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I am aware that dealing with IT, the www and devices requires responsibility and education.
Freedom in itself is not dangerous, but how to use it should be taught. Bans don't help - but education does.

Computers, tablets and smartphones are part of everyday life today, just like the Walkman, the Gameboy, the first
Atari console and the first computers (Commodore C64) in my childhood. The same discussions that are being held
today were also held then.

"The Walkman makes you deaf, the Gameboy blind, the console stupid ... and the computer is the devil in itself."

Accordingly, everyone between 40 and 60 would have to be deaf, blind, stupid and diabolical today ...;)

This in turn shows me that people do not really change, only the technology around us.
Our kids grow up in an environment in which the www and the corresponding devices are part of everyday life. The handling
cannot be prevented at all. It is our task as parents to show them the balance and to give them a reasonable balance for their life.
Of course, provided that we ourselves have this balance ...;)

With clear and comprehensible rules it will work. they don't prevent quarrels, but they are still part of growing up... ;)

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