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ren wrote: That being said the pro choice camp ought to choose something other than 'my body' as an argument. It is repulsive.

Could you elaborate on this?

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Then how about the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

An unwanted/unexpected child can throw everything out the window in that department.

And it is their body, their choice. You can't be force to give blood. You cannot have your organs harvested after you die without consent. A corpse is given more bodily autonomy than a live, functioning, conscious woman.

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1 year 2 months ago - 1 year 2 months ago #369123 by Alethea Thompson
I want to address this point, because it’s fearmongering:

* * Period apps track when you have periods and when you don't

This is the easiest piece of evidence to throw out of court. They’re not going to use a period tracker to determine whether or not you are pregnant. Any number of reasons are available for missing a period - Stress, New Physical Fitness regime, even uterine or ovarian cancer can cause you to miss it. There’s also that you may have simply forgotten to update it.

It’s going to take a Medical Doctor to say “so-and-so was preggers, now she’s not” for there to be enough evidence to prosecute a woman. They don’t need a period tracker at that point.

As long as you get a lawyer worth anything, that’ll get tossed out of court so fast heads will be flying. So let’s stop spreading this because it’s just creating more fear amongst a population that already has enough to fear.

Also chances are good that there isn’t enough resources at any given police department to track women via their phone. They’ve got other things to worry about in that department.

As for states stopping women from going across the state border, that’ll be something to take to the Supreme Court. States have a right to restrict what happens in their border, but IMO outside of it no.

You can’t get charged for a crime in your state if it happened in another. Example:

Say you purchase a gun legally in South Carolina, but that gun is illegal in Illinois. If you take it home, they can’t charge you for the purchase, they can only charge you with possession.

Intriguingly, a pro-life site even points out that Texas laws will still protect a woman who self-induces an abortion (for now):


That said, before anyone questions the miscarriage thing, that has happened in the US: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-59214544.amp
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Gonna be wierd having a guy talk about the period tracker app….but…this is your most invalid argument. Those apps only work by what info you put in them. It’s not like you have to bleed on your phone every month. They work by you putting what day you started (by typing) then they give an estimate of when your next one will be. They don’t magically make your phone a medical instrument. But even if they did, there are literally thousands of medical reasons for a woman to miss her period that arnt pregnancy.

I’m very very pro choice. Woman’s body, woman’s choice 100%. But I have to say people posting things like how the government is going to track their periods with an app is doing more harm for the fight than good. That is by far the dumbest conspiracy therory I’ve ever heard…..and Diana is not the first person I’ve heard it from for the record.

If we’re gonna win this fight and get womens rights back, it has to be with FACTS, and REASON, and HUMAN DECENCY…not by spreading craziness like “the government is gonna track my period using an iPhone app”
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I don’t want my previous post to sound like I’m picking on Diana. That’s far from the case. 99% of her concerns are extremely valid, and should be considered. That said one bad piece of info mixed in can ruin our case. Here’s an example.

“I think the government is keeping secrets” my evidence is

1. They have classified briefings that arnt public
2. Intelligence agencies have high security
3. My cousin joe bob was abducted by aliens and anally probed
4. The information on the print out they gave me is highly redacted

See how number 3 made the rest of the points seem invalid and like they were coming from a crazy person? It’s an extreme example, but similar to Diana’s post. The majority of her points were great, accurate, and factual……but one invalid one ruins the whole post and becomes the focus, Just as it did for me today.

To win this fight, we gotta be better than that. Facts….evidence…that’s how we win. Misinformation and therorys will always be a losing ticket for any topic.
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More research is required


Also does anyone know where the bill is?

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