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And a Jedi Knight was forced to kill her Sith brother... that didn't work out so well either. :laugh: ;) :P :whistle:

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Marijuana, B&D, and S&M Jedi wedding ceremony... just a thought.

Attachment to material goods seems to be the main issue that people have. I love my car, my house, my tv, my iPhone, and I'm willing to murder other people or watch them die so I can keep it. I turn a blind eye to child slave labour so I can have a microsoft mouse for a little less money.

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Replied by Jestor on topic Forming attachments

StudentOfTheForce wrote: Masters and councilors, I am confused on the topic of being in a relationship. I know Jedi should not form attachments, but is ceremonially pronouncing love for another anything like that? Basically I want to know if one can be a Jedi and still date/ marry?

"Obsessive/unhealthy attachments" are what we are wanting to avoid... In my opinion...

My wife, kids, family, phone, house, car, TOTJO, martial arts, and a whole lot more.... lol...

The inanimate objects are the easiest (should be) to let go...

Then, choices would have to be made...

I love my daughter, but, I had to divorce her mom.... For my mental health....

Long story... lol, aren't they all when of this type? ;)

When an attachment forces a "questionable" decision....

A decision that would seem counter to "normal" thought processes....

That "normal" thoughts might deem as detrimental to the well being of something or "someone"...

Then it becomes "unhealthy" or "obsessive" attachment....

And should be avoided....

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Replied by on topic Forming attachments

Jestor wrote: I had to divorce her mom.... For my mental health....

I know that feeling Master J ;)

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9 years 10 months ago #125149 by Archon
Of all the lessons I have learned here, the one that rings loudest for me is this:

Be who you want to be.

There are steps to this lesson, like knowing who you are and understanding your potential, but this lesson is the most important to me.

Now, as for marriage, entering into marriage usually is a very emotion-filled adventure. Instead of thinking marriage as the ultimate attachment, think of it as finding a person to share the adventure of life with, and enjoying that adventure together. The emotion that can come from marriage is the result of what you put into it. Like everything, garbage in equals garbage out.

In the end, it all goes back to the lesson above. If you choose to marry or not because that is who you want to be, good for you! Understand yourself, know what you want in life, and then GO GET IT!
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- oooh ! if that were the case, we would be so screwed ! :P

I don't want to seem disrespectful by arguing with you as a Councillor and I am aware that the part of your post which I quoted is meant ironical. However, I do have to disagree with you if what you are saying is that being celibate (out of religious or spiritual motives) is generally bad or "inferior" when compared with being in a relationship. The No-attachment rule of the "old" Jedi Order in the movies has it value because it enables the Jedi to remain free to serve the Force in a very special way and the people which need his/her assistance. In my opinion, it is exactly the love for Padme which turned Anakin to the Dark Side. Had he followed his oath and not entered into a relationship with her, Palplatine wouldn't have been able to manipulate him to such an extent. As is seen in the end of Episode III, his love for Padme ultimately leads to hate and to his falling prey to the Dark Side.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that relationships are bad and we should all be celibate, I'm just arguing that there are two sides to the coin here and that it is a very complex and difficult topic to which there is no easy answer.

In real life by the way, I know quite a few (Catholic) priests and monks/sisters who live in celibacy and they are (mostly) happy and content with it because they say it "frees them up" and enables them to focus their attention on serving God and their fellow men.
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