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Streen wrote: The responses you've all given are much appreciated.

What seems to be a common belief amongst most of you is the idea of a "doctrine". This is part of the problem. The TOTJO doctrine is even more fictional than the original beliefs expressed in the Star Wars movies. What is more frustrating is that every Jedi site seems to have their own doctrine. So, which do you follow? Which one is right? These questions are rhetorical, just things you might want to ask yourselves.

Don't allow yourself to be indoctrinated. Go back to the source. That's where the answers lie.

(None of this is meant to imply any of you don't already know these things, but this message is more for those who don't)

You're getting warmer! ;)
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My approach to the Force is a little more mystical than Star Wars ever got around to. The contemplations that have led there have distilled this Jedi's perspective into some pretty fine "goo" making it so that I am quite dependent on the most trusted "prickles" to let me be cogent at all ...

That said, it surprises me, Streen, that you would bring up the topic at all. You've been around the community for quite enough time - with considerable involvement also - to know quite well that the Jedi confession as is practised in the TotJO is certainly not dogmatic, prescriptive spirituality. It is a rigorous self-exploration involving accidental adventures, climbing and falling and climbing again, failures, forgetting, remembering .... and so forth. Where the hell do you see a light-sabre in any of that ?

Our IP is comparative mythology and perspective shifting, with a little self-discovery and expression thrown in (because in our post-modern social organisation many people don't know what they think) ; our apprenticeships are accompanied explorations of that phenomenological terrain discovered thereby ... Why would anyone be trying to develop psy "powers" ? Certainly when many of the mystics up through the ages have cautioned against such delirium ?

You are certainly right to caution anyone thinking that they can become the very likeness of Yoda by signing up to any of the Jedi sites that they may need a consultation (either the psychologist or the dermatologist - whichever). But as to the supportive community for getting out of the post-modern mentality box ("I must obey my master $£€"), we're a pretty good company to be in. Many of the Jedi communities are ....

I'm the Pastor of this church. I have never read even one of the Star Wars Extended Universe books. Not ever. It would be difficult for me to maintain my position here if Star Wars were truly "canon". Hell, the materials in the IP aren't even "canon". The Jedi way is unique for the individual taking her/his steps toward knowing what her/his own life is really about. That is about it. It involves much more authentic feeling, expression and mistake-making than could ever be accounted for in the whole corpus of human literature. Stories only help to understand, but they are not the pre-recording of anyone's life. That is its own experience in its own time.

So, whether you want to call yourself a Jedi any more or not, you are still alive, here & now, and are very welcome to explore what it is to be a human being in a vibrant and ever-changing, ever-evolving world with us .... even reading a Star Wars book, if you like. That is more what we're doing, and honestly, it seems we're doing it sort of well.

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I personally know 2 people who went a little nuts because of Christianity. One of them tried to "indoctrinate" me - my head even started to ache. There are psychopathic users of traditional religions as well as psychopathic users of alternative ones. And normal people also exist in both. Sometimes it depends on a person, not on a sect or denomination.

Perhaps, part of your confusion may come not from here.

As of Jediism, the only thing that's "wrong" with it, IMO, is that it's young. I sincerely hope it will grow up and not lose it's dedication to knight values.
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I'm writing this without reading any of the other replies beforehand.

I approach life from a scientific perspective. I believe in emergent properties as it relates to complex systems theory. Consciousness, for example, is an emergent property of the functioning of our brains/bodies, as is emotion. All that emerges out of an increasingly complex system has a substance that can be described or experienced: atoms beget molecules beget molecular frameworks beget organelles beget cells beget tissues beget body, etc. etc. We are fundamentally composed of subatomic particles which are fundamentally composed of specific quantum excitations of the Higgs field (to be very simplistic about it).

What, then, is the substance of emotion and thought and life energy? I believe this to be the Force. I do not worship anything, nor have delusions of manipulating this Force in any way other than manipulating my self (directed thought, emotional control, healthy body, etc.).

I joined this community for the same reason anyone joins a religious community. People join to connect with others, to share a part of themselves and to contribute, to share and explore a belief, and to have a chance to grow. I missed my old Christian religious community but, as an atheist, could no longer be a part of that. This community welcomes my beliefs and provides those things.

I am very glad that you posed this question! It's quite valid and provokes excellent thought!

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The reason I joined TOTJO
Even if i was to not acknowledge The Force, If I put the 16 teachings, 21 maxims into practice...I would be building myself into a person i can be proud of.

In my mind, if Jediism had no name. Think of how beautiful a person would be if they just innately applied the same principles to their own life. If a person realized that they shared a common bond with another person that runs deeper than what they can physically touch or see, imagine how they would treat that person. Imagine how life would be if the persons lived a lifestyle that was so noticeable that who ever the person interacted with knew that the person meant them on ill or even required no action or involvement in order to give respect. You can even look at Jediism as a symbol that represents a body of people that are committed to being an "instrument of Peace"

To me, Jediism is the aforementioned paragraphs. It's a commitment to myself that encourages me to not be ashamed of the need to seek my own spiritual understanding. It inspires me to be tolerate of other peoples shortcomings and aware of my own. It challenges me to always be in a state of growth and reminds me I have the courage to walk in my path of truth as it is revealed to me. For me the difference TOTJO had was not the teaching about the force...but, the principles that they promote. Don't let the title of The Force distract you from the life changing principles. Call it anything you want...But here...We call it the Force.
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I'm new to this site, but I've been around Jedi sites and a follower of Streen for many years. In a way I'm surprised to see Streen say all this, but in a way not because he never fails to surprise.

Streen - I understand your thought process, and a lot of what you say makes sense if a person thinks of the force as being something totally different than what we have in our world. Personally, I think of the force as being more or less the Holy Spirit or Holy Spirit Power, so to me there is no conflict. It's just calling God by another name and God has had many names. Whatever you do, you have my blessing, but I will always think of you as my Jedi mentor. Please don't become a stranger.

Everyone - He'll be back. Just wait. ;)

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