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3 years 2 weeks ago #354492 by Jhannuzs Ian
The evocative resource: The Weapon of a Jedi 2015

When Luke flies alongside the Red Squadron pilots, Luke feels fluctuations in the mystical energy field known as the Force ...

I wanted to take the introduction as a first lift of meditation because: between being acclaimed just as a hero or really supporting the liberators, it contains the manifestation of an attitude to sustain justice, focusing on people instead just medals ...
Then it is my turn to reflect about justice. For this meditation I will use a melody that I made with a virtual Handpan and I will meditate with these three mental spheres in the air:

• Supporting justice with another human values because they come always together.
• Evoking peace or softness in my body when I work (because Luke feels the fluctuations of the Force as he flies).
• Shaping the destiny of my weekend (for practical purposes) .

Right on, selfconscious and perseverance, here I go ...

* * *
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3 years 2 weeks ago #354494 by Jhannuzs Ian
I started to meditate with the melody that I made,(I attached the mp3, but it doesn't seem to work), anyway...

First I wanted mental silence and then I wondered what I could do to create justice ...
It led me to think that although I am not a lawyer, I can still contribute something positive to this matter, because during this meditation an idea came to me poured into a question that I could use with my patients:

How would you like to create justice to your serenity? (or my patient's goal during her session).

I felt that with this question I could evoke an intention for the session, something that keeps the focus on creating something positive rather than just purging emotions, complaining about others, etc.
I also asked myself that question: How can I create justice for my body while working? This is important to me because I tend to have neck pain or cause pain in my eyes from creating animated videos on my computer, when I lose control, I get obsessive to keep moving forward and it causes some pain in my body, but a phrase emerge in my meditation: justice to my body ... It will keep me focused on dissolving the tension with movements, perhaps setting an alarm: resting one minute out of every hour ... or something similar as I see results.

Another way to do justice to my body and Create my Weekend was to make the decision to eat more fruits because recently I have neglected that area of ​​my life, my diet is not chaotic but I want to improve to balance my internal systems to sow the adequate cause for my future health.
Imagining scenes of my new attitudes and listening to the music, I knew that the time meditating was enough because I found an idea: something to do and motivation to continue my day. This meditation helped me to reduce the injustice that I do to my body unconsciously or by inertia.
I still have some degree of uncertainty, regarding collaborating with other people on the issue of justice, I feel like I could find something else but I don't know yet.

* * *
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3 years 1 week ago #354631 by Jhannuzs Ian
"Jessika had droid-related tasks that week. Her job was to inventory the astromech droids on the base and make sure they were ready for action, their programs updated, and the flight instruments in operation and tested. It wasn't the worst job in the squad, helping the techs with cleaning the fuel system was much more unpleasant, but Jessika was sure it was the most boring"

Attachment motivation.jpg not found

Three variables I noticed: work, boredom, demotivation.

Feeling bored and without energy, could be causes or effects depending on where in time I put my gaze. My next intention is to meditate to add motivation in 3 areas: while working, in free time activities and house cleaning tasks.

I will meditate on those aspects right now for a few minutes...

* * *

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3 years 1 week ago #354632 by Jhannuzs Ian
With that previous focus ... I meditated for 15 minutes with the help of a Japanese mantra called: nam myojo rengue kyo.

My initial resolution to add motivation to my day was:

• To make a videocall to a different friend a day, even some brief dialogue but with quality.
• Clean a corner of the house and use a happy song.

I know that I will add more to aspects during the week because incubating ideas for my well-being is something important and another result that I will accumulate will be to feel transcendence in my actions.

* * *
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3 years 1 week ago #354781 by Jhannuzs Ian

I found 3 aspects to meditate on, first I will cite which phrases woke me up the curiosity to bring my internal world to make discoveries.

a) Luke didn't know how he knew, he just knew.

b) Luke was aware that he had abilities with the Force, the energy field created by life that holds the galaxy together.

c) (ironic mood) —Yes. Sure, ”Luke replied, berating himself for his distraction. None of his Force abilities would help him if he was killed, and daydreaming during a battle was a great way to make it happen.

My meditation purposes based on the previous phrases:

• Meditate on what intuition is for me

• Meditate on what aspects can unite me with other people and what attitude should I develop these days to obtain a greater connection with some of the people I have in mind.

• Meditate on what aspect I should focus on today

a) Intuition for me is a way of creating an anticipated conclusion based on my emotions, sometimes it is the first step of my curiosity to begin to know something new, sometimes it is the feeling that I must stop on my way and rethink my course. The images that appeared in my mind led me to dangerous situations, fear provoking my sense of protection, trying to find a solution to those moments. I raised my hand to stop some uncomfortable memories because in reality I did not want to wind up a past that lasted days, I also wanted to know what else could intuition be for me, I asked myself, what should I do or stop doing today? And I visualized myself sealing my windows, it has been raining heavily and I felt the desire to anticipate the water leaks ... I rambled imagining that I was swimming somewhere, that gave me peace of mind and when I was distracted I opened my eyes wondering what time I should buy a liquid sealant. As I noticed that I was beginning to plan things, I had doubts about stopping my meditation or continuing to inquire. I continued ... Intuition ... What do I want to intuit? What should I intuit? The next process was long on a private topic but I liked my findings, and I got a funny sense of acceptance on a topic, a solution that I know I will continue to nurture in different ways.

b) The energy field that unites everything ... I did not want to close my eyes and did a meditation in movement, then I turned off the instrumental music that I had played and went out for a walk, I wanted to feel how I was united with other things or people, knowing that I was not I would bring strangers closer by healthy distance, my expectation was moderate, I did not think I would have a huge discovery or an intense feeling of union, I just wanted to experiment ... The first thing I got was to receive a response to my "good morning", unknown neighbors and masks covering mouths hiding a large part of our expressions, I felt that what united us at that moment was the desire to socialize, to lessen the fear of contagion and I smiled, I knew that no one would notice my lips smiling, and that in the same way I would not notice the expression of others. Being only able to see people's eyes, I thought about the idea that they are windows to the soul, I didn't want to make assumptions about how they felt, I just got carried away by the idea that I was looking at their souls for a few seconds, few people but I felt that Similar experiences unite us, the yearnings, the fears about losing health, the worry about money, the anxiety about confinement ... I heard a person argue about the garbage on the floor, he waved his hands and I looked at his anger, I thought in the times when something has angered me and I felt understanding for their claims ... Looking at my boots with a little mud and water from yesterday's endless rain in the streets, I enjoyed the cold weather, I thought about buying a coffee but until in these aspects you have to save these days. I looked at the clouds thinking that yesterday I had wanted the rain to stop, the pavement in the nearby neighborhoods is not in good condition and it is difficult to walk and the traffic has also been affected, I thought about how the Force could be there, creating a certain degree of problems , I got distracted with contradictory ideas because feeling part of the rain did not make me feel good when I noticed the damage. I felt how my whole environment influenced me, that word led me to give sense to my ideas by wandering, influence, degrees of influence ... I had fun with the idea that the sun and our planetary system maintain a balance of energy, enough to maintain the orbits and that our planet obtain favorable conditions for life ... Intuitively or not, I decided that when I returned home, I would review my application to learn languages, the idea or decision that I began to create, was to make a new friend somewhere on the planet, to unite the purpose of learning languages ​​or knowing how someone fifteen thousand kilometers away could resonate with this feeling or concept of being united or sharing something ... I'll see what happens with that.

c) In the story Luke is distracted but regains focus, focus today on what aspect? Upon returning home I sat in an armchair and was still very distracted remembering my walk so I put on a melody that I made, spontaneous musical notes with a Handpan and as it lasts almost thirteen minutes, I thought it would be a reasonable time to dedicate myself to finding focus points For this Saturday or week, the natural relaxation of the walk made me close my eyes and I remembered a ninja or ninjutsu tradition, which uses hand positions to represent 8 seals, it is called Kuji-in, interlocking of fingers and positions that help to keep in mind skills such as: strength, its channel, harmony, healing, sense of alertness, divination of thoughts, control of space and time, control of the elements and lighting ... I do not think they have magical attributes, they only helped me to unite my intuition with a sense of alertness towards valuable aspects and suddenly I realized that having done these three meditations had already brought something good to my day, I felt like a mother. go, a jedi and a ninja, hats, costumes and roles that could be joined, abilities of my imagination and my attempts to land my creativity those myths during my day ... I felt entitled to keep that creative magic, I'll see what I provoke in my day or in my week ...

* * *
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3 years 1 week ago #354805 by Jhannuzs Ian

The calls I received with this reading

a) Ben Kenobi taught Luke the basics about Jedi meditation, warning him that opening a connection with the Force was something that even the oldest of the Jedi Masters studied for a lifetime.

b) Ben told him to focus on the most important emotions in his mind, to be honest with himself about the sensations he was experiencing and how they affected him. Then he had to let them go, one by one, as if emptying a glass of water. The goal was to become an empty vessel; only then could the Force fill it.

c) "Don't focus on your anxieties, keep your concentration here and now, where it should be." Ben had told him that too.

I will create a meditation including those aspects: if the Force includes everything, then today I just want to connect with joy or serenity, the second point maybe would allow me to face not so pleasant ideas and release them like clouds ... Empty myself of a pessimistic approach to have more opportunities to discover ideas that enrich my life ... Focusing on this moment could lead me to be grateful for the aspects that are already well ... I will see how it turns out to practice these three types of meditation at the same time ...

Here I go, I will use this music from below.. Then I will wrote my findings ...


* * *
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