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Stormcaller wrote:
When observing "dimorphic" species, the difference between the 2 sexes is RADICAL.

Not necessarily. Sexual dimorphism in humans has been a subject of controversy. But generally, although it is considered a low level, human male and female appearances are perceived as dimorphic by science.

Males have flat chests while females have breasts
Males have more pronounced adam’s apples than females
Males have a more squared face while females are heart shaped
Males have more natural body and facial hair than females
Males have more sculpted look from muscle but females are curvier from higher fat
Males are generally taller and have greater weight than females
Males have a thicker waste but females have a greater hip thickness
Males have bigger hearts than females
Males have a penis and a scrotum while females have a vagina and ovaries
Males produce millions of sperm, females produce 1 egg per month
Males must ejaculate (orgasm) to reproduce while females do not.
Males have a prostrate but females have skenes glands
Males have a greater grey to white matter ratio and hemisphere asymmetry in the brain
Males have more connections within brain hemispheres, females have more between hemispheres
Males have a smaller hippocampus than females
Males have less pain receptors than females
Males have and XY chromosome but females is XX
Males have a lower threshold for aggression because of higher testosterone

Solve' et coagula

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05 Nov 2018 21:21 #328800 by Adder
What is interesting about that list AFAIK, is that all those things are determined by the sex differentiation process in the gonads; with the peripheral influences a direct result of the combination of those remote sites receptivity to the amount of testosterone produced by that sex determination. As a result a high degree of variance exists in both the amount of testosterone but also the receptivity or the tissues to it, not to mention other genetic and epigenetic variations which are unrelated to sex.
Point being, it can go either way for each of us (seemingly).
And its probably even more complicated then that :S
So for example what does being male even mean.... the degree of masculine traits? How that relevant to anything I dunno - from a human rights perspective.
So whats your other gender and/or sex self like :D

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