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Oh, and... having designed the seals in the past, they're really finicky about complex patterns. Apparently they like 'em simply black-and-white, where the white areas are raised and the black areas aren't. They are bordered with a circle to hold the embossed seal in place.

In US dollars: The engraving tends to cost about $150 and the embosser costs around $100 if you end up having to buy them. The labels are sold in boxes of 100 and cost about $25 per box. This means that to produce the first embossed certificate, we need about $275 in TotJO's coffers.

I certainly don't have that kind of money! But if there were 10 people who donated $27.50 on average, that might be doable. Since I don't have $5 on average in a given month (I'm at the end of a physical disability claim), I'm not sure what I can do to help, but I think that donations for something like this might be good anyway. I'll do what I can, but that's the reality of it if it's to be paid for.

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13 years 4 months ago #30550 by Jestor
Well, what is the current fee schedule for certificates?

It's like $10 dollars (US) for basic and $25 (US) for a more elaborate, correct? Could we not justuse those funds?

It would pose a delay fo the first set of people wanting certificates, but, I think that since this is a calling, (and to be honest, most of us are not doing this for the paper), I cannot see a problem with, say, a six month (or whatever the time frame is) waiting period for the first ones to be issued.

Know what I mean...?

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13 years 4 months ago #30554 by
You could just use those funds... but that means saving up 10 of them, since the current funds are earmarked for tax registration as a religious nonprofit.

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13 years 4 months ago #30556 by 666
this is why so many people think Jediism is not a religion...

anyway, there is always a turn around for everything....

the first, is
What we like to have in our certificate,
What we need to have in our certificate,

whats the difference between a commercial print, and a standard print
in my company we have laser color printers (the big ones) extreme quality
ricoh E-7100 and better, so I can print a base certificate easily, just we need to select a nice paper.

about the gold stamp, (like I say, maybe the temple already got one of this emboss stamp pliers, if no, we can go for a hand made one, again what we need its, gold paper, and someone (handmade)rising the back do the emboss on it... ( we don't need 2000 pieces)
**(must be a company producing clear gold stamps, like avery or something like that)

so Lets take a look, of what we legally need there, then what we like to have there, and then, let's check for options.

Also, we need to know, if they like to replace the one the temple is using now, or not...
maybe we are waisting time

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13 years 4 months ago #30558 by RyuJin
the fancy certificates are usually written using calligraphy instead of printer which is why they tend to take longer to get...and usually on heavy parchment paper which is a bit costly but also why they last so much longer

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actually - we already have a set of certificates with all the necessary and legal information (international law) covered within the texts.

The temple has been undergoing slow but sure development over the last months and im honoured to be a part of this development. We havent 'rolled' out the certs generally at this time mainly due to other factors related to them in the background - ie managerial things but anyone needing an official certificate for example, for proof of title for military proposes etc will be awarded an appropriate cert on request and hand signed etc by whoever (usually BrJohn for the USA etc)

our certs also have inbuilt security codes and each cert is individual and tracable to origin. Sadly, in the past, folk have felt it necessary to fake our certs for use in tax dodging etc so we have been gradually improving things to prevent this.

IF you need a cert - then ask either myself or brjohn by email or private message. Be aware they take time to produce and if you require a paper copy, then a small fee is applicable. Also, at this point, we are not too keen of handing our certs because you want to decorate your wall, this sort of usage is not priority and for the record, i DO NOT have certificates myself.

Like the ID cards, this is an ongoing venture but not a priority.


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