of viewing it as a tool or resource, to be manipulated; as a means to our own ends.

And, as the old adage goes, "The road to Hell is paved with 'good' intentions."

Light and Dark, Positive and Negative, are very difficult to see, especially in our own actions but with honest, sincere intent, we can at least try.

shall we discuss?

(I'm not looking to debate, or convince anyone, but, pragmatically speaking my ideas are worthless to me, never mind anyone else, if I just sit around agreeing with myself, keeping them to myself.)

Kelrax "Stormcaller" Lorcken, Jedi Pathfinder
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10 Jun 2019 06:03 #339497 by Adder
I tend to define intention as spirit in action. The first hurdles are getting in touch with a spirit that aligns with ones path (spirit in concept) ie clarity of conceptualization. My Jedi path makes those things a circle, that generates refined view, enabling more coherant result as light. Then its about applying appropriate techniques (arts) depending on circumstance, ie referential integrity in action (casting). Dark then is either deep or lost - experimental or self destructive.

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10 Jun 2019 17:40 #339508 by Carlos.Martinez3
Thank you for the discussion. I hope it brings good yield. I will always try to give a bit of myself and things to build - tools ideas and hope! Smiley face.
On the topic :
As modern day Jeddist - one of the hardest for some and easiest “gates” to go through is the ever important... movie and real life gate. Real vs myth. This is a common gate to go through because we have the right as humans to decide if Zues or Luke - Bilbo or Spock - Harry or Catniss - Batman or Maui - Jesus or The Buddha - all these stories and different beliefs and ways and ideas - where do they sit in our own - way of doing and seeing things. How they fit - in us and relative to us. Self reflective is a tough gig my friend. The freedom to decide where to assign these ideas - how close how far is - to some - a new one. To others it may not but the point of that existing - is very real. Light and dark come on the same flow as right and wrong or good and bad and is not limited to just these type of ideas. There are so many ways to say the same thing.
Officially : our stance is easy - we believe in the inherit worth of all- including but not limited what you believe - how you practice and WHAT you choose. Self reflective - self review - finding things out on our own about our self’s is a hard gig. Even harder to teach as most time - lol we are just learning our selfs. So , as the old timers say- I said all that to say this-
My own review of myself and my own seeking and learning - I have coined for myself - there is no stray in my path. I’ll explain. I went through all the - what I labeled as good and bad light and dark - and I am here. Without labels - I see that path- as life happening - the ebb n flow - the wonderful thing that is my life. Some desisions ehh - probly could have done it different and saved some scrapes but for the most part - inapply the Force to the guidance and flow of my life to flow - wild like as I say. Now I have the opportunity to take a bigger charge and cultivate a bit more things rather than just react blindly as before. For me and my choice - light and dark don’t apply. I try hard not to use to many labels as possible - another of my own choices- but I have had huge benefits from doing that. Levels get in the way often for me and often time seem like walls more than helps. My own choice. So , any label can hinder harm or help- depending on how you yourself wield your saber! Smileyface .

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