I think i may be going over to the dark side

13 years 7 months ago #28705 by Br. John
seanc wrote:

red heron i know this might sound odd.
but can you teach me to move objects with the force already?


That's the first step and then you go from there. Let us know how you do.

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13 years 7 months ago - 13 years 7 months ago #28707 by Jon
RyuJin wrote:

master kana is right...the only light or dark is in the human psyche....the force is simply the energy of life, it doesn't care if something is light or dark because all are necessary...

the only true light or dark resides within each of us and it's a matter of perspective. as he said what one person views as being light someone else will view as dark. likewise sometimes something dark has to be done for light results and vice-versa

it's our intentions that determine the desired result.

True up to a point. The result is also determined by the view, real needs and situation of the recipient as well. Sometimes we can do some real damage through well ment actions.

That is where the second line of our code comes in, concerning Knowledge.
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13 years 7 months ago #28710 by
Like the old saying
\"the road to hell is paved with good intentions\"

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13 years 7 months ago #28712 by Angelus
The \"dark side\" is for one, not nearly dramatic as you make it sound, and for another is not evil and certainly nothing to be feared. It is a respectable choice, and it has little to do with the cinematic Sith. You feel anger, congratulation, you're human. Only you can choose your path.

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13 years 7 months ago #28717 by Alethea Thompson
Why worry about it? If you are determined to live the life of a Jedi, should your focus not be more aligned with your training than whether or not you are susceptible to the \"dark side\"?

Maintaining your focus on training will lead you to the answers you seek. It might even lead you away from the Jedi Path and onto a new journey. Only \"the Force\"/God can give you the answers you seek. And only YOU can choose which street you feel will benefit you.

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13 years 7 months ago #28726 by Jestor
It has already been said in here a couple of times. But in different ways. Here it is yet again...

Life is Life. Neither Good nor Bad, Yet, is both Good and Bad.

The good or evil we see around us is a matter of perception.

To use the Star Wars movies to illustrate:
-Do you think Vader and the Emperor set out to be \"Evil\"?
-Was Luke evil to want to take revenge on Vader for Kenobi's and his 'father's' deaths?
-Is Leia evil for wanting to kill Vader and the Emporer?

Vader and the Emporer thought the people were not smart enough to rule through democracy.

As is the way of thinking for a lot of those who would conquer.

Did Hitler think he was evil? Gunga Din? Napolean? Bin Laden? Mr. Smith in the Matrix? Alexander the Great? The list goes on...

Is America evil? (Not in my view at all, but in this great country it is ok to post such a sentence for a discussion...)

There are countries in the world where 'We' are thought to be evil.

I will venture to say (my own opinion, not necessarliy the point of view of this website or it's admin or users), this country has probably made some blunders. But I do not think that (would like to believe that), anyone set out to do wrong in a grand scale. (and maybe my optimism blinds me... I do not know)

I basically see the good (I'm very optimstic). Even though I've had a little bad done to me now and then. And I've done my share of the spreading of hate and discontent (in my youth).

In my middle strech of life, I would like to think that I've had enough experiance to learn from my mistakes, and those of others.

I continue to hope that this is the case.....:)

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