What it Means When There are No Boy Scouts

12 May 2018 01:22 #321466 by Luthien
I don't think there's a decline in masculinity, just that there is a decline in masculinity as we know it in the West. And, even the one we think is traditional is more recently traditional, since, as we have covered in other posts, the definition of masculinity has changed over the centuries. That one feels their masculinity is threatened by the presence of a different gender tells me way more than has been written. I would say that there has been an actual decline in the preservation of male connection, as has been covered so far in this thread. I agree that there does need to be more spaces for male-only interaction, just as there are those for female-only interaction. There's more below the surface of the issue, but it isn't as alarming as it's being made to be.

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