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03 Aug 2016 18:04 #250693 by Streen
I Am was created by Streen
*Agent Smith voice*

I'd like to share a revelation with you that I've had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify my spirituality, and I realized I'm not really a Jedi.

*end Agent Smith voice*

This is being written with the understanding that I could and probably will offend some people here.

I'm actually writing this prior to posting it, in a document so that I can properly extrapolate what needs to be said. In all seriousness, I want to express something that has occurred to me over the past 48 hours: The whole idea of the Force is purely fiction, and it has been thus far only been spoken of based on a belief in it, whether or not there is really any proof that it exists. We have no bible, no ancient documents to guide us, only a vague understanding that has been spoon fed to us by a guy telling a science-fiction story.

This isn't to discount ideas such as Chi or the Tao, as both are concepts older than Christ himself. The point I am trying to make here has more to do with the mystical nonsense that we've clung to over, at least, the last 20 years (roughly the age of the online Jedi community). Perhaps people CAN levitate things with their minds. Perhaps people CAN communicate over vast distances. Perhaps people CAN speak to the dead. But what are we embracing here? What are we worshiping? Who and what are we putting on a pedestal? What is this religion promoting?

If there is no Force, then what are we? Jedi? Perhaps, as the word's origin seems to suggest the idea of “knowing” and “knowledge” (“Jedediah”, which is the name given to Solomon by God at his birth). But, as has been said many times over the past 20 years, we don't have lightsabers, we can't manipulate the “force”. And we don't run around saving people, upholding peace and justice. Some people do, but they're called police officers and soldiers. I suppose if one of them had miraculous powers and held a glowing laser sword, then maybe THEY would be called Jedi.

But who are we? What right do we have as a people to call ourselves by a name that we cannot possibly hope to live up to? What we can do is be good people, certainly. Spread light in our lives. Be kind to those around us. That's what the world needs.

I haven't spent much time here lately, and I have to admit to feeling pretty good about it. I've spent my time doing the things I just mentioned above. It is profoundly more important than prattling on about philosophy, and asking inane questions. I've done my share of both, so I'm not more innocent of it than any of you.

But I am not here to tell you what to do. I'm suggesting you figure out for yourself what you could be doing and accomplishing, rather than spending so much time in Jedi forums. I realize this seems ironic or hypocritical being that I am, right now, in a Jedi forum. I just wanted to give you all something to consider, some important questions to ask yourself.

Like I said at the beginning, this may have offended you, and I'm sorry you may feel that way, but these things needed to be said. I feel pushed to discuss this. No one is saying that I am right and you are wrong, but do please consider these words.

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03 Aug 2016 18:09 - 03 Aug 2016 18:10 #250694 by Jestor
Replied by Jestor on topic I Am
Ive said it before, I will say it again, and I will say it now....

"Dont confuse my on-line presence with a lack of physical world action..."


Thank you for sharing...:)

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03 Aug 2016 18:12 #250695 by MartaLina
Replied by MartaLina on topic I Am
1. you cannot tell me what to do
2. i want to try to live up to being a Jedi
3. i dont care if you think i cannot be a Jedi
4. you have to do your thing in life and follow your path
5. i hope you will be very happy as i would hope for everyone
6. even if i am the only Jedi left on earth , no one can tell me what i am , or what i am not
7. ok bye

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03 Aug 2016 18:33 #250701 by Goken
Replied by Goken on topic I Am
Oh Streen, you pot stirrer you. I commend you on your willingness to challenge our views on if we are really Jedi. It is not something that many would do, especially as tactfully as you do. I felt no offense at your statements.

That said, I am a Jedi. I have never associated real life Jedi with mystical powers. I wouldn't say no if I thought I could actually have them, but I don't personally believe that they exist. Those are not the reasons that I call myself a Jedi. I call myself a Jedi because I firmly believe in Jediism as it is taught here at TOTJO. This place and it's philosophies align the best with my own and as such I have adopted it's nomenclature. If nothing about this place changed but it's name chances are I would use whatever name they decided to use. What's taught here is what I am, and what's taught here is Jediism.

As for "prattling on about philosophy, and asking inane questions," well, that's just a good way to pass the time when I'm not out doing other stuff. I don't spend much time here when I'm not at work (don't tell my boss :laugh:), and when I do it's usually late at night and there's not much else to do. My time spent here is usually between other things when my only other option is to sit bored at my desk. Being more helpful in the community is something that I am currently working on but I promise you, unless it involves a major career change chances are it won't impact my time here at all. I can do many things and be in many places, especially when one of those places is virtual. :laugh:

I am glad that you seem to be happy with the direction you are moving, just don't expect the rest of us to follow you. ;)

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03 Aug 2016 18:57 #250712 by Proteus
Replied by Proteus on topic I Am
It seems you're beginning to realize what we're actually doing here and why, when talking about what you're realizing about yourself.

It also seems you're beginning to take a step toward realizing what the actual belief system of many of us here actually do have, when shedding the one's you speak of here as discounted.

Keep lifting that veil of "mystical force wielding super heroes here to save the world", and you might realize what has actually been going on here all along. ;)

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03 Aug 2016 19:01 #250715 by Carlos.Martinez3
Replied by Carlos.Martinez3 on topic I Am
I am grateful for your opinions. I am grateful for your stand. In a world of what I tend to call "sheeple" the act of action is not seen to often. I takes much more person to stand for something, the old saying you gotta stand for something or, fall for anything. If you continue to seek you will find. Any time spent searching for wisdom will never go void. I am glad you tried the Jedi way in your own path. Some paths I find in my life don't mesh with my own focus the more I find out and learn more about them. The best is to be aware and continue to grow. Do not grow stale friend! Keep the fire in you burning. Be well and continue to build you up friend, its so worth it!

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03 Aug 2016 19:02 #250716 by Ryder
Replied by Ryder on topic I Am
I really get where you're coming from. It does seem off. I'm struggling with the IP currently, because I'm supposed to write my thoughts on everything. "Describe your understanding of the three tenets in their relationship to each other". I think the Doctrine puts it in better words than I ever could. How is this training? The only thing I could think of would be to nitpick and try to find problems in the doctrine to pass the lesson, but honestly it all looks ok to me.

What's so bad about imitating fiction? I think we should all consider that. We shouldn't try to distance ourselves from the Jedi in the movies, because that's where we come from, but we should try to make a productive religion that solves problems in real life. YES, MAKE A PHYSICAL TEMPLE. Don't just waste your day arguing and nitpicking away at questions people have been trying to solve since the dawn of civilization. I've tried to come out and have a reasonable discussion about telekinesis, AKA FORCE MANIPULATION, and I've been mocked. Open your minds to new ideas.

I think Wicca would be a perfect example here. I'm aware that there are some Wiccans here at TOTJO. Some Wiccans call themselves witches, others don't. But what they all have in common, they practice witchcraft. We, on the other hand, don't all follow the doctrine yet all identify as Jedi, at least those who consider themselves part of the temple. To further confuse things, we have differing beliefs about what makes a Jedi, or even what the Force is.

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03 Aug 2016 19:17 #250724 by Ben
Replied by Ben on topic I Am

Streen wrote: The whole idea of the Force is purely fiction

I'm not sure that we're all thinking of the same Force here...? Semantics Strikes Again Back... :silly:

That would be a really terrible movie, wouldn't it? :pinch:

Streen wrote: This isn't to discount ideas such as Chi or the Tao, as both are concepts older than Christ himself.

Ah, good, excellent! :)

Streen wrote: The point I am trying to make here has more to do with the mystical nonsense that we've clung to over, at least, the last 20 years (roughly the age of the online Jedi community).

No mystical nonsense to see here (or anywhere at TOTJO, as far as I can really see)...move along...

Who is 'we', anyway?

Streen wrote: But who are we? What right do we have as a people to call ourselves by a name that we cannot possibly hope to live up to?

We are Jedi who have every right to use that name/word to mean whatever we want it to.

My name is Victoria, which traditionally means victory/victorious. Do I not have every right to call myself Victoria regardless of whether or not I happen to chasing victory in that moment? Can I not use the name as a label to describe the unique human being that I hope I am? Maybe we should all have to keep changing our names to accurately reflect our thoughts and behaviour at the time (in accordance with the most common public perception of the meaning of those names, of course).

The question that you appear to be asking is not so much who are we as who are you? :)

And I can't tell you the answer to that, but I do know that you are Streen - and I wont be trying to tell you what that means, because I respect your right to decide that for yourself. :)

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03 Aug 2016 19:21 - 03 Aug 2016 19:23 #250725 by Br. John
Replied by Br. John on topic I Am
Those that can do. Those that can't don't.

I don't remember us ever being about worshiping anyone. And if someone wants to be on a pedestal (I'd never risk my life on one. There's not enough between me and the ground.) that's their right - assuming they have a valid license and insurance.

A Jedi is busy enough being (and learning to be) a Guardian of Peace and Justice without having to worry about The Force. A good Jedi does not need a Lightsaber - she gets the job done with a stick. A great Jedi does not even need the stick.

There's nothing to worship here. There's ideas to revere though.

Jedi Believe

In the Force, and in the inherent worth of all life within it.

In the sanctity of the human person. We oppose the use of torture and cruel or unusual punishment, including the death penalty.

In a society governed by laws grounded in reason and compassion, not in fear or prejudice.

In a society that does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or circumstances of birth such as gender, ethnicity and national origin.

In the ethic of reciprocity, and how moral concepts are not absolute but vary by culture, religion, and over time.

In the positive influence of spiritual growth and awareness on society.

In the importance of freedom of conscience and self-determination within religious, political and other structures.

In the separation of religion and government and the freedoms of speech, association, and expression.

So close to Jesus we're mistaken for co-joined twins.

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03 Aug 2016 19:31 #250729 by Albekl
Replied by Albekl on topic I Am
Well we do have the Jediism Guide Book but it's talking about the philosophy.
Personaly I joined Temple of the Jedi Order based on the community and the good morals that we stand for.

When it comes to the force I don't think of it as a litteral force that flows in all of us.

On the front of the Temple of the Jedi Order website it says ''Jedi at this site are not the same as those portrayed within the Star Wars franchise''.

So what I try to do is to remove the Star Wars franshise from my mind when I am here.

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