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Br. John wrote: Consider these statements.

God wasn't created.

The Force wasn't created.

The Universe wasn't created.

Is one reaching but not another? What's the difference? Why?

I understand the statments but I don't understand your questions?

I think there is no difference because they're all one and the same.

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02 Dec 2013 19:03 - 02 Dec 2013 19:09 #127048 by
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You speaking fast is no comparison, how fast could you name the components to the making of existence? Every cell (and smaller) of every thing in existence?

Hmm...You think they would have put that in there....As I recall, it was "Let there be light." , and there was.

I would also wonder why god had to name every component, and if he did, it should have been in there, in fact, that would have helped quite a bit.

I would think it would be just as tedious as the this person begot that person, etc,etc which they did.

Could you name and create ever particle as fast as a celestial being?

No, which is my point.

Still, it seemed Jesus needed only to touch you, or some such and you were healed of your afflictions...I would think the father could work faster than the son.

Also, while I can agree with your pattern in science that the older something is, the slower it is, seldom does anything to do with god hold to scientific princibles, and as I said, he seems to be outside space, time, and matter, omnipotent,ve such omnipresent, etc, which would lead one to believe such rules wouldnt apply.

Which I consider another....hiccup.

Would God need evolution?

Only if you found out after the myth that certain things did and do happen and had to make it fit.

As for Force, well, I cant say my outlook on it has ever been that positive.

I think most religion has to do with peoples fear of death, and them trying to deal with it anyway they can...

I am of the mind that God,Gods were a combination of extreme ignorance(we really didnt know any better at the time) and simple fear, fear of the unknown, of which Death, is the biggest... That and I think it is moral and ethical software(oudated) that was used to transfer certain values and behavior to the next generation.

Most people cant seem to fathom that there consciousness, will not survive the bodies death. Most religions grant you some kind of....ego transference. A soul living in heaven,hell, a Force ghost, etc, lol.

Perhaps ther is simply nothing,and that transformation people speak of is simply your body decaying and returning to the earth, and eventually the cosmos, but that you, that voice inside you head, your soul, doesnt actually exist in any real way but as one of comfort.

Though I d disagree that we are the only species aware of its own mortality, I think we just lack communication skills with other species, and so make stupid assumptions.
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