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15 Oct 2011 03:20 #43492 by
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So this is a really old thread, but clearly is not closed for discussion and I love the idea of jedi holidays, I think we really should have some, so here is my input.

I agree with those who have said not to name any days after fictional characters, it makes us look like a silly joke religion full of people who are not taking it seriously.

On that same idea though, I do think it is a great idea to celebrate lucas or the films release or making may a month long observation for jedi's to reflect and to celebrate, and maybe having a few bigger days inside of that month.

Celebrating TOTJO's founding would be great for TOTJO's members definitely.

I do think we should leave christmas and stuff alone. I will always celebrate christmas with my family, not as a celebration of christ but as a celebration of our family and a tradition, but I would love to have that day be also a celebration of my own faith as well.

I hope this thread becomes active again, I think the idea is fantastic.

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16 Oct 2011 17:13 #43555 by Alethea Thompson
Since it's up, may I make a proposal?

Last year my friend suggested a tradition for January 1, to be used across the entire community. Basically the idea was to get people to do a form of "meditation relay". It would start with the first time zone the earth enters into the new year and then continue until the earth reached full circle. If you have more than 24 people(say 48), you could divide the time into 30 minute incrimates. This was for the entire community to participate in.

What do you meditate on? I don't think she really made it anything specific, but then again last year was the only time she managed to drum up people to participate. It would mean sacrificing your drinking/party time, but it's more a volunteer thing anyway.

Perhaps we could jump on board with this idea? Maybe even solidify the idea of what we could meditate on (The Force's Connection to Everyone)?

Gather at the River,
Setanaoko Oceana

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16 Oct 2011 17:46 #43557 by Adder
Replied by Adder on topic Re: Jedi Holiday Commitee
My preference would be for planetary alignments and solar progression events, much like Pagan rituals.... to celebrate resonance and relationships.

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16 Oct 2011 19:19 #43559 by Jestor
Replied by Jestor on topic Re: Jedi Holiday Commitee
Hello guys and/or gals....

You mean like this?

  • January 3: Jedi United Rite Day/World Religion Day
  • January 6: Jedi Knight Master`s Day (in remembrance of Allan Watts)
  • March 21: Jedi Vocations Day/International Earth Day
  • April 13: Jediism Recollection Day
  • May 25: International Jedi Day
  • June 4: Founder Day (Br. John`s Birthday)
  • September 11: Jedi Remembrance Day (For the living heroes)
  • October 25: Jedi Memorial Day (For the deceased) O
  • ctober 31: Jedi Youngling Day/Pagan Recollection Day
  • December 25: TOTJO Anniversary Day
  • December 31: Jedi Day of Reflection

Which can be found in our FAQ, as listed, or the discussion thread(s) can be found in this section...

Thank you for this reminder, I believe the date of International Earth Day, according to is April 22..

Part of the clerical training asks you to find the posts and look for the reasons why we choose them....

I question the Earth Day date....

I hope I helped... if not, please continue...

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