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I was pointed toward an interesting article that brings up a topic that I've been curious about for years. My parents are Christian Baptists so I've learned a thing or two about the battle between Creationism and Evolutionism. I tend to take a middle-of-the-road philosophy, as I find that both ways of thinking have something to offer. Here's a quote from the article:

Why is it we often encounter the comparison of creationism vs. evolution but rarely creationism vs. evolutionism? Is there no such thing as the word evolutionism? Surprisingly, many English language dictionaries fail to define the word evolutionism and some don’t even list it as a word.

Why is there a seeming reluctance to admit the very existence of such a commonly used word as evolutionism? Most likely it involves the shade of meaning that the suffix -ism adds to the word evolution. When the -ism suffix is added to a word it forms complex nouns that often imply a system of belief or worldview, and this is what many evolutionists refuse to acknowledge about evolution. To put a point on it, evolutionists do not want you to associate belief with evolution.

But evolution is necessarily a belief because molecules-to-man evolution is not observable but rather must be inferred and believed. And evolution is a worldview since any belief system that purports to explain the origin of virtually everything that is real is a religion or worldview. Indeed for those who consistently hold the worldview of evolution, nothing can be elevated above evolution because everything that is real must ultimately be a product of evolution, including religion and even God if he is to be considered to be part of reality.

If you want to read more here's the link: Evolutionism—Is There Such a Word?

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But you can observe evolution and evolution is a proven fact. Wether the theory of evolution is true which stats all life on earth derived from a single organism cannot be proven because we dont have a time machine to go back and see if it didnt come from another source.

But yes evolution is an observable fact and ive personally done experiments in a labartory and seen it.

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No offence, but what kinda proof do you offer, Vesha?

Although I agree with evolution(ism), what proof do you have?

Edit: As to the topic, ill get back Tonya...:)
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Ill type it up later i promise. im at ASU right now studying genetics and its really hard to type on my phone.

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I will second the assertion that evolution is a fact. Here is one strong piece of evidence:

DNA is considered to be a blueprint for an organism. We share over 99% of our DNA in common with other humans, and it is the bits we don't share in common that define us as individuals. When we compare our DNA to the fossil record we find that the difference in DNA corresponds directly to the amount of variation the fossil exhibits. For example, chimpanzees share a common 98% of DNA with us, having evolved from a common ancestor about 7-5 million years ago. They have many similarities to us that arise from our similar genetics.

Here are a few similarities between chimps (but really all apes) and humans:

Similar dentition (2-1-2-3 pattern shared by all apes)
Opposable thumbs
Socially oriented
Binocular vision
Excellent balance (helps for life in the trees)

Here are a couple differences:
Bipedalism (We walk upright, a change that happened before we evolved higher intelligence)
  • Ex. Species: Australopithecus afarensis, Australopithecus africanus, Ardipithecus ramidus
  • Ex. hominin species: Homo habilis, Homo erectus, Homo rudolphensis, Homo heidelbergensis,
    Homo sapiens neanderthalensis
Higher cognitive ability
  • This is measured by the encephalization quotient, or EQ, the relative brain mass to body mass
  • All ape species have an above average EQ, but for humans and our close ancestors it is much higher
  • Our ancestor species like Australopithecus afarensis are believed to have a brain size of ~400cc, where later species like Homo habilis were around ~750cc, and anatomically modern humans are about ~1350cc

Final Thoughts:
Evolution is a well subsidized theory that is accepted by the scientific community. It should be noted that just because evolution is a theory, this doesn't mean it hasn't been proven. Theories are battle-tested explanations for how the world operate, and they undergo numerous evaluations to prove their validity. Einstein's theory of general relativity is a "theory," and yet it is crucial to make your gps system respond correctly. If anybody is on the fence about evolution or would like me to provide more substantial evidence/viewpoints, just message me and I can clarify a good deal.


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9 years 10 months ago #126509 by Br. John
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I found the term Evolutionist used here http://notjustatheory.com/index.html . You can probably read the entire site in less than a few minutes.

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