This is incontrovertible proof that God is evil. God does not live by his own go

05 Dec 2016 03:00 #267232 by Wescli Wardest

Greatest-I-am wrote: How they can conclude that Yahweh is a good God is quite a conclusion that Christians have jumped to while ignoring their own stories and myths that show their God to be demonstrably evil.


Wow... :ohmy:

I am actually amazed and stunned by how you have completely you missed the entire message of those passages. To be that far off, one would have to be stretching almost to the point of falsehood to come to such absurd conclusion. It is almost like you are trying to pick a fight with people by purposefully slandering other religions and the people that follow them.

Let me be the first to inform you, that kind behavior is not considered acceptable here. Nor will I tolerate someone trying to pick fights with others or the purposeful slander of other religions, or the personal beliefs of those that hold said beliefs.

I hope this message is clear.

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05 Dec 2016 08:03 #267250 by Gisteron
You did say something about being bothered and now "chased" by yours truly, GIa. I'll let the moderators and other readers judge whether I treated you unfairly.
In my opinion you are the one stomping about "picking fights" as Wescli put it, not me. I am responding to you, in detail and in far calmer ways than a few others do, or than you do, or than you deserve, too. I have not enough to say to start an inflammatory threads myself, but I do have enough to be responding to yours, and judging by how in continuing a conversation you either shift goal posts when on topic or move off-topic when you can get away with that, I'd say it is you who is lacking in substantive things to say. If this is not so, feel free to address some of the arguments thrown at you. I'd frankly be happy to be proven wrong about you and get to welcome you here as ever fewer are willing to, I'd wager, at this point, for there can hardly ever be too many interesting people to talk to.

Better to leave questions unanswered than answers unquestioned

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28 Jan 2017 13:50 #274103 by Streen

Greatest-I-am wrote: This is incontrovertible proof that God is evil. God does not live by his own golden rule.

God kills when he could just as easily cure. This is irrefutable.

This is a clear violation of the golden rule. The golden rule as articulated by Jesus.

God then is clearly evil.

Do you agree with Jesus that anyone who breaks the golden rule is evil?


God didn't screw up the world, we did. Death is something that we cause, not God.

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02 May 2017 19:03 #282789 by ZealotX

Magnus Staar wrote: If by "God" you mean the Abrahamic God, then you should be aware that good and evil are defined by Him, that is, good is his will, evil is anything else.

Which makes anything He does inherently good. He is above the Law.

There is no such thing as above the law in regards to good and evil.

The God of Moses was Moses. Fortunately, God was invisible and never spoke out loud. This made it incredibly easy for someone to simply say that God spoke to them. There were many who didn't believe Moses and for that... he killed them. If all the people willing to exercise free speech were getting killed one can imagine an environment in which everyone who might have protested would have restrained themselves or kept it to private conversation; nothing that would appear in or challenge the bible.

With everything that Jesus said in the NT about hypocrites it is not possible that God himself would, having so much presumed intellect, be a hypocrite and couldn't find non-invasive, non-destructive, non-immoral ways of handling problems. For instance, a solution to the question of where the Hebrews should live... if you were human your mind would be limited to places you know of. If you don't believe God can/will perform miracles then you might have to fight for land. However, if God were real, and making these decisions, why not terraform the desert? Does anyone think the Creator wouldn't be able to turn a desert into a tropical paradise if he chose to? If he parted the Red Sea surely he could create a river and vegetation at will. But what we see in the bible is a Donald Trump like God who is ineffectual at getting his agenda done. So instead he "does evil". Even in doing evil in reaction to humans... what does that do except teach us that war is okay? That capital punishment is okay?

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