What is actually shining?

17 Oct 2019 14:22 - 29 Sep 2020 11:46 #344517 by Carlos.Martinez3
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We as a temple or as a Order don’t use labels often but there is a label that isn’t said often.


We have Gray light dark and even different ideas of our practices. That’s the idea and that’s what we share here. The “light” as it is described is what exactly? We as a whole are “considered” the “light Jeddist” or the “good” ones but what does that mean? I’m not really talking about the actual label but what does that term mean? What light? What dark? What is the light? What’s the light in the Jeddist way of practice? The next parallel is what is the dark but today I wanna know :
If we have light or we focus on the light rather than the dark... what is it exactly to each of us? What are we actually shining ? What is light considered for those who claim this label? Even if you’re just a small part Jeddist - what’s tour light you actually shine?
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17 Sep 2020 07:32 #354716 by Eqin Ilis
Replied by Eqin Ilis on topic What is actually shining?
I'm a little surprised I found this here with no responses. So I kinda wanted to resurrect a dead thread in the hopes of seeing some others' ideas.

The light that is shined is the same kind of energy that "brightens your day." It's fun and joy. It's the childlike wonder at the little miracles in the world. It's the depth of compassion we are capable of when we are at our best. It's love, in all it's many types. It's no coincidence that so many religions say children can teach us important lessons. At their best, children brighten the day of adults, and show us just how beautiful the world can be if we take off our "adulting goggles" to see things through fresh eyes.

It's no coincidence either that when Luke finds Yoda, Yoda decides to have a little fun with it. He doesn't care what would come across as wise or enlightening, he cares if this man-child can treat some rando with love and patience. And Luke can't. That is why Yoda sees him as a hopeless case. How do you teach someone like that to prioritize compassion and happiness? Luke's so impatient to become some mighty hero, he has no time to be bothered with the small acts that are most important. Same with Qui-Gon. He is always patient with other lifeforms, and shows as much kindness as he is able, given the circumstances. He has a wry sense of humor, likes to pull people's legs a little, and isn't above having a mischievous streak.

I was told growing up that my personality "shines bright," though I suspect that's a common thing for most kids. Despite being told to never change, I can tell that adulthood often makes me more of a raincloud than a light. But the aspiration is still there. So on my better days, I tell puns, point out the cloud shaped like a dragon, watch the birds, share a neat pebble I found, and try to bring joy in general. I try to inspire people when they are overwhelmed, compliment them when they need a boost, listen when their brows are furrowed, and comfort when they look sad. I try to find the silver linings and the compromises others miss. Sometimes I'm lucky. On those days, I shine bright.

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18 Sep 2020 06:23 #354752 by Adder
Replied by Adder on topic What is actually shining?
I tend to actually think the practise is the light, and the teachings serve as light when they correct part is applied to the person at the point which that part applies. It tends to manifest in different ways depending on how its action is at work.

For Luke and Yoda, I think Yoda observed Luke for awhile before making his approach. He could see Luke was animated within a safe and stable identity construct but that his relationships were tired and that he had acted upon them enough to plonk down here in a swamp near Yoda, that Luke's constructs were stretched and had become a burden but distinctive enough to be effective, efficient, and proportional. Yoda bought to bear questioning of Lukes values while stripping away any need for him to be judgemental. This allowed Luke's guard to come down and his excess energy materialize around his motivational hunger and anxiety masquerading as drive. Once stripped down, Yoda was (conveniently for Luke) able to confront this motivation directly so Luke's focus could should from anxiety and instead be built up as an actionable drive. It then freed him of the baggage of the past to grow into his path.

And its a good model for casual social interaction I guess, making fearful people feel safe to relax, but many folk have their own motivations which sometimes require a bigger nature of distraction for them to actually disarm themselves.

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20 Sep 2020 16:24 #354802 by Jhannuzs Ian
Keep shining... Or the art of evoking my spirituality...

The Force and its side of white light ... Seems to me a synthesis of some religions of the planet with the implicit intention of being a person seeking harmony, solutions, good sense or recovering a little balance in adversity.
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