Joseph Campbell is awful

17 May 2021 15:58 #360230 by Carlos.Martinez3

Vincent Causse wrote: Oh boy, i m coming into this discutions a few years too late! Personally i was surprised that my way of thinking is so very similar than Joseph Campbell and Alan watts , well i m only at the starts of Alan Watts but the Self and Ego are really an eye opener, i ve been wondering why humans have always failed living on earth (beside some few rare tribes) and what could be some form of solution, seen that not one politic type ever worked. So basically Alan Watts explains the reason pretty well. The truth about the human race is not always pretty and not everyone can take it. We have been told for centuries, that we are the masters of the planet but it s always been a great mistake. Now i admit that some of the thing that those too men explain are a little bit out there for me, my brain has limitations, they are really on a very different level. But right now all i want is finding their books.
We are all the same but different.
May the force be with you

Pastor Carlos here, Good questions. The best questions for me are the ones I can take time to answer in my own path. Have humans failed if we are still thriving in some places and not others? What is survive as in survived as a species? This is why I am personally a fan of J.C. I didnt like him in the beginning but there is merit to adding time and space to the things we do learn. For me in my path now, I am too old and too thankful to discard ANY wisdom or knowledge passed learned or given to me now. In my youth, the phrase "not for me" was common, till it became "not for the moment. " In the "Now a days" it is my focus to catch up with everything I have missed! My focus.
Some lessons I am learning from people that ARNT here anymore. Think about that every time you read some ones book. One of my better teachers told me one time with a ruler over my head very clearly..."Some books aren't books Marty! *whack ! " I remember. Some ideas need time to ..cultivate, like seeds. Some good ideas aren't just got but grown. Some info may be for a later date. Some hates turn to love and some loves, if not returned CAN turn to hate. Just my 2 cents so to speak. Just encouraging others who are not fans to keep that in mind.

What we find today, may not be for today.
Pastor Carlos
May the FORCE continue to be with you.

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Build, not tear down.
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17 May 2021 16:24 #360234 by Vincent Causse
I believe that we failed as an animal specie, thriving doesnt always mean that it is a good thing. A disease can thrive but even a disease can be a failure by killing it s host as it is as well killing it s self. So far we are pretty much like a cancer, we thrive and we think that our thriving is a proof of our success buuuut our host is not doing well ! Only in some scyfi movie we see a whole planet that is a whole city but it is not possible. We do not realise or we are in denial that our survival is linked to the health of our planet. So yes we have become a successful breading specie ! We managed to beat evolution so that most humans can survive but is it a good thing ? is it a really the way a specie should thrive? We will find out soon enough! but i feel for this young generation s futur. Maybe it is just what we need: a shock therapy, a Hello good morning, this is reality !!!! The end of the denial and maybe a new beginning. A way for us to finely mature, meeting our demise that we never truly believed it could. And i can already hear some say : why god ?? why :-

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17 May 2021 17:38 #360237 by ZealotX
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That is a harsh truth but it mirrors the real harshness in nature. And therefore, I agree. We often only think about what's best for us... and often this means us as individuals. But what about us as a species? Sometimes you need destruction in order to build something new. Imagine if all the old houses were declared historic landmarks that must be preserved at all cost. You couldn't then make way for more modern architecture, not to mention better energy efficiency.

My house is beautiful but I paid for it last winter. Single pane windows... If I replaced all the windows that need to be replaced it would cost over 50K USD. But because previous owners didn't replace them, each owner had to suffer years of extra energy bills. I decided to bite the bullet and replace some of them while figuring out a strategy to "plug" some of the others during the winter.

I apologize if this analogy loses anyone but this is a real situation that has been on my mind a lot lately. We all have some "single pane windows" within that we hang on to for different reasons. The cost of these is something we pay year after year and sometimes other people pay the cost of them too. But is it better that we preserve ourselves totally? Because we can afford it? Or should we work for the most efficient forms we can take? Tearing down the old, if need be, in order to make room for the new? For something better?

The death toll of COVID is no joke and many people have lost loved ones. And we can all empathize and sympathize with everyone of those loses; especially those who left this world too soon.

At the same time there is a reason why older generations die. Like plants we spread our seed and we rejoice in new life. But how many "single pane windows" are we replacing so that the future inhabitants don't have to pay the same cost? Often time, it is our politics, that gets in the way of change; gets in the way of young people being able to decide the future because the old folks don't want to give up the things they had adapted to in order to make money. And it seems to be asking for a lot. Because in truth, it involves a sacrifice. Either we sacrifice future generations for the sake of current greed... or... We sacrifice ourselves for future generations. It's so easy to die. Some people who caught COVID-19 were dead in less than 2 weeks. We had gotten used to being able to defeat nature until nature said "No. Not this time. Not yet."

I just hope such sacrifices won't be in vain.

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