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Is Q a threat to Democracy?

30 Jun 2020 21:00 #353102 by ZealotX

I personally believe Q is actually Russian Intelligence

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01 Jul 2020 00:18 #353104 by Adder
Replied by Adder on topic Is Q a threat to Democracy?
Yea the social unrest doctrine of the Russian's is a legit thing by the looks of it, but whether they are having success in engineering mass delusion within the US population on both sides of politics is another question. It might just be an inherent weakness in democracy that group think inevitably tears order down when the citizens are given enough of it to hang themselves with. It seems to be one of the factors in places like Russia and China to tighten control over populations freedoms in specific ways to crush uprisings of any flavor very early and integral to that is political 'stability' (from the point of view of those in charge).

My thinking is anything which promotes conflict is counter-productive to democracy because it creates fear, and fear promotes delusion because it's driven by an urgency from the sub-conscious flight or fight architecture to decide sooner rather then later. In contrast rational thought benefits by being able to take the time needed to make the best balanced decision given all factors. Irrationality and delusion can feel more right then what is right often, because the real world is rarely as neat and simple as artificial constructs that fit the picture or narrative.

It's basically a case of order vs disorder, and when people decide disorder serves their need better then order.... well then its become every dog for themselves just because each one has its own needs. The illusion of group only lasts so long when disorder is an effective mechanism of change. It's the same thing in a different fashion to when power corrupts - because those with the power realize they don't have to follow the group rules anymore.

So yea I think it is a threat to democracy. To go all Sun Tzu-ey on the thread.... you don't win a war by confronting the enemy, you win a war by putting them in a position they cannot fight from.

So if movements are promoting misinformation, fear, conflict and radicalism, then it's going backwards for that community...... which is disastrous for the environment among other things!!! There are so many humans on this rock that we cannot afford to stagnate technological development and scientific depth, else this place will buckle under our slow pace of growth.

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01 Jul 2020 11:45 #353110 by Kobos
Replied by Kobos on topic Is Q a threat to Democracy?
This is an interesting video that works into this subject. Worth the watch.

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03 Jul 2020 14:03 #353143 by Carlos.Martinez3

ZealotX wrote:

I personally believe Q is actually Russian Intelligence

I’ve watched the “last Vanderbilt “since ChannelOne....
Sone one has been on my screen since I was a weeee rebel.
Anderson Cooper is one of the last “royalty” America has - and frankly - I tend not to believe a lot of what he says - becuae of this fact. He owns ALOT of the news he works for. Most of what he says - isn’t for me - just something to think about.

What some find a great day can crap on others.

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04 Jul 2020 02:25 #353154 by TheDude
Replied by TheDude on topic Is Q a threat to Democracy?
Q is just a person or group of people who posted things you might normally see on the anonymous forums they posted on. Only difference is they have a quirky writing style and generally say the things they know will be popular or increase hype with a particular subset of the population. There have been times Q has been right, but it's a lot of stuff that could be guessed or surmised pretty easily and other times Q has been totally wrong. Q could be anyone, and anyone could be a "Q" at some point in time if they get into trolling as a daily habit. The cult of personality around Q is not new, nor is it unique to Q, nor is Q the largest or best example of it in my opinion.
Basically, I think Q is a LARP or a troll and is of no more or less a threat than the national enquirer.
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