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The main cost issues would be printing and distribution. 1 certificate isn't too bad, but we have certificates for Knighting, Clerical promotions and achieving a higher degree in divinity (our degree scheme)

A letter sent 2nd class in the UK costs 50p. The certificates are A4 so they are a large letter, you need to put them with a cardboard backing and sent in a protective envelope. Say for sake of argument that that is another 50p. So it's £1 per certificate...

Lets just say that the prices are the same in America (I honestly don't know). We probably have 20 people waiting for certificates, that is at least £20 ($30 I think) in total costs. Most can be sent at once when overcoming back dating, I need a degree one and a clergy one so obviously send them both in the same envelope :P

You can see however just how it can start adding up... That doesn't mention overseas delivers to Germany etc (of course we have councillors in the US and UK so no need for Atlantic shipping)

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That is a pickle but aren't people willing to pay the expenses themselves? I'd say that a £5 fee for getting your certificate is not only fair but considering what many others would charge it's cheap. Plus, it would (could) generate a little revenue for the Temple. Not that it's supposed to be a business but it's always nice to have a little gold in the corners of the vault.

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10 years 9 months ago #93047 by 666
I pay for my fist one , and I like to pay for the new one too
There was a paypal account where we can send the cost in the past.

I am not asking for anything for free
If is 5, 15, or 25 dollars, easy... Let me know how much and paypal to send it.

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