A prayer for people who died

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This is a prayer
Light a candle or put some nice incense
Heat some tea and drink

When someone passes away is sad and every person has lost an ancestor.
If we want, we can keep them in our hearts in a harmonious way.
Breathe some serenity into your heart

Our ancestors live in us in some way,
None of them was perfect and yet we can rescue good aspects or many golden moments.
We can keep the best of each ancestor
Imagine that your loved one is dancing, smiling and enjoying life, looking at a beautiful landscape, a rainbow.
Imagine him, her or them: eating something delicious and merging with harmonious aspects of the Force.

There will be days of anger, sadness or nostalgia
There will be days of subtle smiles
There will be prayers to hold some serenity
There will be days that can be chosen to strengthen our soul
There will be days when we do something to honor them again

Diverse life lessons from our ancestors
Those moments where they shone in harmony, smiling.
Souls that touched in some way
That is life, includes everything

Honoring a loved one.
Honoring their positive phases.
A form of tribute is to live the best possible from now on.
Remembering him, her, them, but smiling and with harmony

Choose a peaceful or happy song for your ancestors and give them today, on their birthdays or any time you want to imagine them smiling and dancing.

Let the sun shine warmly on your heart



♪ ♫ ♪
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The Force is all, I choose my Focus
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The Force include my imagination, I extract Wisdom and Harmony
Life includes adversity, I obtain Knowledge
I respect your Life, lets revitalize our Force while breathing
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