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Dear friends, today we explore a profound aspect of our lives—chaos and harmony.

Chaos, in its raw form, appears as disorder and unpredictability. It is the unknown, the uncharted waters of the universe. Conversely, harmony represents order, structure, and predictability. However, our teachings show is chaos and harmony are not mutually exclusive but are two sides of the same coin— duality in the Force.

The Force is an energy field created by, and connected to all living things. It surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together. This concept is deeply rooted in the idea of balance—an equilibrium between the Light Side and the Dark Side.

Alan Watts, in his works, often emphasized that the myths we live by are crucial in understanding the nature of reality. He stated, “The myths convey the ideals and truths of a culture, encapsulating the mysteries and philosophies that define it.” In the context of Jediism, Light and Dark, symbolizes this eternal struggle and balance between chaos and harmony.

He highlighted that many myths and philosophies incorporate dualities, explaining, “In the yin-yang symbol of Taoism, the dark and light sides are not enemies but complementary forces that create a balance.” Similarly, in Jediism, the Light Side represents harmony, peace, and order, while the Dark Side embodies chaos, passion, and change.

So Chaos, that’s evil right?

To understand harmony, we must first embrace chaos. Chaos is not inherently evil; it is a precursor of change and growth. Without chaos, there can be no innovation, no progress. Our teachings remind us that confronting our fears, uncertainties, and the unknown is essential for personal and spiritual growth. We have all experienced this as we progress through our own path. Watts eloquently stated, “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” This philosophy urges us to not resist chaos but to flow with it, recognizing it as a necessary component of the cosmic dance.

Chaos is inevitable, not one among us is without chaos in us.

Finding harmony within chaos is akin to finding stillness within movement. It is about recognizing the patterns and rhythms that emerge from disorder. Part of our training is to find inner peace amid turmoil, to remain centered in the face of difficulties. Our belief is the power we exercise when we can harmonize with the Force. Our belief comes from our conscious and willing decision to walk our paths; in this way, we have all brough a measure of harmony from the chaos. Watts noted, “Mythology is a way of making sense in a senseless world. It offers a framework through which chaos can be understood and transformed into harmony.” the Force, provides such a framework, enabling us to see the interconnectedness of all things. Or it could be the belief? This might be a chicken or an egg kind of question.



Ok we can find some harmony, so what do we do?

Our role is to seek and maintain this balance. Watts often spoke about the importance of adaptability and flexibility in his teachings. He remarked, “The rigid tree breaks in the storm, while the flexible one bends and survives.” We must be adaptable, able to navigate the storms of chaos without losing the presence of harmony.

              Our own practices are what is going to do this. Dedication and practice. We train in one way or another. In our daily lives, we can apply the principles of chaos and harmony through mindfulness and awareness. When faced with chaotic situations, instead of resisting, we can observe and adapt.

One practical exercise is meditation, a core practice in Jediism. Meditation helps us connect with the Force, bringing clarity and calmness. A multitude of techniques can be practiced while walking, or doing daily activities. This helps us find our balance.

The interplay between chaos and harmony is an essential aspect of our faith. By embracing chaos as a necessary part of existence and seeking harmony within it, we align ourselves with the natural balance of the Force.

May we all find the courage to face chaos with an open heart and the wisdom to cultivate harmony in our lives. As we do so, we become true instruments of the Force, bringing light and balance to the world around us.

May the Force be with you.