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I'm sure that some of you have noticed, I've been away for a couple of weeks.

I have been involved in preparations to sell the family home in order to purchase another. The effort to bring our current home up to where I'm comfortable showing it combined with the bank, legal and the endless tours of prospected homes and then of course, work...have left me with practically zero on-line time.

My house will be listed this Saturday and things will calm down somewhat after that, hopefully allowing me to get back to the Temple very soon.

Br. John, Br. Jon, & Br. Kana...RyuJin has expressed an interest in the vacant Arch-Bishop slot of the Buddhist Rite.

If he should still want the position, I endorse his bid for the office completely . I welcome the help and the fresh viewpoint he can bring into the rite.

Master Garm
Cardinal Bishop of the Buddhist Rite.

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As far as I know - one (maybe obviously) need to be a member of the clergy 1st - and to do that, you need to be a knight, this is a reasonably new prerequisite we've had to install in order to stop the 'one stop tax dodge' clergy and kinda makes sense if you think about it - how can a 'leader' of a group not be 'ranked' and have any credibility.

However, ryujin is (as far as im aware) more or less 'complete' in terms of the initiates classes so Im sure something could be worked out.

I cant/won/dont have the final word on matters (unless like the aforementioned members it is an emergency and requires on the spot decision) but what Id like to propose for discussion is perhaps something along the lines of 'acting' head of buddhist (much like I am acting head of humanist) but I do feel a crash course in clergy matters would be prudent (if ryujin is both still interested in the role and willing to have to do some cramming etc)

This is NOT the usual route such things take - but any problem is only as big as one allows it to be ;)


PS - Sincere apologies for slow reaction tiem to this post - basically Ive been afk for the last few days for medical reasons

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it wouldn't be my first time cramming....it's how i usually do all my college courses....i've been training with Br.John for i think about a week now, as to the initiates training i completed everything 2 weeks(i think) prior to the updated listing, it wouldn't take me too long to do the couple of new additions, or at least i don't think it would....i'll take another look to make certain, and probably get started on it tomorrow afternoon when i finish working on my car for the day.

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I have no problem with your being ordained. You are down to earth enough for that but basic requirements are being a Jedi Knight. First you have to be ordained, then ordained Bishop, then appointed the post of Arch Bishop.

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Hi everyone, just a quick update on the selling of our home. We've had a very busy time getting the house ready to show, but it's now been on the market for almost a week. We've had four showings so far and another is set up for 10:00 am tomorrow (Sat march 27) no offers yet but keeping fingers crossed.

We lost out on a nice home that we had our eye on but thats how the house hunting cookie crumbles :P .

While our local realator is showing our house tomorrow, Sharon and I are going to be with our other broker looking at another property. It looks to be a good place. Four bedrooms, 24 acres, four stall horse barn, tack building, garage (for me B) ) and with about fourty minutes to work, I drive thirty minutes now so the extra ten is not too bad - I love to drive anyways.

If you want to see our selling home, the link is:


I hope to be back on more frequently soon...

Wish us luck guys!!!


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Good lucky on selling your home. By the way your home is beautuful.

May The Force Be With You

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