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The Force and the Feels: A Jedi's Guide to Staying Centered in Love 


Brothers and Sisters in the Force, 


Today, I want to talk about something close to all our hearts: navigating love's currents while staying true to the Jedi path. Recently, I have met someone and all I want to do is be with them. The Force practically sings the beloved's name, and the world feels bathed in a brighter light. 


It's no surprise, then, that we might find ourselves longing to spend every moment with this special someone. Let's be honest, lightsaber practice can seem a little dull compared to stolen glances and whispered conversations. But hey, unlike a certain Jedi Knight who shall not be named (cough, cough, Anakin), a little imbalance won't send us hurtling towards the dark side. Still, the heady rush of new love, while wonderful, can easily disrupt our training, our meditations, and the goals we've set for ourselves. 


Think of it like this: the Force flows through you even when you're not with your partner. It's a constant connection, an anchor in the midst of swirling emotions. By dedicating time to meditation and self-reflection, we cultivate that inner peace. It allows us to experience this new love with joy, but not with an all-consuming obsession. 


Let's face it, even the most seasoned Jedi Master can get caught in the whirlwind of a new romance. Or am I the only one who has meditated for an hour and all I could picture was my sweetheart's smile?   


Just like the tides, emotions come in waves.  While this new love is amazing, clinging too tightly can only lead to heartbreak, for you or your partner. After all, a healthy relationship needs space for both of you to breathe, just like a starfighter needs room to maneuver! 


Jedi Teaching #4 reminds us of the impermanence of all things. Love, like the Force itself, is a cycle. It flows and ebbs, and clinging too tightly can only lead to suffering. 

So, how do we navigate these exhilarating rapids of new love while staying true to the Jedi way? 


  • Open Communication: Talk to your partner! Honesty is a cornerstone of our path. Explain your need for solitude, for time dedicated to your training. A relationship built on trust and understanding will weather any storm. 
  • Maintain Your Disciplines: Don't let your lightsaber gather dust or your studies fall by the wayside. Dedication to your Jedi path not only strengthens you but also demonstrates your commitment to self-improvement. 
  • Center Yourself in the Force: Remember, your connection to the Force is the foundation. Just like a skilled gardener tends to their prized flowers, dedicate time to mindfulness. Find that inner peace that allows you to be fully present, both with yourself and your partner. 


Attachment, my friends, isn't the enemy. It's a powerful force, but like any force, it requires control. By staying centered, maintaining our disciplines, and communicating openly, we can experience the joys of new love while staying true to our path. 


May you feel the presence of the Force, and may your relationship be filled with balance and understanding.