I think i may be going over to the dark side

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13 years 9 months ago #28773 by Jestor
RedHeron wrote:

Jestor wrote:

So if I am reading all of the posts correctly, I think we agree that;

1) The Force is neither light or dark, as a whole.

2) The combination of the two (and the shades of grey) is what makes the Force.

3) It is the PERCEPTION of the person(s) involved as to whether or not the action is light/dark, wet/dry.......etc.

+5,+4,+3,+2,+1,0,-1,-2,-3,-4,-5 = where the force is zero and perception (as well as the intent I guess) are the integers.

Does this sum up our thread? Or did I miss the mark?

1) I disagree. It is both at once, like the symbol of the Tao: Yin-Yang. They use black/white and red/green and blue/yellow to show that they are opposing. And in each, the seed of its opposite.

2) This I can agree with. All of it is necessary for the Force to be balanced at all.

3) This is the reason for the confusion... the perceptions are what we give name to, and therefore they are real because we name them. To refuse to name them means that we refuse to name hot or cold, because it's all \"temperature\".

The math isn't wrong, per se... but the whole number line is the Force. The \"0\" point doesn't really exist, unless we arbitrarily name it (as we have already named Light and Dark: we choose such things arbitrarily, yet the fact remains that they are well-defined by perception).

The point of the matter is that the sides exist, are well-defined, and are named because of their capacity. They are different uses of the same thing, it's true, but by their use we understand that the universe is made up of these things in order to keep life going.

Even balance must be balanced by imbalance (if that makes sense).

As a whole, the balances must exist. We have negative numbers and positive, but it's all numbers. They are merely the measurement of what we perceive, and the means by which we can come to a fuller understanding of the universe. They are how we express intent and result... and are neither inherently good nor evil.

We have a light side of the Earth, facing the sun; and facing away from the sun, we have the dark side of the Earth. It's in motion, and it's all the Earth, but there is a definite Light Side and Dark Side, and if there were not, the Earth would not and could not support life.

And with the Force, how can we expect that things are any different?[/

Redheron, yes, I think we agree, which was my original posts intention. I mean no disrespect and maybe my math should have looked different, being as zero does not exist (for this discussion, how can what does not exist have a name? Nor does not naming something mean it does not exist.)

Ok, how about this math....+5, +4, +3, +2, +1, -1, -2, -3, -4, -5?

If the numbers cancel each other out, what is left?

The Yin Yang blend, the \"/\" line in it shows there is a mid-point. Yet it is still a complete idea. The zero is the line between the positive and negative.

Maybe I am good today and help an old lady (+3), maybe tomorrow, I cut that old lady off in traffic and flip her the bird (-3).

Maybe, that rock that little girl picked up for her pretty collection (+2), that her brother stole to make a weapon: for malice? (-5), self/family preservation (+5), for food (+2)... The numbers are arbitrary. What is important, is the intent.

A man steals (negative) for food to feed his child (positive) from the Grocer. The Grocer see it as bad. But the child sees it as good to have food. (Who would tell the child that the food was stolen?)

This is my last post on this as I am sure we agree, but possibly, due to the limitations of text for a conversation, it makes this more difficult to see...

I do enjoy this site greatly, as I have stated before, the discussions are always food for thought....................B)

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13 years 9 months ago #28775 by Br. John

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13 years 9 months ago #28776 by Angelus
Well then, the capacity for using the Force (using, LOL) for good or evil is as diverse our viewpoints on the subject. ^^

Everyone else is, ofcourse, invited to debate with us.

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13 years 9 months ago #28777 by Angelus
Also (I promise i'm not attacking you RedHeron!), Jedi and Sith can't really be considered \"dualities\".

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13 years 9 months ago #28783 by
Why can't they?

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13 years 9 months ago - 13 years 9 months ago #28784 by Jon
Anything can be considered to be anything, that is the perogrative of the beholder. What something actally is is another matter all together. Something can have a duality if that duality rests on a common base, eg only one person can have a dual personality or a dual nature. If two people had two different personalities then each would have one and therefore not a dual personality. Sith and Jedi can be considered dual if say one person were to practise both spiritualities. Because each spirituality rests on differing precepts, is expressed in different manners, steer to different goals, are powered by differing motivations based on differing life experiences they cannot per se be dualities. They are different but are existant in their own individual and special way.
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