What is actually shinning ?

17 Oct 2019 14:22 #344517 by Carlos.Martinez3
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We as a temple or as a Order don’t use labels often but there is a label that isn’t said often.


We have Gray light dark and even different ideas of our practices. That’s the idea and that’s what we share here. The “light” as it is described is what exactly? We as a whole are “considered” the “light Jeddist” or the “good” ones but what does that mean? I’m not really talking about the actual label but what does that term mean? What light? What dark? What is the light? What’s the light in the Jeddist way of practice? The next parallel is what is the dark but today I wanna know :
If we have light or we focus on the light rather than the dark... what is it exactly to each of us? What are we actually shining ? What is light considered for those who claim this label? Even if you’re just a small part Jeddist - what’s tour light you actually shine?
Force be with us as we all seek serve and share it.
Pastor Carlos

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